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Torta de aniversário deliciosa e nutritiva?! por aqui temos! essa é a torta brownie, feita com chocolate belga, chocolate 60% cacau, amêndoas e macadâmia, coberto com mousse de chocolate à base de biomassa de banana verde. é de comer com os olhos e devorar sem medo de ser feliz! ah, vale lembrar que as calorias são equivalentes às tortas comuns. no entanto não são calorias vazias... equilíbrio é chave pra poder comer o que quiser 😉👌🏼.
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As always @mollycoulthard is the world's best host and her mum cooks me the best food ever - seriously every meal is better than anything i've eaten out. this is zatar spiced chicken thigh with crispy skin in a vermouth sauce, with perfect crispy potatoes and fresh veg 😍 i ate loads and still feel absolutely fine which is just an amazing feeling... its moments like this that really make me feel like i can see improvement! .
i love it here so i'm sad to be going home tomorrow - but i'm looking forward to getting back into a routine after a week of writing and travelling around 💪 hope you have all had a lovely monday!
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Mother nature... perfection! why would you want to alter it🤷‍♀️
at yummee gluten free we make our products using premium organic, gluten free and vegan ingredients. we do not mess with mother nature. taste the difference 😋
click on the link in the bio for more information about our products, recipes and online shop 🚚$15 flat rate shipping in sydney region $25 maximum australia wide 🚗pick up options available from bondi junction.

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Last week’s dessert: raspberry oat loaf cake!
i adapted @ramshackleglam ‘s recipe.
- 1 1/2 cups gluten free flour
- 1 cup gluten free quick oats
- 1/2 cup brown sugar
- 1 tsp baking powder
- 1/2 tsp baking soda
- 2 tsp ground cinnamon
- 1 pinch salt
- 2 large eggs
- 1/2 cup lactose free milk
- 1/4 cup butter
- 2 tbsp maple syrup
- 1 tsp vanilla extract
- 1 cup raspberries
- preheat oven to 400f.
- line a baking dish with butter.
- in a large bowl, mix flour, oats, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt.
- in a medium bowl, mix egg, milk, butter, maple syrup and vanilla.
- add the liquid mixture to the flour mixture and mix until combined.
- fold in the raspberries.
- pour the mixture into the baking dish. bake for 50 minutes.
- enjoy!
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I finalized my chickpea banana fudge brownies today! super tasty, even less ingredients and low glycemic to boot. when you have to cook and bake all the time, you don’t have time for a million dishes. as a single parent with a chronic illness, i have even less time. so i try my best to design recipes to need the least amount of dishes possible.
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Taco monday’s 🌮
i’m a bit late to the taco party, wow have i been missing out! here’s my very green chicken crispy taco 🤤🤤🤤

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Love chilli, defo worth the wait 🤤 anti inflammatory, fodmap friendly, spicy yumminess 🌶🌶🌶

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🌸 my first post! my name is katie, i’m 24 and two years ago i was diagnosed with ibs after a trip to thailand. after lots of thought and consideration i’ve decided i’d like to set up a blog documenting my journey, sharing tips and tricks of the low fodmap diet and most importantly be a part of the ibs community here on instagram. as this picture shows i am a massive foodie and food has always been a big part of my life so naturally with the news i’d never be able to eat 90% of my favorite foods again i was quite upset. over the past few years i have learned to adapt my favorite recipes and still manage to eat in a lot of my favorite restaurants with a lot of skill and determination (and a few occasional mishaps). 😅 🌸

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Lite så ja... har svårt att hitta hjälp så tänker att någon vänlig själ kanske kan dela med sig av tips...
har ibs, allergi mot mjölkprotein, gluten och ägg, fixar inte kål/lök eller stark mat. jävligt trasig brud, jag vet!
finns det någon med specialkunskap inom detta eller #fodmap ni kan tipsa om skulle det uppskattas väldigt mycket :)
och vet ni någonstans i #blekinge man kan utöva #mediyoga får ni gärna hojta :) tack å gonatt 🤯🖖✌️

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I swear i don’t eat out every night 😂 opted for chicken in black bean sauce and plain rice. did you know black bean sauce is made with no garlic? i forgot to ask for no onion but poking them out was fine too. swipe for my estimated macros (i ate half the rice!) 🍛🍚🥟

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Have you tried our maple & cinnamon granola yet? did we mention that it’s certified fodmap friendly?!

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Kürbiswähe mit ziegenkäse und chiasamen dazu salat mit trauben und nüssen. ein rezept gibt es nicht einfach handgelenk mal pi grob geraspelten kürbis, ei, ziegenkäse, maizena und chiasamen für die wähe gemischt... #fodmap #fodmapdiet #fodmaparm #lowfodmap #reizdarm #ibs #ibsdiet #vegetarisch #vegi #meetfreemonday #plantbaseddiet #freestylekitchen #freestylecooking #kürbis #healthyfood #gesundeernährung #ernährungsberatung #ernährungsberaterin #svde #nutritionist #dietitian

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@beckyexcell coconut curry 🤤
these pictures 100% do not do it justice (why does lighting have to be so rubbish in the winter??) i used prawns instead of chicken and it was super tasty and filling!! i would 100% recommend to anyone even if you don’t follow a low fodmap diet!
#lowfodmap #fodmap #fodmapfriendly #fodmapdiet #ibs #ibsdiet #ibsawareness

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Vanaf vandaag start ik 4-6 weken lang met het fodmap dieet! #goforit #fodmap #daretobegin

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Day 302 monday night dinner - simple chicken with rice and lots of veg. a late one tonight as i did my first ever class at the gym earlier.. even though i’ve been a member for 3 years 🙈. it was so hard but so good! •
cals 495 f7.2g/c48.2g/p57.4g

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Brownies de beterraga 👈🏻

definitivamente, una delicia de otro planeta! 🤤👌🏻
una receta fácil.. libre de gluten, sin huevo, sin lactosa y ufff un manjarshhh 🤗
ingredientes 👇🏻 2 beterragas pequeñas cocidas (asadas o como prefieran)
3/4 azúcar de coco
2 cucharadas aceite de coco (derretido)
2 cucharadas vinagre de manzana
1 taza 1/4 de leche vegetal o sin lactosa
1 taza harina de avena (sin gluten)
1 taza cacao amargo
1 cuchdta de sal
1/2 cdta polvos de hornear
🤗preparación 👉🏻 poner todos los ingredientes húmedos en la licuadora y procesar hasta que no se vean trozos de beterraga, en un b**w aparte mezclar los ingredientes secos.. luego lo húmedo a lo seco.. mezclar bien y verter en un molde engrasado con aceite de coco.. hornear unos 25 min a 180 grados (o hasta que el palito salga seco 🤗) yyy listo ñami ñami a disfrutar 🤤🤤🤤 (cortar una vez frío) yo le puse. un poco de maní y semillas de maravilla encima.. pero pueden poner lo que quieran o sin nada 🤷🏻‍♀️🤤🤗👌🏻 -
#browniebeterraga #singluten #sinlactosa #sinhuevo #sinprocesados #cocinasaludable #fodmap #ñami

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Es un trastorno funcional benigno, que altera la calidad de vida del paciente. desde el punto de vista de gastroenterologia el paciente puede tener estudios normales lo que lleva a la preocupación o angustia de tener otra enfermedad.
los criterios de roma iv hablan de dolor abdominal mínimo un día a la semana por tres meses asociado a alteraciones del patrón evacuatorio ( diarrea y/o estrenimiento) entre otros síntomas. la ventaja de esta enfermerdad es que su naturaleza es benigna y no degenera a cáncer. quieres saber más de esta enfermerdad??
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