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Happy tuesday!! first day back to work after being snowed in this weekend! needless to say i’d much rather be home by my christmas tree, but i’m just thankful i have a job to go to! hope y’all have an awesome day!! 💕
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“now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” hebrews11:1

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Let's not spin from store to party, juggling bags, and quickly brushing kisses on checks in greeting. -

it's hard to see the light of the world when we aren't looking for it.

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‪let's abandon the hurry and flurry of the season for the true miracle of christmas.‬ -

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G i v e a w a y — i had this really cool staged post promo planned and then my little 4 year old dancer would not stop dancing around it. so i thought, why not celebrate #animperfectwoman giveaway by celebrating the messy that makes up my awesome life! so here she be, the tiny dancer’s feet & a book that has truly shaped my perspective of letting go of perfection & embracing grace filled living. you want a copy of this gem of a book.
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also, you should follow @sheleadsdaily because they provide an awesome place for a convo on the intersection of faith and culture and what it means to be a woman of faith in a modern world. more exciting news and giveaways coming soon! #giveaway #wholisticola #livefree #graceoverperfection #propelwomen #livelovelead #livefullyalive

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To the girl who is disappointed because she craves confidence, yet can't seem to find it. to the girl who just wants to be herself, but doesn't know who she is, or why she is. i've been that girl.
the thing is, you don't have to prove yourself to the world or search for who you are in the world. your life is a precious gift that holds so much value. you were born with it. you were created with a purpose in christ.
i've learned that "self-confidence" is not the answer like the world tells us it is. true confidence is not found in yourself but it is found in surrendering yourself to god. true confidence is not in how you look, but in how you live.
we're not always perfectly confident. i still need reminders. we all need reminders. so, here's one for you today: you hold power and worth and beauty and grace because you, my friend, were created by god. surrender. ✨

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Anything i’ve ever created has always been geared towards helping other win and be who they are passionate about being and pushing them into greatness! @usbtheconnect is my baby but now i’m birthing something else. a lot of you have dropped your emails already but if your currently a college student, looking to go to grade school, know high schoolers looking to go you might want to tag them or drop emails. unfortunately for what i’m doing it’s limited space but it is going to be soo worth it. don’t miss out! start preparing for 2019 in 2018. beautiful christmas gift to yourself. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 #student #studentloans #studentlife #hbcu #pwi #collegegirls #college #collegelife #universitylife #dmvschools #blogger #bloggerlife #collegeforfree #freetuition #free #freeapplications #styleblogger #lifestyleblogger #beautycommunity #beautycare #socialwork #naturalhair #faithblogger #freecollege #collegeopportunities #passion #dream #success #classof2019 #classof2020

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It’s really easy to fall into the trap that is your mind. it’s easy to listen to every thought that comes through your mind and you take it as it being true. well we shouldn’t trust every thought that comes through our mind. we should compare it with what god has to say.
we need to take captive every thought and really go through and check if its true, godly, kind, or mean. it’s easy to believe what you think because well wouldn’t it be true. but not easy.
for a while i was stuck in the cycle of listening and believing every thought that came through my head. i was drowning in depression and listening to these thoughts made it worse. now that i’ve learned to take each thought captive and relay what god says about me, it’s be easier to combat those lies.
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There will be times where we will have to push through and past fear making choices in spite of the feelings and ideas of fear. there will be other times where we will be required to walk in a whole new direction ignoring the voice of fear altogether.

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Cancelling the morning 🙅🏻‍♀️ & spending some qt by the fire finishing my fall bible study “seamless” by @angiesmith19. the fall 🍂 totally fell away from me & i’m not going to let christmas pass by 🎄⭐️ by getting caught up in the stress-mas 🌪 of the world 🌎 like my last blog post {link in profile 👆🏼} mentioned, i am learning how to say “n o” to even the good things in life in order to prioritize & experience what is b e s t ✨

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02/365 - trust in his plans and his timing.

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And the soul felt it’s worth

sitting in church this last sunday we were singing the usual and expected christmas carols. having grown up in church i must admit that the majority of these beautiful classics i know well... most by heart even. however this last sunday something struck me as we were singing oh holy night. i confess though i know the words to this song, like so many other carols, i don’t know the words like i ought.
long lay the world
in sin and error pining
til he appeared
and the soul felt it’s worth.
this verse fell on my spirit like a rock. the idea of the hopelessness of the world’s sinful state before this child, and the absolute reversal of humanity’s future fortunes with his arrival. up to this point, the history of the world since the fall of man had done nothing if not long for and desire... sin... destruction... its own doom. the world ached for it. as the carol laments, it pined for it.
and yet- he appeared! and the soul felt it’s worth!

what a line- that last piece. the soul of the world finally feeling it’s worth. meditate on the meaning of these words- like mary, heavy with expectation and promise, the soul of humanity which had known nothing but sin and error, death and decay- now beheld a glimpse of the promise of forever. the promised messiah- come to give meaning, worth, and resolution to the aching world. that divine inspiration, supernaturally valued spirit, and treasured eternal spark within mankind was suddenly ignited into fire with this baby. what a marvelous thing! read more on the @holybeautifullife fb page! #dailyinspiration #beholybeautiful #dailyscripture #faithblogger #christianblogger #christianauthor #ohholynight #holybeautiful #womensministry #womenofgod #jesus #babyjesus #nativity

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➵ shoutout to all the people who forget where they put their coffee while they’re holding it. mornings are hard - we’ll get through this
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Too often i find that i myself am trying to do everything for god. i’ll pray and cry to him for help, but turn around and begin planning how i can help myself. .
when we try and put ourselves in his position, we will always fail. we end up making things harder for our own sake. •

god has so many great things in store for each one of us, but it will take our faith in him & a fully surrendered heart and mind. let go & let god. ✨💛

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I've always been honest.
as a kid, if you wanted to know something about me, all you'd have to do was ask.
then i'd tell you, flip my little blonde ponytail and be on my way.
as a teenager, aside from my little "i'm too cool" phase, i was still honest.. always an open book.. telling strangers in my classes anything they wanted to know.. which looking back, i dont think they did.. then my 20s rolled around and i was still pretty honest, pretty open.. until one day when my honesty got a bad review. "i was too open", "too honest".. "too much".
i needed to "tone it down".. and " not be so honest about who i was"..
then i got dogs and people said it was border line insane how much i loved them..
or i told a boy that his existence didnt complete and hey i better enjoy being single..
and one time i mentioned that i missed surfing and wanted to live in a van and everyone thought i was crazy..
that shut me down for a little while. i didn't speak up or out for a solid year.
i wore makeup that i was allergic to.. never talked about my dogs and pretended like being a surfer and living in a van was something only the weird kids did..
but there i was sitting in the back of my classroom, in clothes i hated with makeup that made my skin hurt thinking "this isnt who god wants me to be and i'm done. where are my dogs?"..
friends, maybe i'm telling you this because people have tried to tame you, too.
or words from someone made you think you need to change.
but if i can tell you anything, its that people are always going to try to change you, but your honesty is the best thing you can give this world and yourself.
dont quit, wild ones.
god didnt mess up on you.

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