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And just like that.... here i am.

it’s official. i did it. i cried the ugly tears while i climbed up behind that sign. the sign that signified that i am officially a thru-hiker of the appalachian trail. i hiked my happy a*s from georgia to maine.

in the fall of 2018 i started a journey to find my happiness after years of feeling misplaced, misshapen and misunderstood. that journey led me to the trail and the trail led me to maine, where i left it all on the trail.

i spent 5 and a half months delving into the woman i was and the woman i wanted to be. i ultimately, above all else, learned one thing. not to try to change the things about me i didn’t understand or love...but accept those parts of me and stop beating myself up for not being what i wasn’t.

i get to go home with some of the best memories of my life with some new, amazing friends and stories that most people won’t believe.

rocket, signing off.

until the next trail. stay tuned.

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After being surprised on the summit of baldpate mountain with a freezing hail storm, we were more than ready for some relief. entering maine was amazing, but boy has it been tough!

we found a beautiful and welcoming hostel to rest our tired bones and bodies.

human nature sits on a wooded mountain side with views of the @appalachian.trail. it’s a gentle and peaceful place to take a zero before we stop letting maine kick our a***s and start to kick back in to high gear!

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Memory post: that’s the hudson river behind me. it is the lowest point on the at at 180 ft above sea level. we crossed it and then immediately climbed 700+ feet back into the wilderness.

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#tbt: one year ago today, i set off to redefine a lifestyle that balances experience, exploration, work, and service in the world abroad. i’m happy to report that through trial & error, ups & downs (peaks & valleys) it’s been a crucial springboard for inspiration and aspiration.
and the journey continues...😉
📸 nov 2018: @ing__1981 captures my pure bliss face atop cerro catedral in patagonia, after i hike up in @lunasandals in about half the time and take a glorious nap under the sun on a rock. and i seem to be the only one who’s not cold.
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When you are 70 years old, looking back on the days that made up your life, will you be proud of yourself. will you have lived the the way you truly wanted? with no excuses, regrets and apologies?

will you leave anything behind that those that love you can use to enhance their lives?

does working 40+ hours a week and having everything society’s standards tell us we need really mean anything? i guess that depends on you. to me, the only thing that matters is that i live my life the exact way i want to. we only have one existence. this one. what do you want to do with it? enjoy it, or endure it?

#livewell #behappy #adventure #atclassof2019 #trektheat #thetrek #at2019 #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019 #hiking #thruhiking #thruhike #mountaingirl #backpacking #wanderlust #adventuretime #choosemountains #womenwhohike #guthook #withguthook #gossamergear #backpackerradio #theappalachiantrail #reicoop #rei #hikertrash #ftgusocks #getoutside #optoutside #sheexplores

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I get to go hiking soon! doing ~600 miles of the pacific northwest trail then off to join the fun at pct days. here's all the gear i'm taking. obviously subject to minor changes but overall i think i'm good to go. i did a video covering everything you see here. for those interested the link is in my profile bio.
very excited to see some new places, challenge myself, and hang with some good friends ☺️ #pacificnorthwesttrail #pnt #palantepacks #ultralight #ultralighthiking #ultralightgear #ultralightbackpacking #mountainlaureldesigns #teamzpacks #kuiu #injinji #montbell #gossamergear

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We were heroes. we were the people that your local newspaper writes articles about and people make documentaries and write books about. we stood on the top of mountains liked we own them because for those six months we did. we owned the earth beneath our feet. those narrow dirt, rock, and root trails were our hallways. the forest was our home. the dirt on our skin was our battle armor.

an excerpt of an article i’ve just shared on it’s a very heartfelt and emotional piece of writing i want to share. ⛰

#atclassof2019 #trektheat #thetrek #at2019 #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019 #hiking #thruhike #mountaingirl #backpacking #wanderlust #adventuretime #choosemountains #womenwhohike #guthook #withguthook #gossamergear #backpackerradio #theappalachiantrail #reicoop #rei #hikertrash #altra #sawyerproducts #thermarest #ftgusocks #getoutside #optoutside #sheexplores #choosemountains #choosemountainswomen

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We woke in the morning at our our usual time around 5:30. we broke camp and i had my pop tarts on the way out. after a few minutes i broke through the trees to this.

i stopped, sat down and took it in. this was my life. my reality. for now. the life that i was living was a dream. i got really emotional and continued to sit as the rest of my tramily passed by took the the view and moved on.

i just couldn’t leave this spot yet. i checked my phone and had service. i called my mom and it was so wonderful getting to chat with her while standing in the wilderness and see sights i never knew existed

#atclassof2019 #trektheat #thetrek #at2019 #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019 #hiking #thruhike #mountaingirl #backpacking #wanderlust #adventuretime #choosemountains #womenwhohike #guthook #withguthook #gossamergear #backpackerradio #theappalachiantrail #reicoop #rei #hikertrash #altra #sawyerproducts #thermarest #ftgusocks #getoutside #optoutside #sheexplores

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I was recently asked to pick my favorite backpacking gear company? to be honest, i have used a lot of gear from a lot of great companies, big and small. so theres a lot to consider. but, it just so happens that i was already working on a review of my favorite ultralight backpack. could they be one in the same? funny how things work out.
can you guess?? .
check out the latest mbm video. link in bio. .
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#getoutside #takeahike #optoutside

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Do you remember the orange monster from bugs bunny cartoons growing up? lol! it was my favorite! i just designed this version of “gossamer” the monster’s name on a tshirt for my tee public shop! my shop name is plc842designs check it it on big sale on tees right now! #gossamergear #gossamer #bugsbunny #bugsbunnycartoons #orangemonster #andywarhol #warholstyle #teepublicartist

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Did you know we offer private backpacking trips? these trips can be customized for your desired distance and difficulty, and as always we use high quality ultralight gear. itineraries available on the appalachian trail, in pisgah national forest, and in great smoky mountains national park. contact us today to plan your perfect trip!

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A nice saddle view at sundown and a serious man slathered in sunscreen

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I don’t really need an umbrella this morning. 24 degrees and sunny. just testing my gossamer hands free umbrella clip.
#pct2020 #gossamergear

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Day 11: 15.9 miles. carter gap shelter to winding stair gap. tons of rain overnight. everything hung up was wet even with tarping two sides of the shelter. hiked in my sleep clothes, wet socks, and wet shoes. feet are just wet always. it’s a new way of life and i’ve accepted it. that being said, the rain washed away basically all the snow. still tons of water, but at least the snow was gone. hiked the rock scramble/steps up to albert mountain. climbed the fire tower cause i like them, even though there was no view. hit the 100 mile mark!!! woooo. continued on and saw one or two nice views. once we hit winding stair gap, we had john pick us up and drive us to the microtel. decided to sleep a little nicer than a hostel. weird shuttle driver in town took us to do laundry and then had a c****y dinner at some local place. planned my resupply for the next day before bed. not every day is going to sunshines and rainbows. however, i’m still enjoying every minute of this! onward to katahdin!

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You know my birthday backpack had to include some nighttime light painting! i had a blast running around in the superstitions. sometimes @skindy500 was with me but i’m known for staying up late. i just love night photography so much! .
we had incredible wispy clouds in camp the second night and water in boulder canyon provided the reflections. the snake shape in the 4th shot was made because i dropped my headlamp in the water and bent down to pick it up. the last photo is of the battleship. full set of photos and videos are in the birthday 2020 highlight!
📍ancestral lands of the akimel o’odham and yavapai

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Backpacking the grand canyon was an experience of a lifetime. we met the most wonderful people on and off trail (besides the lady who told me, and i quote, “step in mule shit”), including a retired pro tennis player who gave emily his cramp ons and invited us out for a free tennis lesson. between the people and the world renowned scenery this was the most epic backpacking experience. sharing it with @emily_roberts_21 made the whole trip💛. we’ll be back! @hosthealthcare

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Kinlock falls in the sipsey wilderness...30 sec long exposure nd 8 stop...gorgeous sandstone canyon & hemlocks👌🏻 #sipseywilderness #alabama #photography #landscapephotography #neutraldensity #longexposure #sandmarcwidelens #hiking #leavenotrace #getoutside #gossamergear

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Jít se projít na ještěd ? proč ne...a co se tak z prochazky vrátit až druhej den ? petr si byl zablbnout o víkendu na 24 hodinovém závodě na ještědu. od začátku, vědom si svého tréninkového manka nasadil tempo dálkoplazce a zatímco postupně většina odpadávala, tak on stále kroužil. na konec z toho bylo 10 kol a nějakých 106 km s 6000 nastoupaných metrů. #dyckyjested #jested24 #jestedskyrace #dalkoplazci #ultrarunning #trailrunning #visitliberec #inov8 #inov8czech #gossamergear #rabequipment #jsmerab #pohodoveprochazky #inov8_czech_slovakia

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Long exposure w/ 4 stop nd of pams grotto in the ozarks of arkansas..had to use a gps and boulder hop to get to this cave/waterfall....hard to leave this one🤙🏻 #longexposure #photography #sandmarcwidelens #neutraldensity #gossamergear #darntough #remote #landscapephotography #beautiful #hiking #arkansas #ozarkmountains #getoutside #nature_perfection

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#overlandtrack #tasmania 
#trekking #hiking #hike
#山歩き #登山 #山登り #ハイキング
#四角友里 #ランドネ



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Testing out our umbrella ☂️ clamp for our @gossamergear backpack and umbrella! works like a dream! we will have everything ready for our gear photo by sunday 😀 #atthruhike2020 #nobo #livingmybestlife #gossamergear

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What a birthday celebration! three beautiful days in the superstition wilderness with @skindy500 to start things out. there were towering peaks, sinuous canyons, pools and cascades of water, glorious sunrises and sunsets, challenging scrambles and endless rocks. we saw soaring eagles and hawks, swooping swifts and heard owls hooting to each other in the night. .
after we had eaten dinner the first night, india said she had a surprise for me and pulled out a flawlessly packed 6 inch cherry pie for my birthday treat! her micro bat is in the photo with micro chicken, always good to get those two together.
my friend @megnewberg gave me a gift and said it was lighted fairy wings. i packed it in without opening it and was pleasantly surprised to find it was a full ankle-length iridescent cape! we did a photo shoot with it on battleship mountain, how fun!
thanks to all who sent me birthday wishes yesterday, i had a fantastic day celebrating my 46th with brian and family. got to do many of my favorite things, dance, nap, take roscoe out, eat bacon donuts, and play old school video games at @cobratucson! full set of photos and videos are in the birthday 2020 highlight. .
📍ancestral lands of the akimel o’odham and yavapai

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Grace and i had so much fun on backpacker radio as the valentine's day guests. zach and chaunce have done such a great job with this podcast since it first started two years ago. this podcast episode is especially fun for me as grace was a big part of it and got to share a lot of her feelings and experiences.

a good reminder of just how lucky i am to have this georgia peach in my life. love that girl and the life we've built together!

i also want to give a shout-out to our good friends @gossamergear and @katabaticgear for all of your help making the big adventure happen for grace and i, making top quality gear for all of our adventures, and for being such a big part of our time off! can't thank all y'all enough!!
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Finally made the decision! i have been on the fence between three different backpacks for the last few months, and as it would happen, i went back to the one i was looking at from the beginning. i cannot wait for the mariposa 60 from @gossamergear -to arrive so i can get it stuffed and start my training. this backpack will be a good midway pack to help me lean towards lighter backpacking. this pack weighs a mere 2 lbs! i cannot wait to give a review on this for everyone!

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Day 12: 11 miles. winding stair gap to wayah shelter. did a resupply in the am, but we were then super rushed to try and get a ride. ended up getting a late check out to get some extra time. jimbo gave us a ride back to trail after. it was super foggy all day. no real views. just some creepy fog at wayah bald. oh and a fairy home! at least i think that’s what they’re called. also met an interesting gentleman at the shelter who decided to leave to camp at the stone tower. he ended up coming back like 5 times because he forgot various things. other than that, nothing too special today. keepin on keepin on! happy monday!

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What’s in your bikeraft kit? this is in @janzdansky 🇬🇧 before the weekend trip, i prepared a sample of my backpack. i have a @gossamergear g4-20 backpack that has great weight and ideal volume. i carry a bulky, light gear in my backpack for bike ride. it's better for my a*s 😂 😂 .
. neutrino 400
@thermarest uberlite
@astralfootwear v8
@wernerpaddles skagit
@kokopellipackraft .
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Out on the at right now, and enjoying this section between harpers ferry and front royal. i have to give a shout out to @gossamergear for the one tent. this has been a great shelter to me for over 10-years now. thanks also to @featheredfriends1972 @hyperlite_mountain_gear and my new @thermarest neo-air for making backpacking comfortable this time of year.
#hyperlitemountaingear #thermarest #gossamergeartheone #gossamergear #featheredfriends #hiking #backpacking #appalachiantrail #therollercoaster #virginia

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Gossamer g4-20 at fort mill ridge central redoubt. #civilwarhistory #gossamergear #westvirginia

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Day 10: 12.5 miles. today started out pretty nice. hiked a bit in the dark was a little slushy but nothing crazy. the bit started raining a little. should have put my rain pants on but didn’t. started raining more and i was soaked. was so angry i started hiking faster to get to the next shelter for lunch. as a result, my it band started locking up at lunch. not fun times. had to ease back into hiking the remainder of the day. no good views. basically just rain, fog and slush all day. packed 8 people into the shelter shoulder to shoulder. was super warm as a result though. sleep comes eventually every night. we go to bed so early i’m getting a minimum like 7 hours of sleep. snoozing the alarm has never crossed my mind yet which is crazy because it used to be a habit. big mile day tomorrow

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집에가서깨끗이씻겨줄께 #whitestitch #backpacking #gossamergear #silverback

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Carried the 30lb pack up bernardo mountain trail to the summit. i need to add elevation and no oxygen to the mix soon. getting ready for my trip with. backpacker magazine in the andes in may. @sawyerproducts #backpackermagazine #gossamergear

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Isle au haut, maine
august 2019

missing nice warm weather and sunsets like this. on my family's annual camping trip on the last day on the island it is tradition to sit and watch the sun set on our vaction savoring the last evening together before we all must get back to our busy lives until next year. this years sunset was stunning.

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당진 행님들과 번개 가야산
애사심 넘치는 명산백 인증시리즈
옥양봉->석문봉->가야봉 9.5km

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“i like this place and could willingly waste my time in it”-william shakespeare #pecoswilderness #backpacking #gossamergear #takelessdomore #sawyerproducts #newmexico #santafe

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What is up, everyone?! gear overview is uploaded and linked in my bio!
while i have already done a bit of a gear overview/shakedown, this video is more focused on the gear itself. with all of my gear spread out, i get to go through piece by piece and share a bit about the gear, pros/cons, thought process behind some choices, considerations for what i might keep/switch-out while on the trail, etc.
my favorite part? you guys get to watch me take everything that i’m going to need for this 2,200 journey (food aside) and pack it into my pack.
i have yet to experience anything like the feelings of freedom and excitement that come from knowing that everything i need for six months weights just over 15lbs and fits on my back.
and thank you to everyone who has shown so much interest and support thus far! it brings me immense joy to share this experience with all of you.
#appalachiantrail #atclassof2020 #trektheat #thetrek #appalachiantrail2020 #at2020 #hiking #backpacking #thru-hiking #rei #optoutside #hyperlitemountaingear #hmgtribe #featheredfriends #patagonia #cnocoutdoors #sawyersqueeze #seatosummit #smartwool #darntough #altra #outdoorresearch #sundayafternoons #crocs #lightheartgear #gossamergear #zpacks #therm-a-rest #blackdiamond

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Day 9: 11.8 miles. we escaped hiawassee finally. got a ride back to dick’s creek gap with angie. quote of the day was: “don’t worry guys you may think i can’t see out the windshield but i can see.....oh no i can’t see anymore.” we made it alive though. trail was covered in snow still and absolutely beautiful. we completed our first state and made it to north carolina. pretty tough start to the new state but it’s all worth it. met another dog who also slept in the same shelter as us. still loving life out here.

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Pie s podcast about where she has hiked and the diretissima s she has done. she is lively engaging and talks with a fun joyous smile!!!
arlette laan (apple pie). .. #wmnfhikers #nh48 #hikenh #adventurebuddies #withguthook #hikingbuddies #gossamergear #hikingwmnf #4000footers #whitemountains #hikethewhitesinwinter

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daisetsuzan is so magnificent that it is said to be the roof of hokkaido. the atmosphere was different from the alpine mountains that we usually hike.

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🇬🇧 before the weekend trip, i prepared a sample of my backpack. i have a @gossamergear g4-20 backpack that has great weight and ideal volume. i carry a bulky, light gear in my backpack for bike ride. it's better for my a*s 😂 😂 .
🇨🇿 při příležitosti víkendového výletu, jsem připravil názornou ukázku obsahu mého batohu při těch obojživelných akcích. v batohu vozím spaní a příslušenství k packraftu. věci které zabírají hodně místa, ale jsou hodně lehké, protože celou váhu nese zadek na sedle. potřeboval jsem na to lehčí a větší batoh, takže teď mám gossamer gear g4-20 (@nalehkocom ;-) ) a i stim co vidíte na fotce jsem těsně n*d 5kg... to se dá celkem v pohodě uvést.

zbytek věcí je: neutrino 400
@thermarest uberlite
@astralfootwear v8
@wernerpaddles skagit
@kokopellipackraft sedačka, špricdeka, nafukovací pytel, obruč neoprenové rukavice a ponožky
pár drybagů a merino na spaní .
#bikerafting #bikeraft #packrafting #kokopellipackraft #fatbike #surlypugsley #bikepacking #thisispackrafting #thisisbikerafting #adventureculture #exploremore #letsgoeverywhere #letsgooutside #getoutdoors #getoutside #microadventure #paddling #acepacbags #packrafteurope #wildculturecz #igerscz #ceskakrajina #gossamergear #rabequipment #jsmerab #thermarest #systemxeurope #nalehkodotcom #ultralightbackpacking #gearlist

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#lightweightbackpacking #gossamergear#mountainequipment#tarpcamping#tarp#moonlight

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If you’re interested in hearing me talk about my most recent hikes in the white mountains check out this podcast interview i did on saturday. link in my bio.
@trailtalespod .
#gossamergear #nuunlife #hshive #withguthook #neverstopexploring #lightheartgear #hikingwmnf #nh48 #hikethewhites #winterhiking #winterbackpacking #nh4000footers #guidesdayoff #redlineguides

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Day 8: 3.6 miles. day started off pretty nice. lots of snoring the night before but i slept. pretty nice sunrise to start and light snow. but then the snow just started coming down like crazy, at least an inch an hour. it was beautiful for awhile until everyone started falling. mad dog busted his shoulder and tinman had 2ish controlled falls. we opted to make the smart decision and got a ride into hiawassee with angie (i road in the trunk haha). grabbed burgers and followed by dominos for a change. i’m still baffled how much food i’m consuming. shouldn’t be happening this early. think i’ve put on 5 lbs. snow eventually stopped around 3 pm but it was too late to head back out.

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Day 7: 13.1 miles. got a ride back to trail today. first experience with snow and it was so awesome. definitely a new and amazing experience. it was for sure cold out though. gear held up but we hit a 1.5 mile ~800 foot climb that seemed to go on for ever. it ended up being the last 4000 footer on ga. but man, it was a serious killer. made it down to the shelter and met a section hiker there. spent an hour trying to start a fire but all the wood was just too wet. ended up with 8 people in the shelter (sip, trip, tinman, mad dog, sunshine, section hiker, myself, and randy). slept fairly well until snorefest 2020 started lol. definitely the most comfortable temperature wise though. other than that, still having the time of my life and look forward to every second of it, challenges included. happy sunday friends!

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Huge congrats to my husband greenleaf @adventuresofmilesandsmiles for finishing his white mountain grid and double single season winter 48 yesterday!!! such a huge accomplishment!! i can’t believe he completed another round of 48 only 18 days after our winter adventure together. so impressive! .
#gossamergear #nuunlife #hshive #withguthook #neverstopexploring #lightheartgear #hikingwmnf #nh48 #hikethewhites #winterhiking #nh4000footers #ssw48

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Last week, i got out backpacking again and was met with a ton of foggy, rainy weather. these lean-to shelters, some of which were built in the 30s, were some of the most welcoming sights. .
#newyork #nyc #nyparks #harrimanstatepark #trail #hiking #backpacking #ultralight #suffernbearmoutiantrail #trektheat #appalachiantrail #whiteblaze #photography #naturephotography #optoutside #choosemountains #foggyweather #landscapephotography #thetrek #gossamergear #enlightenedequipment #zpacks

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Yesterday, i finished my grid and double single season winter (all the nh 48 hiked twice this winter)
12 hikers the monkeys and i climbed tecumseh to finish the grid. it was a beautiful crisp day.
who are the monkeys?
smiles loves to enjoy the views like mommy while miles loves to go as fast as he can while summiting as many mountains as he can in a 24 hour period.

as i was leaving the tecumseh parking lot to goto lincoln woods there were 10 friends waving and smiling. i was very appreciative to them all coming out to celebrate with me. i thought that last time i knew that many friends was 15 years ago as a young member s leader (people in their 20 or 30s). one year i led 20 hikes. i loved that time period!!! since then i focused my energy into growing my tree pruning or removal business which is named after my at trail name greenleaf. two years ago a terrific woman started running greenleaf’s so now i can do what i truly live for and love. hiking !! after finishing my grid on tecumseh i hiked with the monkeys to the summit of owls head in 4:10 and returned in 2:55. an incorrect black pond bushwhack was made leaving the pond. on the way back i found the correct path and hiked that out. i put branches at the start of the meandering route. i love following mostly buried trails at night in the falling snow. i’m a reincarnated sled dog!! now i wait for a 24 hour weather window so i can complete my truest love in the whites a double prezi traverse. february is the only month i haven’t done one yet. this project was started in 2013 after i completed the pct.

after that its pie time. meaning i ll do what my wife “apple pie” wants to do. at the moment it’s visiting her family in holland. then.... this hiking and traveling way of life started at katahdin at the end of my at hike. i loved this 5 months and had to find a away to make it happen nearly all the time!
i met pie in 2007 on the pct. she was hitchhiking. thank u all for following.
greenleaf and pie. .. #wmnfhikers #nh48 #hikenh #adventurebuddies #withguthook #hikingbuddies #gossamergear #hikingwmnf #4000footers #whitemountains #hikethewhitesinwinter

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I am very happy to announce that i am 3 weeks away from starting my next adventure! i have been putting my passions and joys on the back burner for the last few years, and this falls on me. so i am beyond excited to get back on the trail and live out of a backpack again! on march 1st my buddy adam scouse and i will be on the mexico/usa border heading north, this time it will be an 800 mile hike through the beautiful state of arizona. this photo shows everything i will be bringing with me. i can't wait to put it all to use and spend my days hiking and being my favorite version of me! i hope you all enjoy following me along on this trek!
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10.12.19. day hiker.

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i walked on the clear kita-yokodake. the sound of stepping on snow with a crampon was pleasant.

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Two today. carrigan and hale. we left the trailhead at 5:00 and slowly broke trail all the way to the summit. speed wasn’t goal. the winds were light at the summit and the trees were layered in snow. it took 6 hours up and 2:15 back to the piemobile.
i had a pizza at the gas station next to fabians and then drove to the parking lot near zealand campground. we left at 3:30 and were very happy to see this trail was broken by two hikers? it looked like it was tough to break! the new snow was 6” deep here. it took 1:45 up from the trailhead and 45 minutes back to the trailhead. just speedy snowshoeing,

tomorrow i finish the grid on tecumseh with a few friends then in the afternoon i ll hike owls head to finish the double ssw. .. #wmnfhikers #nh48 #hikenh #adventurebuddies #withguthook #hikingbuddies #gossamergear #hikingwmnf #4000footers #whitemountains #hikethewhitesinwinter

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Day 6: 0 miles. checked outside in the am and it was still pouring rain, thundering, and lightning. moments later we received flash flood warnings and tornado warnings. opted to zero and play it safe. resupplied in town with angie. ate at the mexican place yet again. also sent home my ursack, the peace of mind was nice but it got so heavy and annoying when wet. sent forward my spikes, puffy, and thermal as they seemed to be just added weight for now. found out my uncle pat passed away as well this day. i will miss him very much, but he is in a better place and is up there with uncle lou and uncle walter. i’ll keep him in my thoughts through the remainder of this hike.

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I have decided to embrace my suggested trail name. going forward i will only respond to t-rex and no longer nick.
backstory: pretty much every night at some point i turn over onto my stomach and my arms end up under me and go numb. so when i explained it i demonstrated and it looked like t-rex arms. 🦖

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北横岳 - 三ッ岳 - 雨池山のルートで北八ヶ岳歩いてきました。



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오늘 집에 성의를 두고 온 왕봉이는
나를 3m50cm로 찍어 주기도,1m15cm로 찍어 주기도
허벅지에 제2의 심장을 심어주기도 하였다.(허벅지가 머리통만해)
나는 밑에 네파는 자유다 라고 쓰면 포스터같은 사진찌거 줬는데...
감자전 맛집 수락산 정상 추억의 포차랑 믹스커피도 즐거웠다👋🏼

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4 today. moriah and wtf! at 3:15 am we started up stoney brook and summited at 6:30. near the summit i had to use guthook to find the trail in an open area. on the way down my mind was only thinking about breakfast at the highland center . we reached the piemobile in 2 hours at 8:30. it was sleeting at the stoneybrook trailhead. though as we drove by the zealand campground road it was 33 and rain. yuck! good news, at highland it was 29 and blowing sleet. yeah!! freezing rain or rain i haven’t figured out how hike in. so i don’t hike in those conditions. i think in need new over mits. everything else stays dry! after yummy breakfast and a cat nap in the subaru we headed out. it briefly turned to freezing rain. i waited, then it stopped so i got out and i saw a patch of blue sky. it was a sign! lol. at 1:00 we started up. after a half mile the sleet stopped falling . at 3pm we reached field then a steady light snow started falling. we hiked to wiley then back to field then onto tom. on our way down i figured 4-5” of snow fell on us. it was a fast descent with the soft snow. from the tom spur it only took us 45 minutes to reach the trailhead by skiing on snowshoes. no but sliding.
there are two grid peaks left. carrigan and tecumseh. then the dssw peaks are hale and owls head. the final push is on!! the goal is carrigan and owls but tomorrow and hale and tecumseh on sunday. miles and i are ready for the challenge. smiles is dreaming of tulip fields in holland. poor guy!! .. #wmnfhikers #nh48 #hikenh #adventurebuddies #withguthook #hikingbuddies #gossamergear #hikingwmnf #4000footers #whitemountains #hikethewhitesinwinter

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A one-way hike on mt. sterling, balsam mountain, palmer creek and pretty hollow trails was a fantastic way to spend a day, especially when it included two of my favorite hiking buddies.

the snow provided a magical backdrop and wasn’t too deep to slow us down from completing a 20-mile hike before dark (even with a longer shuttle drive than expected, courtesy of an unexpected road closure). link in profile with full trail report but these are a few of my favorite memories from the day.

#greatsmokymountainsnationalpark #gsmnp #mtsterling #hikethesmokies #nchikes #cataloochee #palmercreektrail #balsammountaintrail #winterhikes #smokies900miler #takessdomore #gossamergear #appalachiangearcompany

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Day 5: 9.7 miles. up at normal time. may have gotten a trail name based off a sleep situation, but i’m not 100% on it yet. rained all day and it was pretty sweet. thoroughly enjoyed and embraced the rain. made a hard push to unicom gap to get a ride into hiawassee. stayed at the budget inn. had a steak dinner and mexican right after lol hiker hunger already kicking in. had to make a bunch of contingency plans for our next few days due to weather. but everything is still going great.

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Two today. cabot and waumbek. started up at 9:00 summited at 11:45 and returned to the piemobile at 1:30. a quick hike. i ordered a pizza at the jefferson corner store. i was pleasantly by meeting rebecca at the waumbek trailhead. we speedily hiked up and back in 2:45. 8 left for dssw and 5 for the grid. . .. #wmnfhikers #nh48 #hikenh #adventurebuddies #withguthook #hikingbuddies #gossamergear #hikingwmnf #4000footers #whitemountains #hikethewhitesinwinter

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Got to visit denver for the weekend, saw and lots of sunshine☀️ it felt so good to be hiking again!

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Into the wild.
fontanillis lake (pct 2019)

as-tu envie de repartir ?
oui. j’ai un sac à dos dans la tête et les pieds dans les nuages.

quand on a goûté si longtemps à cette sensation de liberté, de communion avec la nature, en mettant à l’épreuve le corps et le mental.
quand on a passé tant de journées et de nuits en immersion dans le monde sauvage.
quand on a pris le temps de vivre simplement au rythme des éléments, au gré de ses envies, de ses besoins, de ses pensées.
quand on a retrouvé un peu de soi au fil du chemin, rencontré l’autre et apprivoisé ses peurs.
quand on a découvert les vertus de la lenteur, de la contemplation ou de l’ennui.
quand on a jamais aussi bien dormi, aussi mal mangé et aussi peu manqué de rien.
quand on a le monde en point de mire et... une bonne paire de chaussures.
on repart.
pour 2020, ce sera un nouveau long voyage à pied.
facile à deviner lequel ?

#gossamergear #pct2019 #pacificcresttrail #randonnée #hiking #outdoors #montagne #mountains #nature #naturelovers #voyage #travel #paysage #landscape #wanderlust #backpackerlife #naturephotography #instagood #instalike #instamood #picoftheday #photooftheday #beautiful #instapic  #wildernessculture #exploring #sky #sierra #lake

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Came home to this beauty having been delivered and waiting on me. i’m so in love. @gossamergear kumo 36
weighing less than a pound and the only pack i have found that properly fits my very short torso on my 5’3” frame. i’m in love. my “the two” is going to fit perfectly in here. i cannot wait to load this up and take it out. .
#gossamergear #kumo36 #kumo36superlightbackpack #ul #ultralight #backpack #backpacking #hiking #womenwhohike #small

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5 today. n-m tripyramid, whiteface, passaconaway and jackson. i left the piemobile at oliverian brook trailhead and started walking the road while hitching. after 5 minutes a lady stopped and said she was late for work due to a migraine then said hop in. i thought the trail provided!!! yeah!!! it was 8:30 am when the monkeys and i left the pine bend trailhead. we soon passed two backpackers who were doing the same loop we were. they were the only hikers we saw today. at 10:00 we reached the livermore junction. at 11:40 we were at s tripyramid and began the .2 bushwhack to avoid the slide. ten minutes later we were on the sleeper trail. i used snowshoes from the start of the bwhack till the junction near whiteface. the summit of passaconaway was climbed quickly as well as downhill hike to the piemobile. the total time was 9:30. a fast hike. at 9:00 pm
we started up jackson and 1 hour and 30 later the summit was reached. then 50 minutes passed and the piemobile was reached. the picture of the routes shows bks strait line in red, todays route was the s red shape and my golden route from november the best route is either red route. the red routes go thru pleasant open forest. now there only 10 peaks remain for the double ssw and 7 for the grid. . .. #wmnfhikers #nh48 #hikenh #adventurebuddies #withguthook #hikingbuddies #gossamergear #hikingwmnf #4000footers #whitemountains #hikethewhitesinwinter

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#gossamergear vagabond daypack

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Day 4: 15.1 miles. got up at 4:30 to make it to blood mountain for the sunrise. last nights sleep was good but i had like 5 instances of inception where i woke up still inside a dream. wasn’t sure i was actually awake this morning when we really got up. sunrise was amazing. resupplied and downed a bunch of food in mountain crossings at neel gap. lots of ups and downs today. pushed the furthest and longest we have yet. found trail magic but the cooler was empty, but 5 minutes later a car pulled up and hooked us up with some candy and beer (just candy for me). made a hard push to low gap shelter after. rolled in around 6:45pm. going to hit 10 miles tomorrow and then head into hiawassee for a nero. do laundry/shower/eat steaks/resupply. going to sleep like a baby tonight. have a good night peoples!

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I am so very excited about the wildflowers starting to bloom! i went out to @saguaronationalpark for the sunset yesterday and came across lots of these gorgeous lyreleaf jewelflowers. you can also see teeny white blooms low to the ground. anyone have an id?
check my stories or link in bio for info about the @sanctuarycovetucson trail volunteer days coming up this saturday the 8th and sunday march 1st. forecast is 75 and sunny for our first event!
📍ancestral lands of the o’odham and yaqui

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5 today. garfield and 4 peaks on fraconia ridge. we started at 5:20 am near the junction of the garfield ridge trail and the gale river trail. we summited lafayette at 10:00. i was worried about high winds in the early afternoon so hiked quickly. at little haystack i was quite happy to completed the most exposed sections before the winds became to high to traverse. going down after .4 miles of the steep section i switched to micros. we reached lincoln woods at 3:00. total hiking time was about 22 hours for this extended pemi. it was fast and i was happy with it!! last night at s twin on my tubbs flex one of the rivets that holds on the binding fell out. i kept using them for 12 miles for the rest of the pemi.
a bit of history. when i left home last week i took one new right and one old right snowshoe. the old snowshoe had new pins put in. i was reluctant to use the old pair since i thought they would fail. my super dad brought up the new left snowshoe to the piemobile at lincoln woods. so i didn’t have to drive 4 hours round trip.
now there are 13 peaks left for the grid and 16 for the double ssw. . .. #wmnfhikers #nh48 #hikenh #adventurebuddies #withguthook #hikingbuddies #gossamergear #hikingwmnf #4000footers #whitemountains #hikethewhitesinwinter

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