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Fail forward, always learning. your past is part of your future destiny. i’m learning to embrace it. #growthmindset #failingforward #hope #selfdevelopment #arbonnelife

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Let your action be a reflection of the person you wish to be 👀⬆️

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I'm starting so show some love❤️

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by social media?!🥺
i never used to get affected by what i saw on sm but lately, as i edge closer towards 30, i find myself feeling rather overwhelmed by it all.
20-somethings looking like they have all their s**t together, high school girls with better fashion sense than i could ever dream of & girls who wake up looking fresh and having accomplished conquering the world before 9am. whilst i struggle to get myself up out of bed before 8am🤣i am not saying there is anything wrong with a morning routine,or achieving impressive goals before 30; what i am saying is that sometimes looking at the lives of others can feel overwhelming & quite frankly can make one feel a little inferior. .
i know most of the self-help gurus, and insta-health coaches mean well but i can’t help myself from feeling a little more unaccomplished when looking at all of these picturesque lives. it all seems so polished & perfect. and i guess that’s where i have to remind myself- my journey is different. i am different. and something like ‘perfection’ simply does not exist. .
honestly, i’ve failed more times than i care to mention & as much as i’ve achieved incredible accomplishments, i have also made incredible mistakes.that’s usually the stuff we don’t see - the nitty gritty, the messy mistakes, failed friendships, the sweat & tears of the grind. .
for the most part; my 20s have felt like a beautiful,messy journey.perfectly flawed with endless uphill battles & deep, dark valleys.i have battled depression. overcome not having a r to my name (no jokes, i’ve been in a place where i couldn’t afford food), i’ve lost jobs,gained jobs,fell in love, broke hearts & have said goodbye to friendships & people that no longer deserve space in my life. .
and you know the best part? i don’t regret a dam thing!each hardship has brought with it an important lesson.lessons that have build the character & strength of who i am today. .
please don’t feel the pressure to live up to this social media life.your 20s(or just life really 🤷🏼‍♀️)is meant to be this beautiful, messy journey.you will make mistakes & that’s ok!in fact, it’s imperative to your growth💖

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We are human becomings. we are learning to become greater versions of ourselves. we must learn to heal the brokenness we know and feel. to learn the truth and lessons that we need to be better for ourselves and others. it takes a commitment to grow. it takes courage to be honest with yourself and look fear head on and build a 🥰 loving, positive, and competent community to support you in this evolution. there is people that love and care about you, you’re beloved. but you must have the courage and humbleness to ask for guidance and wisdom. that’s where you find your power, that’s where true healing starts and where growth happens. when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. #lovingit❤️ #dontfeargrowthandchange #authenticity #therescourageinvulnerability #honesty #alldayeveryday #keepit💯 #truth #failingforward #interconnected #leanonme #thatswhatfriendsarefor #keepitreal #fallbackinlovewithyourself #moregodrevealing #miracleshappen #blessingsonblessings 🥰😍🙏🙏

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One step at a time, slowly but surely, we can conquer our biggest fears. embrace the fear, take action and fail forward. have the courage to try and experience the growth you deserve.
#failingforward #havecourage #headup #keepgoing #thenewsavvy

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