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Buenas... vengo a dejar este tostado por estos lados y acto seguido me daré a la fuga para así evitar cualquier posible agresion física y/o verbal 👋

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Happy thursday y’all! these whole 30 sloppy joes on sweet potato buns are soooo yummy!! they give you a nice balance of protein / carbs and healthy fats and taste like they’re totally sinful, but there not....they’re totally nutritious!🙌💯🤗 .
the sloppy joe recipe is 21 dsd/ gluten free ...
if you leave off the cheese, it is whole 30 and paleo ...( of course, if you know me, i see no reason to leave out the cheese unless you’re lactose intolerant! haha🤷‍♀️😜😜😜). ..
this is the whole 30 sloppy joe recipe from the @therealfoodrds i have shared before! last time i made them, i doubled the recipe and froze half! what a nice little treat to find these in the freezer and heat them up for a super easy and fast meal! my son had them on a regular bun, and i had them on these sweet potato buns! i have to say, my son was so excited because this has now become one of his favorite meals i cook! i don’t think he has any idea that they are healthy or anything like that!!! 💯🙌😜👏🤗
#sweetpotatotoast + @therealfoodrds whole 30 sloppy joes reheated in a skillet + avocado + 365 orgainc shredded cheese from @wholefoods .
hope y’all have a fab evening!!! the weekend is almost here!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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Berkshire pork, red cabbage & xo | 📷: @moke_1 #compagniecuisine #dinnertime

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Who's cooking in tonight? kitchen counter of kex design + build, principal @k.v.harper

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Nothing complicated today: big-ass salad loaded with lupini beans, red onions, jalapeño, two cups of some random @safewaycanada bagged veggie mix (kale, chard, red cabbage and broccoli) and turkey, tossed in a spicy lemon dressing.

i know everyone on instagram is obsessed with the @bramisnacks lupini beans but a tiny snack-sized bag was $6! check the international aisle of your local supermarket or specialty food stores carrying mediterranean products: i got a massive jar (maçarico brand) at @realcdnss for $4. they're high in fibre, have a similar texture to edamame beans, and make a great addition to your salad rotation.
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Had to post last night’s dessert too, because i’m not a panna cotta person, but this was one of the most delicious post-dinner treats i’ve had in a long time!

deats: @parcheggioto lemon panna cotta - preserved peaches, basil, amaretti.

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I've been dreaming about these intensely flavorful quick turmeric pickled tomatoes ever since i first made them years ago. you won't be able to forget them, either. serve them alongside indian #samosa or #pakora or a #bombaysandwich. or just enjoy them as a snack or salad. #allwaysdelicious find the easy recipe at the link in my @allwaysdelicious bio
also here!👉🏻 http://www.allwaysdelicious.com/2018/10/turmeric-pickled-tomatoes/
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[for 🇬🇧 scroll down] Африканское направление все ещё не стало центром кулинарного туризма. Ведь Африка - это сафари и дикие животные, племена и диковинный образ жизни, вечное солнце и опасность. Африка - это все ещё экзотично и непонятно. Африка - это для особенных. Вы что не слышали - «в Африке гориллы...большие злые крокодилы»?

Но разве вам все ещё не скучно от пафоса хрусталя, дизайнерских прибамбасов, бессмысленного городского шума? ⠀

Правда в том, что счастье...оно в простоте. И это именно то, что Африка может предложить вам в плане кулинарного туризма. ⠀

Намибийская кухня элементарна до невозможности, хотя это и микс совершенно разных кулинарных традиций (немецких, африканерских и коренных народностей). Здесь вы не найдёте чего-то излишне изысканного, зато у каждого блюда точно будет настоящий натуральный вкус.

Что попробовать в ресторанах Намибии?
🔸Стейки (говядина, дикое мясо: куду, зебра)
🔸Билтонг (сушеное мясо)
🔸Рыбу kingklip
🔸Салат с авокадо
🔸Картофель фри
🔸Курицу (запечённую, шницель и пр.)
🔸Мальвинский пудинг
africa has not yet become a food tourism center. after all, africa is believed to be the place of safari and wild animals, tribes and indigenous way of life, never ending sun and danger. africa is still exotic. africa is for the special ones.

but aren't you bored with the city noise, fashionable places, no sense talks?

the truth is that happiness is in the simplicity. and this is exactly what africa can offer you in terms of food tourism.

speaking about namibian cuisine, even being a mix of completely different culinary traditions (german, afrikaner and indigenous peoples’ ones), you will never find anything too exquisite here, but each dish will definitely have a real natural taste. namibian food is great in its simplicity.

what should you try in namibian restaurants?
🔸steaks (beef, game)
🔸mapana worms
🔸kingklip fish
🔸avocado salad
🔸french fries
🔸chicken (baked, schnitzel, etc.)
🔸malva pudding

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The simplicity of greens, cucumbers and chickpeas 👌🏼#detox approved lunch 🥗

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❤️ lemon curd ,la crema de limón que te comerás a cucharadas, ideal para rellenar unos macarons ,me habías pedido la receta y aquí está 😍📝📝.
🎀 receta lemon curd express 🎀 ➡comparte y así esta receta te quedará guardada en tu muro y seguro que le es útil a alguien más <3
✏ ingredientes - 100 ml de zumo de limón
- 2 huevos
- 100 g de azúcar
- 50 g de mantequilla
➡️ en un bowl apto para microondas comenzamos batiendo bien los huevos.
a continuación añadimos el azúcar y seguimos mezclando hasta que esté bien integrado.
añade el zumo de limón y tras mezclar todo añade la mantequilla en dados bien blandita para que se pueda unificar a la mezcla anterior ( puedes meter antes la mantequilla unos segunditos al microondas para que sea más fácil de mezclar)
➡️ ahora vamos a usar nuestro microondas a máxima potencia e iremos metiendo el bowl en tiempos de un minuto de cada vez, de forma que metemos un minuto, sacamos y removemos con espátula, volvemos a meter otro minuto , volvemos a sacar y volvemos a remover y así hasta que la mezcla se espese y se vaya pareciendo a una mermelada o confitura.
tardaremos aproximadamente unos 5 o 6 minutos en conseguir la textura que necesitamos.
➡️ pasados esos 5 o 6 minutos de microondas, cubriremos el bowl con film transparente bien pegado a la superficie de la crema para que no forme costra en su superficie y dejaremos enfriar.
➡️ una vez frío lo pasamos a la nevera y refrigeramos unas horas para que la crema termine de espesar y consigamos así la textura perfecta para rellenar.
➡️ el lemon curd se conserva bien durante una semana si lo tenéis bien cerrado en un bote hermético, aunque lo lo rico que está no creo que os vaya a durar más de un día :-) .
➡️ puedes usarlo para rellenar unos macarons, para untar en galletas, en tostadas... o simplemente comerlo a cucharadas como si de un yogurt se tratase.
recuerda que me encanta que me enviéis fotos de las preparaciones que vais haciendo con mis recetas, puedes etiquetarme en tus publicaciones y así sabré que la has hecho y que te ha gustado 😊❤️❤️.

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I seriously love pasta! and the fact that i can eat my pasta made out of chickpeas instead of white flour makes it that much better! as for the sauce, i used to eat fettuccini alfredo like crazy, and even though i loved the taste, it always made me feel so bloated and gross. now, i’d rather make a healthier and more gut-loving pasta dishes to keep me fueled and satisfied like this one! i used @eatbanza pasta tossed in a lemon bone broth sauce.

cook pasta according to package. while cooking add 1tbs olive oil, 1/2 yellow onion, and 2 tsp garlic to a sauce pan on medium heat for five minutes. add 1 c. bone broth and a squeeze of a lemon and a head of broccoli florets and cook for 5-7 more minutes. next, after pasta is drained and rinsed, add to sauce with 1/2 kale and simmer. remove from heat and sprinkle with goat cheese or vegan parmesan cheese
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