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Sofisticado, aromático, intenso…🔝así es el french75, un cóctel con origen en parís que enamora en cuanto lo pruebas... ¡¡y más con cordón negro!! 🍾🍋🍸❤️. ¡otra exquisita razón más de por qué parís es la ciudad del amor!
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And boom!! i made you crave a "french 75". go ahead and get yourself one! but you can't get this one. because this one is mine! but if you come and visit me then i'll be sure to make you one 🍾
this is my take on a "french 75" i call "teldrassil 75" -----
"teldrassil 75"
4.5cl gin
1.5cl lemon juice
1 dash grapefruit bitters
2 dashes french vanilla syrup
butterfly pea tea
topped with champagne
song credit: teldrassil soundtrack
for more cocktail and bar content go to: @mixologists_life

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Take me back to that @kiawahriverchs diner en blanc where i had the honor of creating some signature cocktails for the event.
huge huge props to my dude @chrisisham for making all of us (and these cocktails) look d**n good. do yourself a favor and check out his page to see more of his photography. did i mention he shoots with film? incredible.
sea islands 75
▶︎ 1¾ oz @sutlersspiritco gin
▶︎ 1 oz honey syrup
▶︎ ¾ oz fresh lemon juice
▶︎ prosecco
▶︎ 2 fresh cucumber slices
▶︎ dehydrated lemon
instructions: combine gin, syrup, cucumbers and lemon juice in a shaking tin with ice. shake for 5 seconds. double strain and pour into a coupe glass with ice. top with your favorite prosecco. garnish with dehydrated lemon or lemon twist. serve and enjoy.
📷: @chrisisham
🍸: @holycityhandcraft

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Gin soaked raspberries needed us to mix up a pineapple, raspberry prosecco french 75. 🍾🥂🍍
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✨diy beauty time✨
| french 75 cocktail sugar scrub |
the popular and classic french 75 is a cocktail made from gin, champagne, lemon juice and sugar. certainly a timeless drink and inspiration for our sugar scrub. we have infused lemon essential oil, sugar and champagne fragrance oil to give this the luscious scent. good mica and gold glitter gives this champagne scrub the bubbles and glow. rosehip oil and sweet almond oil have also been added for ultra lush. try this scrub just before a night out on the town and you’ll be glowing and glittering.
who’s popping champagne like we won a championship game?
stay luscious💋
music credit | pop bottles by @birdman5star @liltunechi
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French 75 for day 13 of #100daysofdrinks hope everyone is having a great sunday! #emilymercedesart

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🍸 french 75.
la ricetta è singolare, uno dei pochi casi in cui il succo di limone viene miscelato, (con successo), al vino: gin, zucchero, succo di limone e poi si riempie di champagne. i più attenti di voi avranno notato la somiglianza con il tom collins e infatti la base è la stessa, solo che al posto della soda si mette lo champagne. una variante che trasforma completamente il cocktail in un concentrato di freschezza e mineralità pazzesca.
potremmo dire che il french 75 è un tom collins alla francese, una versione più raffinata, extra lusso. .
noi l’abbiamo preparato così:
- 3 cl gin mare.
- 1.5 cl succo di limone fresco.
- 2 dashes di sciroppo di zucchero.
- 6 cl champagne nicolas feuillatte.
@ginmare .
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#french75 prepared by yours truly exclusively taught & guided by @hennessyus #levoyage 🥂 #cheers #hennessyus #hennessy #vsop #cognac #cocktails

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Always love a happy hour with the momster have a lovely time in england will miss you #momsonbonding #onthesesh #happyhour #delish #mexicanfood #fusion #french75

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#kinobi #french75 饮酒赏路灯

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Adventures in northampton #getsauceyyy #cocktails #french75

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This signature cocktail was made for a french themed event this past weekend. we made a spin off of the classic french 75 and it was a huge hit at the cocktail hour. let galia events help you create a custom cocktail menu or signature drink for your next event! “sparkling french pear"
pear vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, cava
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A few highlights from the coast of france. we got to relax in this cute little town we happened to stumble upon. enjoyed our stay! our hotel was just blocks away from the beach and was lulled to sleep each night just listening to the waves crash.
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One for the record books! sbms parents gone wild at saturday’s farm-to-table garden party! thank you @canadian_bear for the beautiful food, @lynettesings for the fire side sing along, and @jenniferhulford and @rickhulford for co-hosting/yummy cocktails/homemade limoncello! #french75 #palomas #limoncello #sbms #harmonicasolo #chocolatetort #cornhole #hottub #lovesongs #nothinggoodhappenspast2am #hvz

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Blackcurrant empress 75🥂
i used @empressgin1908 ’s “empress 75” recipe - their delicious version of a french 75 - to make a special birthday cocktail for my sister’s party last week but added a twist of cassis to it! this drink was both a hit (everyone really enjoyed the flavors), and also aesthetically pleasing especially with the color-changing gin - a great one to make for your upcoming soirée!
recipe ::
• 1.5 oz @empressgin1908
• 3/4 oz lemon juice
• 1/2 oz simple syrup @sonomasyrupco
• 1/2 tsp @lejaycassis
• 2 oz sparkling wine
• garnish with a few raspberries
tools ::
shaker • jigger • citrus squeezer • knife • cutting board • mesh strainer • 1/2 tsp • coupe glass
how to make ::
add gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, cassis to shaker, fill with ice and shake until cold. fine strain into coupe glass. top with sparkling wine and garnish with 2-3 raspberries.
this 👆🏻 was photographed in advance of her party after i nailed down the right amount of cassis. i ended up experimenting with a couple of other non-french 75 cocktail recipes trying out the addition of cassis - what a beautiful & flavorful liqueur to work with. this one from lejay is incredible. and the company lejay lagoute which started back in 1841 made the first-ever crème de cassis in dijon in the burgundy region of france.
one of the things i learned bartending my sister’s party is that i needed to make the lemon juice earlier to save time, and perhaps make a batch of drinks in advance to prepare better for a larger group. i just wanted the fresh ingredients & the drink to taste as fresh as possible hence why i made the lemon juice right before and shook up the drink on the spot. i made 3-4 at a time but my speed of making the drinks didn’t match the speed of the orders! 😊 so for my next event, i’m going to experiment with making a batched cocktail.
which batched cocktails do you like making?

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Another prohibition era og: the french 75!
apparently club soda wasn't available at the time so they substituted it with champagne. 🍾🥂 two weeks ago i went to gin o'clock at @escalonhotel and since then i wanted to try this recipe with @gincrespo
made with: @gincrespo and @henkell_de *****************************************************
otra og de la era de la prohibición: ¡french 75!
aparentemente, la club soda no estaba disponible en ese momento, por lo que la sustituyeron por champagne. 🥂🍾 hace dos semanas fui a gin o'clock en @escalonhotel y desde entonces quería probar esta receta con @gincrespo
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These are a few of my favorite things 🥂
#puppylove #french75 #brunching #weekendvibes #dogmom #favorites #champagne .
photo cred📸~~> @bentley_brittney

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Cocktailworkshop met tess posthumus!#moscowmule #french75#cocktails🍹

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Peruvian 75 is our « grape » twist on the classic french 75 created in 1915 during the world war i in reference to the 75mm field gun! instead of gin, we’re using @barsolpisco, peruvian brandy distilled from fermented grape juice, in order to enhance the champagne flavor profile. at kester thomas, it’s all about the grape🥂
📷: @cocktailsofcopenhagen
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