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Banana & maple doughnut a la @chefchloe. i added almond extract to the glaze & made them #glutenfree with @bobsredmill 1 to 1 gf flour. #vegan

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Perfecting the swirl 👌🏻 #vanillacupcakes #vanillabuttercream #glutenfree

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Rotolo alle pesche🍑 con bagna all'amaretto e servito con del ristretto al barbera🍷

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Waking up early on a saturday to keep up with my everyday workout routine means i deserve whipped cream on my latte. yup. 🤣🎉🙌

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Does your foundation make sense?? makesense original foundation® is oil-free and water-resistant. this long-lasting formula can be used on any skin type and provides a mechanical shield equivalent to an spf 30 when applied after our daytime moisturizer and anti-aging protection from seneplex complex™. each shade works with multiple skin tones as it adapts to your skin's pigmentation.

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Macarons & more till noon today!!!
#macarons #marshmallows #glutenfree #desserts

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What’s for breakfast? molletes! a little background: husband is perfect! fast metabolism 🤦‍♀️ not just fast super duper mega extra fast metabolism! but he has right amount of muscle and he is just perfect! 👌 me? well i am working towards a healthier fast-er metabolism! i understand there might be some foods that even though i’m not allergic to my body reacts differently and my insulin level shoots to the sky and reach pluto anyway, i don’t want to give up to the recipes i love most! and grew up eating! but i know i need to twist a little in order to eat guilt free, we prepared this morning molletes! his include:
⭕️bolillo rolls 🥖 ⭕️beans (cooked in crockpot all night in low)
⭕️sour cream
⭕️avocado ⭕️salsa verde or tomatillo green sauce
i used sweet potato 🍠 instead of bolillo rolls 🥖 and that’s it! that’s the only change i made! sweet potato is toasted about 15 min each side! 😊😊😊☀️☀️☀️ #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet sort of #paleo #paleodiet (just sustituye dairy for dairy free ingredients) #realfood #realfoodrealpeople #healthyeating #healthybreakfast #weightloss #weightlossjourney #keto #ketobreakfast #glutenfree #glutenfreebreakfast #glutenfreerecipes #cooking #cookingwithlove

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Quem disse que os celíacos não podem comer pão francês?! aqui nós temos o pão francês, e também de outros tipos, da @schar_br para que todas possam comer um pãozinho no lanche!! 😍😍
#repost @schar_br with @get_repost
assim como toda a linha schär, o pão francês é livre de conservantes. nossas embalagens contam com uma atmosfera protetora, que conserva o produto por todo período de validade, deixando-o sempre fresquinho.
#schar #schar_br #semgluten #glutenfree #vidasemgluten #semconservantes

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How about @thehungryturk’s rendition of @rachlmansfield’s cookie dough bars? grab your jar of georgia grinders, a giant spoon, and the recipe for these puppies, and get right to it. happy saturday everyone! #fromgroundtogrind #georgiagrinders

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