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It's time for another #workoutwednesday! quick and simple! give it a go! challenge yourself to a new workout every wednesday! enjoy and remember to tag friends to challenge them!

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How to get quality sleep by @peter_bowman
getting quality sleep is super important. it can help you lose fat, build muscle, reduce stress, reduce cravings, and your overall mood will be better throughout the day!
getting in a sleep routine can be really beneficial. this can be difficult to do with a busy schedule that varies, but if you make sleep a priority it won’t be as hard. following your natural circadian rhythm, or essentially going to bed and waking up at the same time is important. falling asleep will be easier and you’ll wake up energized.
having a good amount of carbs before bed can actually help you fall asleep. somewhat utilizing the insulin crash.
if you’re like me and finding you have to wake up to p*e throughout the night, try and cut off the liquids a few hours before bed.
make sure you are shutting off the electronics 30min to an hour before bed. the blue light they give off will throw off you body’s natural production of melatonin.
lastly, try and wake up naturally and avoid the alarm. an alarm can wake you up out of rem sleep, or deep sleep. this isn’t pleasant, and it will take you longer to get going as opposed to if you woke up naturally.
hopefully this can help you improve your sleep 💤

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•мєяcσℓєd' • 🔜🙈 👉🏽ⒷⓊⓄⓃⒼⒾⓄⓇⓃⓄ👈🏽 e ⒷⓊⓄⓃ ⒻⒺⓇⓇⒶⒼⓄⓈⓉⓄ 1️⃣5️⃣ 😎
#colazione golosissima per iniziare questo giorno __ 💁🏻‍♀️ тαzzα dєℓℓє мєяανιgℓιє 🎀 __
dal #video potrete notare il suo interno.
ah, ieri ho finalmente aperto il pacco arrivatomi da @prozisitalia e come potete ben vedere, ho assaggiato il loro burro d’arachidi *crunchy* .. ⓈⓅⒺⓉⓉⒶⒸⓄⓁⓄ 😎 *scorrerelefoto🔛🤩* ______________________________________________________

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Back by popular demand!!! 🙌🏼 chicken & waffles! i have decided to keep the savory waffles for two ✌🏼weeks to give you more time to come in and try it out or come back for another! remember you can still byow (build your own waffle) or choose from the favorites menu! 👌🏼#wafflewednesday #wow #waffleoftheweek #wafflequeencreation #chickenandwaffles .
macros: 39c/9f/33p = 369 kcal
what is it?!
honey cornbread waffle with a buffalo parmesan panko crusted chicken drizzled with honey and sugar free maple syrup! available through tuesday 8/28!
#wafflequeen #bodybywaffles #wafflequeencafe #homeofthe1carbwaffle .
make sure you are checking my story daily for most recent updates at the cafe!
@wafflequeencafe is open to the public inside @fitnessjunkypcb located in the beach shopping center where the old bingo hall use to be, next to tuesday morning! just look for the pink waffle queen crown on the window!👍🏼
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How ib. came to be.⁣

part 4/4. the final chapter. 📙⁣

what does life look like now?⁣

we’ve stumbled down memory lane for a glimpse into my journey & what has led me to being in front of you today.
honestly, i’d not gone through old photos (scroll for the full process) like that ever before & doing so truly shocked me how far i have come in the past few years. 📸⁣

i still cannot pinpoint the moment where i decided to make that ‘change,’ but having done so is convincingly the greatest commitment i ever made.⁣

i’ve gone from resenting myself day-in, day-out, to being confident once again in who i am & what i am trying to achieve.⁣

i’ve gone from running out of breathe climbing stairs, to completing a half-marathon, to being in the best physical condition of my life - both aesthetically & (more importantly) performance wise. 🏃🏼‍♂️⁣

i’ve gone from binging & eating until i physically couldn’t any more, to a life of balance where i can again enjoy occasions with my nearest & dearest guilt-free, eat & drink exactly what i like & know how to manage that to still make the progress i would like.⁣

the path i forged for myself hasn’t been the easiest - or the quickest for that matter - but i have learnt so much about myself & my body that i will be able to carry w/ me forever.⁣

i’ve discovered a passion i never knew or thought i’d have. one that has led me to giving up my career to pursue.⁣

before i was self-centred & arrogant, regularly only thinking about myself rather than the needs of others.⁣

now, my dream is to help as many people as i possibly can. allow them to find their passion, allow them to be happy w/ their body & their minds. show them that they can achieve a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle they may never have seen as achievable...⁣

...i certainly didn’t - but now i do! 🙋🏼‍♂️⁣

“you’re stuck with yourself longer than anything else, so why not create the best version possible?” 💬⁣

so, if you’re serious about making a change that’ll last a lifetime, get in touch to see how we can work together! i want to help those who are (or have been) in my previous position & turn their life around for good! 📣

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Follow @kinsella_michael to build your best body ever
how to get abs by @macrolabnutrition 😱
🤔although it can be said that “abs are made in the kitchen”, and yes, diet is the main factor, if you really want your abs to pop, you’re going to have to train them like you would any other muscle. the main abdominal muscles are the external(eo) and internal obliques & the transverse and r****s abdominis💪
🔥the r****s abdominis (ra) is what we know as the “6 pack muscle”. it mainly acts to flex the trunk and tilt the pelvis posteriorly as well as helping to rotate the trunk & increase intra-abdominal pressure. so really, to train this muscle we need to load these actions. it’s common belief that compound movements are essential to building abs, but this is far from the truth. although compound movements should be included to increase core stability, they merely rely on isometric contraction of the abdominal musculature🤔
🤙aspe et al. (2014) compared the emg activity of the ra and eo through various exercises and found that a simple sit up had more than twice the activation than a back squat. further research, by moraes et al. (2009), found weighted crunches to elicit highest activation in the abdominal musculature, with higher loads of course leading to greater activation🏋️
📌in terms of diet, a slow to moderate consistent caloric deficit, is what’s really going to aid in adherence and finally make those abs “pop”. just remember to keep protein high with research suggesting 2.3g/kg of lean body mass to be optimal for retaining muscle tissue whilst dieting (helms et al., 2014)🍔
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Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman. its cliche but holy c**p is it true. my wife has been through so much for me and our family (3 pregnancies/c sections in 3 years, graves disease, depression) and she has come through it all. this contest prep wasn't the hardest thing she has had to endure by a long shot but it definitely wasn't easy. bodybuilding is a selfish sport, but she knows my passion and love for it and so she supports and encourages me daily. i couldn't have done this without her. #wcw #blessed

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but, that doesn't have to be you.
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By @saltylifts
she wrote:
🌟breakfast: to skip or not to skip!🌟
🥞breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
🍳eating a huge breakfast helps you lose weight.
🥓eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.

👆🏼i’m sure you’ve heard those phrases on tv and when reading magazines. for the longest time, i genuinely thought i needed to eat a huge breakfast in order to lose weight.

🤭this forced me to eat when i wasn’t hungry, which resulted in a lack of hunger awareness and a warped view of what and when i should be eating.

🍳i want to create this little graphic for you so that you know you don’t need to eat breakfast to lose weight. in fact you might be better off not eating breakfast if it’s more of a nuisance or if you’re not hungry in the morning!

📈if you want to lose weight, what truly matters at the end of the day is that you’re in a calorie deficit! as long as you’re consuming less calories than you need, it doesn’t matter whether you eat breakfast or not!

⏰fast forward to my current schedule, and i don’t usually eat until 11/12pm because i am not hungry in the morning. and guess what?! i’m still losing f*t 🎉

🌮sooo, the next time someone tells you you need to eat breakfast, but you’re not hungry, just smile and wave and save your calories for later in the day when you are hungry!

👭tag a breakfast buddy or friend that needs to see this! any questions, ask them below! 👇🏼

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@themusclemaniacs @profitnesscircle ・・・
shredded life vs lean life by @jmaxfitness
being shredded isn't all sunshine and rainbows.
in fact, it kind of sucks. you look strong, but you're actually the weakest you've ever been.
it's tough to maintain, and it's even tougher to make gains. i'd only recommend getting shredded if you're doing a photo shoot.
the good news is that you can live life, lean. you still have a six pack and look awesome, but you can also live your life. you can fit meals out, drinks, and desserts into your macros. you can still make gains. you still have energy and a positive well-being.
which one do you want? let me know below.
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👉🏼 follow @prodiettips & @profitnesscircle for more daily tips 👈🏼

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It’s #weighinwednesday so here we are...despite falling off track last week i still made some good progress! i’ve been losing the same five lbs on and off the last several months so my primary goal right now is to get past this first hurdle so to say. off to a good start i think!

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Exercise in a group environment has some amazing benefits both physically and mentally. check these out to name a few! 👌 people are more likely to push themselves in a group environment
👌 people actually purport higher endorphin production training with others
👌 highly motivating!
👌 accountability and support

tpe specialises in delivering top-quality personal style training in group environments, so you pay a fraction of the cost you would normally pay for 1-on-1 coaching. couple this with our bespoke nutritional support 🍽️🍏☕ that every client receives, and you're results are guaranteed.

what are you waiting for? get in touch today 👆👆👆 #tpefit #fitness #gym #personaltrainer #health #wellness #exercise #resistancetraining #iifym #nutrition #flexibledieting #noexcuses

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Pour une fois que je mange un truc healthy, il fallait que je poste une photo 😎

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... abs-olutely a beautiful day to do abs (k lol i’m done writing these captions after a workout the enthusiasm is too much) 😂💦💛 we all know i don’t love abs but i loved this ab workout!!! super easy to add to the end of your next workout

1️⃣ 10 corkscrews each side

2️⃣ 20 plank oblique twists... truly astonished at how badly this hurts my obliques lol

3️⃣ 10 each side | opposite elbow to knee crunch to toe touch

4️⃣ 12 plate passes lol will ever stop doing these? no way they’re my faveeeeeee

i completed these as a circuit! did each move back to back, rested and then repeated the circuit one more time

song is over getting over you by johann beach
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