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“i love to work outside. i love to do exhibitions that have courtyards or gardens of glass. you can see it throughout my work, even from the very beginning.” – #chihuly #worldphotographyday ____
📷: "sapphire star" at atlanta botanical garden in 2016
#glassart #glassblowing #sculpture #botanical #gardens #art @atlbotanical

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Mr. and mrs. charles wrightsman at blythedunes, palm beach, interior design by stephane boudin and henri samuel, architecture by hastings mundy and treanor and fatio, part 12, drawing room, as it appeared in 1984: as we know, the wrightsmans were very interested in their house and redecorated often, first with boudin, then with samuel and finally with a refresh from denning and fourcade. the upholstered sofas that we see here were done by denning and fourcade. i was told, by someone who knew the wrightsmans, that mr. wrightsman hated these sofas and when he was told that it would take months to replace them, he insisted on selling the house. let me qualify that by saying that i didn't hear it from mrs. wrightsman herself, so can't be 100% sure that it is accurate. according to the caption: "the wrightsmans' immense drawing room has been changed often over the years, it's only decorative constant the green chinese wallpaper. now with the extroverted fabric found by vincent fourcade and the green pleated lampshades he designed the room seems like the inside of a vast emerald. rare louis xv tric-trac (backgammon) table by jacques dubois. nineteenth-century bessarabian carpet." according to the article, continued: "naturally there was a transition period, when one style was on the way out and the other was on the way in. 'it must have been hideous at the time,' jayne wrightsman says now, 'but i wasn't aware of it. we were having too good a time. boudin was so adorable. we both loved him. he made a laugh out of everything. it was so amusing to do things with him, we never wanted to stop. he found everything for us – the furniture, the boiseries, the porcelain, the parquets (four of the rooms have parquet floors from the palais royal in paris). he did all the curtains and all the covers – everything. little by little the house began to fill up in the early fifties, and in 1955 we bought the apartment in new york. so of course we cleared out vast amounts of the best things from palm beach, and then we began filling the house up again.' "
photo by feliciano, from 1984 house and garden

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Looks like spring is finally on the way! 🌸
#melbourne #flowers #gardens

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The strange, smokey haze over denver continues, no visibility of the horizon, which is strange when you can normally see 100 miles, but creates strange colors in the washington park gardens. #washparkdenver #haze #gardens

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#summer by the #pool photo by @giladradat oded lavy architects

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More updates from the pumpkin patch this one's came so nice and mildew free at least from some weeks, young plants are strong and resist the mildew and bugs but the bigger it gets it start to get sick more easily, and here that time will be soon since i have have rain 7 days per week, strong winds and hot sun helps but mildew will appear soon and there's no organic method to deal with it since the neem oil and milk gets washed out every day so it helps but can't stop it.

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How i spent my 4th #birthday: dad took the afternoon off work to take me for a 17km #walk around the city, then when we got home he gave me a big a*s #bone.

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