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Pomsky probz 🐶🧡🌈

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Every morning you have two choices; continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them! it’s either one day or its day one to get after it. you decide! #transformationtuesday

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Loveeee having my green juice to break my fast 😋

not only are you getting tons of veggies and micronutrients, but you’re also making sure to alkalize your body and balance your ph 🤓 .

your body needs lots of nutrients and key vitamins to function properly during the day and give you lots of energy ✨ .

for me, my coffee is essential every morning as well, but i truly feel a difference every time i drink my green juice 🍏🥒🥬 . 📸: @schatila

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✨ the concrete jungle where dreams are made of! 🇺🇸🗽 @flynyon
i have 20 hours here on my layover and i’m so excited i’m going out for dinner at a restaurant that i’ve heard so much about! @taodowntown 🙌🏽 ig stories about to come your way! haha 🙈

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Who even am i?! haven’t made this big of a change to my hair in 6+ years😱 and there is absolutely no way it would’ve been possible without @beautyby.jenni ♥️ i am absolutely blown away by what she achieved, even with tons of black on my original hair. she is a dream come true and more than i could ever hope for!
also, these lashes are @lashedbysada in the style ‘barbiana’😍 they are literally a lilly lashes dupe imo, but 1/3 of a price, with the same exact quality! do yourself a favor and stop wasting $30 on a pair of lashes bb 💕
sorry guys but i am just so happy right now😅

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Thank you @flattummyco for getting my health back on track i love having one or these meal replacement shakes especially since lately i’ve been running around more that usual- they just set the tone for healthy eating for the rest of the day and allow me to get the proper vitamins and nutrients most importantly. it has all the protein i need 😍

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Let’s get ready to @rumble_boxing 🤼‍♀️
swipe ➡️ to see me and @goldylocks1524 facing off - can you guess who did better than who? #doyourumble *
so happy there’s a dc location now open! the class left me drenched in sweat, which is just what i need to get this bridal b***y in gear - can’t wait to go back!! #rumble

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A alegria não está nas coisas, está em nós.

johann goethe#

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Long time no gym selfie, hello 👋🏼

is it acceptable to wear under armor & nike or is my style game off? not only is that off but so is my motivation. now i’m switching things up & adding back in some @f45_training_grandrapids along side my yoga practices>> 🔥if you feel stuck try something different & change up your environment.

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