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whether you think you can, or you think you can't... you're right.
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πŸ“· portrait by @deko__photography
🌟 in frame @jademckenzee
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Waiting for you.

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recurring visions of such sweet days β™‘

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Uma ideia bacana para vocês reproduzirem nas fotos de vocês! arrasta pro lado que tem como essa foto foi feita!❀️

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We keep pretending that’s it’s alright.

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photographer: @jessica.bate_

in frame: @graceenicholas **************************************
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France 1920,

it's been two years after the war and i still can't remember myself. sometimes it's seems i'm hallucinating.
i started seeing things after the bombs fell. maybe the time underground made me like this, but i still can't place myself. i see a child playing... my mother calling him, but he won't listen, like he is trapped on his own head. "when i was a child, i heard voices
some would sing and some would scream
you soon find you have few choices
i learned the voices died with me."

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