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Female kacchan and deku. omg kawaii.. 💠😍
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=> anime: boku no hero academia / my hero academia
=> characters: genderbender [midoriya izuku, bakugou katsuki]
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(okay, uhm..this poem is a bit different from the other ones and you should probably not read it if you’re not feeling okay or whatever.)⁣

you laugh, you smile;⁣
you’re fine. ⁣
no need to talk⁣
about something nonexistent. ⁣

you scream, you cry;⁣
you lie:⁣
“no need to talk⁣
about something nonexistent.”⁣

you pray, you dream⁣
of a better life, but⁣
no need to talk⁣
about something nonexistent. ⁣

your school, your friends⁣
you can’t. ⁣
no need to talk ⁣
about something nonexistent. ⁣

your crush, your snap⁣
you break. ⁣
no need to talk⁣
about something nonexistent. ⁣

your mom, your dad⁣
don’t understand. ⁣
“no need to talk ⁣
about something nonexistent.”⁣

your life, your knife,⁣
your suicide. ⁣
no need to talk⁣
about someone nonexistent.

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it's like playing catch⁣⁣
i toss the ball⁣⁣
and you let it fall⁣⁣
it's like having a conversation ⁣⁣
except ⁣⁣
i leave a space for your ⁣⁣
and you don't fill it⁣⁣
it's like going on a picnic ⁣⁣
i brought everything ⁣⁣
and you left the basket⁣⁣
left the drinks⁣⁣
left the spoons⁣⁣
left our playful banter⁣⁣
left our awkward smiles⁣⁣
left our inside jokes⁣⁣
how about you leave⁣⁣
what's left of our friendship?⁣⁣
expanding all this energy ⁣⁣
on you⁣⁣
is tiring anyway⁣⁣
(again, not a rp. i just wanted to post something to keep the account alive i guess. so here’s another poem i wrote...)

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I'm sorry, i forgot to put on my "what the fuck" glasses before reading this. maybe that will help me understand #myheroacademia #izukumidoriya #midoriyaizuku #genderbend #femalemidoriyaizuku #femalemidoriya

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" í ӏօѵҽ ӏíտҽղեíղց եօ ʍմտíϲ. íɾ հҽӏթտ ʍҽ ϲɑӏʍ ժօաղ ƒɾօʍ թҽօթӏҽ ցíѵíղց ʍҽ ҍմӏӏտհíե ɑӏӏ ժɑվ "☺️💚

•💫#myheroacademia #femalemidoriya 💫

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💚աҽӏϲօʍҽ հօʍҽ💚

💫#myheroacademia #femalemidoriya 💫

yes i changed my account because i didn’t like the one i had before that much so yeah 🙂 i will be posting again tomorrow 💚💞💕 😘ҽղյօվ😘

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one of these days you’ll see she’s golden. ⁣
and not just in looks⁣
her golden heart invited you⁣
to take a seat inside of it⁣
she wrapped you in love and a sense of home⁣
her golden eyes saw you⁣
not in your present state⁣
but in your potential position ⁣
her golden tongue encouraged⁣
to thrive even without her presence ⁣
her golden mind poured all it could into yours⁣
and soaked in just as much⁣
in the thought you’d be intertwined eternally ⁣
but you couldn’t see her golden light⁣
couldn’t bask in her glory⁣
you weren’t ready for the greatness ⁣
she already possessed you⁣
and i am truly sorry for you⁣
when you are ready⁣
she will have shared it with another⁣
who appreciates her gilded soul. ⁣

(just needed something to post so i added a poem i wrote as the caption 🤷‍♀️)⁣

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Look at these beautiful ladies~ oof my g*y senses of tingling. these beautiful things are why i’m g*y lol.
if anyone knows who that cosplayer is please tag her in the comments~ thank you~
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This is one of my favourite drawings ever, she's just so cute!
tumblr: https://bokunoherokomikuko.tumblr.com/post/179872943210
"once i was seven years old" by komikuko (that's me!) on ao3

midoriya is an hoh girl with some major secrets. what kind of hero does one become when they are always afraid? [rated t, author chose not to archive warnings]

#femdeku #femizukumidoriya #femmidoriya #femalemidoriya #femaledeku #midoriyaizuku #izukumidoriya #deku #genderbend #genderbent #bnha #bokunoheroacademia #mha #myheroacademia #fanart #bnhafanart #mhafanart #bnhafanfiction #fanfiction #komikukocomics

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Drew this on the livestream i did 2day. i didn’t know what to draw and i was doin some random sketches of this earlier, so i just drew female #deku !
#midoriyaizuku #izukumidoriya #femalemidoriya #bnha #myheroacademia #bnhafanart #copicart #animefanart #fanart #art #drawing #girldeku

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<roleplay post>⁣

izuku had been walking home alone one night from a party. it was getting really late and the temperature was dropping every three to five minutes. deciding to take a small short cut, izuku midoriya walked through an alley, not thinking twice about her safety and caring more about making it out of the cold. as soon as she entered the dark shadows, a villain appeared from behind and had started to slowly drain her body as it entered inside of it.

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