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I’ve already decided all my children’s names, so if my husband comes up with names too, we’re just gonna have to compromise and go with all the names i’ve chosen

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1. tanning beds have the best lighting.
but on a real note. the best way to figure out whose in your corner is to do something that’s outside of everyone’s comfort level. for me it’s lifting. being a female in the gym getting “bulky/manly” 🙄 is outside of a looootttt of comfort levels for the people that surround me. between family, friends, coworkers, and even some of you who like to voice their rude opinions in my inbox. overall; i would like to say that it’ll be those who support me that get me through the next 15 weeks that push me to my goal..but if i’m being honest it’s actually it’s y’all that are against me that will. so keep sending me nasty messages, keep making rude senseless remarks, keep telling me that i’m losing my femininity bc in reality 90% of you that are saying the things you do only drive me to go harder. one way or another i’m making you take the time out of your day and your life to leave me your little weak minded love notes that you so incorrectly think would affect me in any negative way. so you’re not only impacting my life, but obviously what i’m doing is impacting yours stay tuned...i’ll give you more to talk about #keeponkeepingon #watchme #somethingtotalkabout #haters #hatersgonnahate #girlswholift #girlgoals #fitness #fitchicks #fitchick #gym #manly #feminism #fitissexy #muscle #abs #strong #positivevibes #unfollow #followers #byefelicia #weakminds

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Rockin' around the christmas tree🎄 prague, czech republic. photo by @best_in_prague have you ever visited this enchanting city? ✨

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Choose your favorite tattoo

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Between dream and reality 😍 san francisco, california, united states. photo by @sarashakeel

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Looking up in a temperate forest ✨
we can post your pictures in our account. check the link in our bio for more info: @worlderlust (worlderlust.net) #worlderlust
puebla, mexico. photo by @seen.11 tag someone you would like to have this view with 😍 #worlderlust

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