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when i set out for an astrophotography expedition on this night it was totally clear, i drove a couple of hours to the location i had in mind only to be met with fog and a bit of a breeze.

i quickly packed up and traveled to spot number two, a few bays and hills over and was greeted with clear skies.

by then the milky way core and mars was a bit higher than i had anticipated so i proceeded to set up my photography equipment as fast as possible and started imaging the sky.

i shot the sky with a 30 shot panorama at 1 minute each shot, so this section took 30 minutes.

i then shot the foreground with 15 shots at 2 minutes each to capture more light, this also took 30 minutes.

all up just shooting this single photo took an hour, but it has huge resolution and low noise.

blending the two panoramas was rather difficult but enjoyable, i wanted to add something to draw the eye and soften the horizon so did some light painting too.

having a backup plan when going out to shoot is important, the weather has been rather bad for wind and cloud this year so i'm very happy i had a plan b.

a vision is very important, when you execute that goal it's a great feeling!

shot on banks peninsula, new zealand.

fornax mounts lightrack ii used to track sky

sigma 50mm art

canon 5d4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ================================== ** remember, photography is all about trying new things and having fun, enjoy!

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Laguna turquesa. ushuaia, tierra del fuego.

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⚘tire do coração o medo, não dê lugar aos sentimentos que lhe roubam a paz.🌻
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