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It was a busy day at work today, so tonight’s dinner was a quick and easy yet delicious! 😍🍽👌🏼 italian baked chicken breast, broccolini, zucchini + spinach and avocado. delish! good evening friends ❤️❤️❤️.
baked organic chicken b****t (season b*****s with @kouzinifoods garlic & basil seasoning, pepper and garlic. bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 163f. sautéed broccolini, zucchini, and onions (drizzle a little @primalkitchenfoods avocado oil on a pan. add onions, garlic, veggies + @primalpalate amore. cook 3-6 minutes. i cooked the zucchini and onions first, then broccolini. added to a plate with @organicgirl baby spinach, avocado + microgreens and @primalkitchenfoods ranch drizzle👌🏼😍

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Austin, texas ilysm! 🤟🏼 i’ve pretty much lived all over this city (and fun fact, i was born and raised in austin and have never lived anywhere but austin ☺️). i grew up in north austin, it’s where i called home for a big chunk of my life. it’s the part of town i know the best and where i just existed the most. then in the middle of high school my parents moved us to cedar park (making me both an anderson trojan and a vista ridge ranger). i lived at home and went to college at @concordiatx off 620/2222. after college i moved to pflugerville for a year...ish, back to cedar park for another year+ , and then last year **finally** got to live east (which is my fav so far!) and was the closest i’ve ever lived to downtown. and now we’re back living north in our old 78759 hood + running @restartcbd off burnet rd. 😅 but whoa, that’s a lot and if you noticed i never dared to live and cross the river 🙃 there’s this notion that if you grew up north you stay north, and if you grew up south you stay south, and i think that still rings true! i’m certainly way more familiar with north austin, but loved living and exploring east. i live with @spinsyddy and we’re contemplating where we go next... and so i’m just curious what part of town do y’all live in? where have you lived in austin? and what’s been your favorite? 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 the domain area is what we live near now and it’s super intriguing because of all the shopping and restaurants popping up over here. but i miss the proximity to downtown and the hot spot of hip austin restaurants that existed east. clearly i’m conflicted! 😬😬😬

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Have you ever seen one of those meal prep pizza memes?😂🍕what if i told you that you could actually meal prep healthy pizza though?!😱🤤well say hello to these taco pita pizzas!😍omg they are incredible and the easiest, tastier way to get ready for the new year!🙏and i should also mention that you can freeze them too! if you're looking to get on your meal prepping a-game in january then hop on over to the link in my bio!🙌

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Cheers to good health! 🥃🍁🍂#happyholidays #yiamas #goodeats @saintsevill

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The word on the block is true☝🏼@pandainn 🐼 glendale is now open🥡🥢‼️many of you asked me to share my honest opinion about the grand re-opening🧐 and here it is... i was a bit disappointed😕the flavors are not the same, the portions are a lot smaller, and the prices have also increased. i was impressed by the new additions on the menu, and can’t wait to try out some of their new entrees🍽 on another note, i was also impressed with the interior design👌🏼(ps. see my previous post for a comparison of portions)

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Good morning! come see us 😁🤣🤦🏽‍♀️ #debbiesdelightsatl #foodie #food #atlanta #breakfast #foodporn #goodfood #goodeats

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Good morning! i woke up feeling extra hungry today so i’m fueling up with a big breakfast. two pasture raised soft boiled eggs with spinach and two slices of sourdough toast one with dairy free cream cheese and tomatoes and the other with garlic mushrooms. i hope you have a great day!

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Brad’s favorite pizza, heart-shaped and homemade 😍🙌🏼🍕 (and gluten-free!🤫😜) happy birthday my love! 🥳
prepare @simplemills almond flour crust according to packing directions. bake crust for 5 min. remove from the oven, spread @raoshomemade arrabiata sauce (sooo good!) .top with @organicvalley 2% mozz, fresh mozz/burrata, sautéed portabella mushrooms (i quickly sautee them with onions and garlic on a pan), sliced cherry tomatoes. return to oven, bake 15-17 minutes. remove from oven and immediately add @organicgirl baby spinach so it wilts with the heat + fresh basil, pepper flakes and fresh parm! enjoy 😘

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kolay ,pratik ,lezzetli ,az malzemeli tarif isteyenlere gelsin..herkesin bildiği bazen tutturamadigi ama cok sevdiği bir kurabiye..😍😍 beğeni ve yorumlarınızıerişim icin eksik etmeyin lütfen..yoruma bir 💖 bile yeterliii😚😍😚😍😚😍 o zmana tarif şuracıkta ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ malzemeler
250 gr margarin(oda sıcaklığında)
1 çay bardağı sıvı yağ
1 su bardağından biraz eksik pudra şekeri
1 paket vanilya
1 paket kabartma tozu
un(ayarı sert yada yumuşak olmasın erir kabarmaz onu ayarlayın içindeki margarin unu yiyecek şekilde olsun)

malzemeler karıştırılıp güzel bir hamur yapılıp ister yuvarlak ister başka şekil verilip 150 derece fırında hafif pembeleşene kadar pişirilir. sıcaklığı geçince pudra şekeri serpilip servis edilir. afiyet olsun😍👌😚
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