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“so as i sit here, sick in bed after 2 weeks of attempting to power-through and accomplish all that i could within the first few days of january – i’m choosing to embrace self-compassion rather than judgement; in understanding that pursuing holistic wellness is going to be a journey. rather than beat myself up for ending up in this burn-out cycle once again, i’m choosing to instead notice the ways that i’ve given myself time and space today to mentally and physically rest and find joy in writing, rather than work my b**t off trying to get things done despite being sick. it’s not going to happen overnight, and i’ll probably have many more “crash-and-burn” periods in the months and years to come. but i do believe that i’m making progress. and i’m choosing to believe that this progress is more foundational than any achievement i could’ve otherwise made at this point in the new year”.
more on my personal experience in “failing at new year’s resolutions” on the blog, link in bio 🖤.
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Failure is only an event, not a life sentence. take #10minutes today and answer these questions.
1. do you punish yourself for past failures?
2. what have your failures taught you not to do?
3.if another person called you the names you call yourself how would you feel?
failure is just a series of research points, you need to fall just like you need to get back up again. #10minutetruths
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A little saturday project. going through #girlwashyourface with the discussion guide this time. really taking time to reflect. i decided to also practice my #ipadlettering using a favorite quote from each chapter... even though it’s really hard to choose just one. i have some extras that i’ll probably do too, because hello, @msrachelhollis and @mrdavehollis say all the things i need to remember!
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How does this make you feel?everyone will see and feel something different.
what do you see and feel?
i see the beauty in the sun ☀️ calmness in the water
solitude and peacefulness. i feel free and connected to oneself 💕
being on the water is such an incredible place to be. filled with joy, solitude and beauty. .
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I try to #inspire but i can’t #lie. none of this was intentional. i’m an #accidental #overachiever who has fallen up a*s backward all my #life trying mightily to get somewhere not as good as where i ended up! #funny #failingforward. thanks for the convo @sistercircletv @syleenajohnson @trinabraxton1.

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A woman who walks in purpose doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities. her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her. 🖤
darling, if i had a stack 💰 for every time i allowed someone or something distract me from my purpose, i d**n sure wouldn’t be sitting in this office right now 🤑. one of the hardest things for me is fighting distraction (which honey.... ain’t easy). i’ve learn to embrace the concept of #failingforward because that’s the only way you’ll eventually wake up from your dreams and realize they’ve become your reality! ✨
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