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The things u see at night

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Maresias - sp

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Breaking the fourth wall
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A little rough behind the scenes action on our photoshoot curtesy of @staceylaceymua our fabulous make up artist! also @philltarling our fabulous stylist chatting in the background 🀣 & you see @darrenphotog work his magic and how we all help each other look as fabulous as possible whilst having fun! we love shooting in beautiful dresses thank you @goddivafashion 😍

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With a name like ‘stinking toe’, we understand why very few people gravitate towards the mysterious fruit. however, beyond the unpleasant smell, the toe-shaped fruit – known as ‘locust’ in asia and 'carao' in central america – is actually very tasty. ask the average jamaican and the popular response would be, “it too stink man!” how much do you really know about stinking toe? the fruit is a notable appetite enhancer – prized by central american bodybuilders and athletes. some researchers have concluded that stinking toe, in conjunction with other supplements, has enabled athletes to reach new personal levels in training and to break previous growth records.

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Oh uh hey! you got any treats? bacon? ice cream? or uh chicken???? maybe even some french fries on your person....???? no, hmm well i’ll be right here waiting.....just let meh knowπŸ‘€πŸ˜πŸΆ

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The jamaica 4-h clubs has assisted more than 1,600 young people across the island to develop livestock farms over the last five years.

click the link in our bio for the full story.

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Project xlcr-859.
part 1 of 7.


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“last night” (2018, dir. @nonfilms, music by @paperbarkmusic ). now streaming on @tinymixtapes! #super8 #footage #minimal #abstract #musicvideo #ambient #music #premiere #tinymixtapes #nonfilms

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