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🌽msg from mgmt🌽 kern cob is currently still on top of me, now barking in his sleep. earlier, he was napping after hiking and randomly had a seizure for 3ish min. this has happened 2x over the last several months, but i wasn’t sure if it was over dramatic night terrors. today was worse and he was so confused. he kept turning his head looking for me as i was right there holding and kissing him. πŸ˜” consistencies are that it happens when he’s in a deep sleep, he launches himself onto the ground, his back legs and tail contract, he won’t make eye contact, he shakes hard and his heart beats super fast. when it’s over, it’s like nothing ever happened. we went straight to the vet and he got blood work done and will have an mri this week, i think, which was approved by his insurance thank pawd. the good news is that this is manageable and currently mild. have you ever had similar experiences?? what helped? also can my service dog get a service dog?

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Boop πŸ‘†
πŸ“·: @linken_bark
🐢: great dane

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This photo gives me all the vintage christmas vibes 😍
i can happily say i’ve gotten almost all my christmas shopping done, thanks to amazon, and will probably leave my in-store shopping to the very last minute. do you have all yours done yet or are you a bit of a procrastinator?
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Happy birthday to beautiful emma! she shared her 1.2 pounds of sirloin #birthdaysteak with her @spottedangels cohort rocky πŸ‘…πŸ₯©
emma was adopted from @pawsofaustin great dane rescue. consider adoption for your next great dane!

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