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“but by the grace of god i am what i am, and his grace toward me was not in vain. on the contrary, i worked harder than any of them, though it was not i, but the grace of god that is with me.”
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You are held & you are loved 💫 // #hertrueworth #worthyisshe

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💎💎💎💎anyone else?

i can’t be alone on this one. i know that so many of you are just as ambitious as i am.

you don’t have to be afraid to admit what you want from life. be honest with yourself first.

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You’re going to be better than before.
this is what the surgeon told me before he cut into my knee. he said my new ligament would be even stronger than the one i was born with. but like any serious surgery, being cut open is not without residue, you are left with scars.
we see scars as a deformity, flaws even. i look at my knee and i see an ugly imperfection i’d rather keep hidden. scars are reminders of wounds we’ve incurred. physical and emotional pain we’ve experienced. we are inclined to protect our scars because they are so personal; there is a story behind every scar. perhaps this is why we are reluctant to share our scars with one another.
put your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side. do not disbelieve, but believe. (john 20:27)
it seems like an oxymoron that the resurrected body of christ would reveal his scars. christ’s most glorified state, a body that is scarred? the father could have easily removed these from his body. so i wonder, why didn’t he?
christ’s scars represent glory not defect.
his scars reveal the dept of his empathy for us, and ultimate victory over sin and death. through christ’s suffering, resulting scars and resurrection, we have redemption. his scars serve as a sign of hope.
this is visual encouragement for us. a call to boast in our imperfections as we hope for new life. because christ’s redemption is greater than any wound and able to heal any scar.
i hear him say,
you are going to be better than before.
do not be ashamed.
you were punctured by pain and suffering, but there is healing, renewal for you.
see my scars? by my wounds you have been healed.
remember the triumphant nature of my being.
what i did, i did for you.
may god’s ultimate scar story be a source of strength for you. i pray that you would be empowered to share your scars with joyful confidence. for you have been redeemed! 📝-@howsheworships

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The hulk -- gulari ghat male.
i went to dudhwa hoping to photograph one specific male tiger. i had seen an image of him and totally loved it. the idea of sighting and photographing him kept recurring so after a lot of research on dudhwa i planned a trip although i realised it wasn't going to be easy. an extended trip was the only way to give myself the best chance of a sighting. finally after 6 days of waking up at 4 am and making sure i enter the park on time i finally got him on my last safari. it was the most surreal experience. we were the only jeep in and at 5:40 in the morning after a short search we found and tracked fresh pug marks. seaconds later we saw him sitting on the road in between the grasslands. he giving me 5 mins of his time and then disappeared into the jungle once again. things like this are what make me believe in a higher power.
picture by @vasishta.jayanti
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Cheers to those who refuse to quit! the courageous few who dare to follow the path, no matter how bumpy. 💪🦁

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