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Are you a morning person or night owl?
there are so many people out there telling us that in order to be successful, you should be getting up at 5am. .
however, if you find yourself more productive at night... sleep in! .
it's about finding what works best for us, not pushing ourselves to become someone else's version of success!
i am a morning person. i've been up since 5:30am and i like to get stuck into work straight away. whereas jake on the other hand, would not remember the last time he got up before 7am but he works until all hours of the night and it's when he gets his best work done.
everyone is different and that is absolutely okay! happy monday ✌️ #morningperson #nightowl #5amclub #latenighthustlers #ditchtheguilt #youdoyou

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Inspiring morning checking out amazing produce @lollaproducer #lovethestory #passionateproducers #hardworking

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We have a beautiful selection of jewellery in store. the skate necklaces are online but the rest can be ordered with a quick dm. the love lemonade earrings and bangles are on special offer in june. usually £9.99 each they are any 3 for £19.99. just dm the colours you would like and we can mail them to you.
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Oops 🙊. don’t worry with an amazing team behind us it will be business as usual at wolf cycleworx
#raceteam #wolfcycleworx #localbusiness #familybusiness #idontbounce

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Our big birthday giveaway is ending tomorrow at 12pm!! so if you haven't already entered to be in the draw to win 1 of 8 pairs of slappa's thongs be sure to head straight to our profile and click the link in our bio!! plus when you submit your form you'll automatically receive a special birthday email from us with a discount code how cool is that?! 🎁

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Lovely busy weekend here at the cafe. love this photo from a customer of snack size deli lunches and a main of roast butternut squash and cherry tomato tarts 🍃❤ 🌿
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What an amazing weekend we have had @dog_fest #teamwest we met so many lovely dogs (and their owners! 😘) thank you to everyone who came and made our 1st event so special! we even got to speak to @profnoelfitzpatrick who said he loves love louie! 😍so we must be doing a good job 😘🐶❤️ #familybusiness #lovelouie #dog #dogsofinstagram #ashtoncourt #dachshund #dachshundsofinstagram #love #sharethelove

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The gillian bag

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Baking powder is fine white powder which is used as a leavening agent when baking. dainess baking powder can be used for cakes, pancakes, biscuits,bread, waffles and muffins etc.
available in 450g, 100g.
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Love is in the air...💕🥂🍃
moments captured like this are so good for the soul 🙌🏻 .
#familybusiness #cossarswineshed #christchurchweddingvenue #outdoorwedding #christchurchwedding #loveisallaround

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From the fears archive
amos reginald fear - (3rd) managing director - 1931 - 1966
in 1884 was a significant year for the second managing director of fears, amos daniel fear. not only did he become the sole proprietor of fears but also his wife, jessie portious, gave birth to a son – amos reginald portious fear.
at the age of twenty, amos reginald fear joins the business, a few years before it is incorporated as fears limited. his first role was as an apprentice watchmaker and he travelled to glashutte, germany to attend watchmaking school there. in the fears archive we have, on loan from the fear family, an escapement he made during his time there.
he returned to the uk and in 1908 became a director of fears as well as company secretary. one of the first main jobs he was tasked with was to establish the fears export department, however, the plans to launch this in the late 1910s were halted by the breaking out of the first world war. when peace was announced he quickly acquired the lease to brunswick square in north bristol and set up fears (export) limited.
in 1931 amos daniel fear died, and amos reginald fear became the third managing director of the company. this was also the start of the great depression, following the wall street crash in october 1929. within a few months fears was struggling for survival with retail and wholesale sales both collapsing. amos reginald managed to keep the business going and slimmed it down to survive. just as things were starting to improve though the second world war broke out and this would see all the fears premises take direct hits in the bristol blitz.
undeterred, when peace came, amos reginald set about to celebrate fears’ centenary with a special range of watches. the business flourished post war with watches travelling all around the world and in 1954 amos reginald celebrated his half-centenary working for fears and was presented with a portrait by the company.
retirement was looming and it was in the 1960s that amos reginald finally retired with the export side of the business continuing until the very start of the 1970s at which point the first era of fears came to a close.
learn more at - www.fearswatches.com

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@stephaniemcmahon was the epitome of #style #grace and #class as she moderated the fyc event for the #wwe . so many years in this #familybusiness shared from their family to ours and they are still #humble and #downtoearth ! after a very long day she and her amazing husband @tripleh stayed until every single fan got a picture or a handshake.you got my vote! #raw #25years #24empowered #fyc #emmys let’s get it!

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