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Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary.
- oscar wilde
and never treat yourself like you’re ordinary either 😘 ✨
happy gal/pal/valentine’s day dear friends ❤️🧡💛💚💙

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New interview now up on @phlearn! new series i'm working on, creative blocks, artists i admire, fine art actions, etc! get a cup of tea it's a long 'un ;) - https://phlearn.com/magazine/exploring-the-surreal-fantasy-world-of-bella-kotak/
link also in stories ✨

big love and thanks to all the incredibly talented creatives that work and collaborate with me and to all of you for your support! ❤️
created in melbourne, australia with the talented penny adams - she designed the dress and made the head piece, @c_olett_e modelled for us and @sheranazmi did the hair and makeup 🍃
sometimes it's all the about the striking gaze.

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Living in england the beauty of unfurling life in march is a striking thing. warm breezes carrying with it sweet scents of new life. with each image i want to share my love of life, spring, and nature with you.
as i was on a walk with p a few days ago, we passed a patch of wild flowers that i'd created in last year. how a year has past since then is beyond me! so much has happened, so much to catch up on... so, here's me making a small start.
i decided to put together a blog post sharing the process of how this picture came together along with a bts video filmed by p (it was one of the first times he filmed for me, he’s improved so much since then!). feel free to check it out, the link is in my bio 👆
hope you’re all having a lovely day 😘
model: @jodilakin
dress by @joflemingdesign
rings by @hawkhouse
retouching: myself and @solsticeretouch
assisting: @tina_eisen
lit with @lumecube

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Floral storm - the bts video is now live! check it out here - https://www.bellakotakphotography.com
some of my goals for this shoot -
1- be more playful with lighting
2- experiment with color toning
3 - push the edit past expectation
this turned out to be one of my favourite looks!
c r e d i t s :
photography: bella kotak
makeup/ hair: @brankavorkapic
model: @loveinparisss @nevsmodels
production & assistance: @indysagoo
assistant: @solsticeretouch
retouching: bella & @solsticeretouch
featured in @lucysmagazine
g e a r :
camera: @phaseonephoto iq3 100mp trichromatic
lens: schneider kreuznach macro ls 120mm f/4.0
lights: 1 x @profotoglobal d2 and 2 x @profotoglobal a1s

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I spent most of yesterday in a saltwater pool modelling for @reginawamba. i was completely out of my element. water is something i grew up in but the years apart had created a distance between us that i didn’t realise was there until i was completely surrounded, trying to pose without breath or sound. mad props to my lovely model friends who pose underwater so effortlessly!
it reminded me that it’s ok to be scared and it’s ok to try new things. after that session i came away drenched and with half the pool in me but so empowered. facing fears is heart racing but once you do it’s amazing to rediscover the strength that was hiding inside all along.
this picture was taken in a small pool in bali with the lovely @isabelsasse literally moments before my lens detached from my camera and dropped, a couple of inches past her face to the bottom of the pool 😳 rip my dear 24-70mm lens.
hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!

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Just as there are no limits to your dreams in sleep, there’s no limits when your eyes are wide open. only you can learn to trust in your midas touch 💫
we created this on a hot summer’s day in beautiful wild foliage beside a park in oslo, norway at a workshop i taught earlier this year. this summer was so warm and magical. now that the colours are changing i’m feeling nostalgic. what did you guys get up to?
☆ model: @sarahberg_ @teammodels
☆ hair/ makeup: @makeupbylaibah
☆ dress: @joflemingdesign
☆ workshop organised by @danacolepix
☆ retouching: bella & @solsticeretouch

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