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This blog was born for many reasons - i was lonely when i first moved and wanted to find a community, i’m a creative and needed an outlet to express and share what i was going through, i was applying for communication & social media jobs in zurich and wanted to have something on my portfolio that i did here - locally - an example and proof of my skills because otherwise no one in the job market knew me, or understood my previous experience and education. it was all this and a combination of many other big and small things that resulted in the blog becoming what it is and growing the way it has. but i can tell you it probably would not have been successful if right in the beginning i didn’t fall in love with taking pictures of zurich.. there were just so many times when it was us two alone - me and the city. i’d wander around on a tuesday afternoon when the streets wouldn’t be crowded and i’d think and dream and reflect and worry and imagine.. and take photos. and still to this day, i can happily lose myself in this. or as here, running from one work meeting to the next, i can be on the corner of paradeplatz and stop and capture the scene, take a breath and a little perspective, and smile at how i ended up here, in a special relationship with this city.

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Enjoyed the little things today: a hot cup of schoggi ☕️🍫, some favorite city views, and a lazy sunday feeling on a cold and wet day 🌧🚃

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Circus is in town 🎪 it’s usually always here mid-november and when i see it it’s like a signal that i can start getting into the holiday mood 🤗 has anyone been by the way?

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Things i like a lot: great views, swiss chocolate and pretty bags 🍫👜 i got this beautiful furla bag via @bestsecret - an exclusive members-only online shopping platform with designer items reduced up to 80%. you can only shop with a personal invitation - i’ll share a link in my bio so you can treat yourself or your beloved one in the upcoming festive season 🎁 #bestsecret #mybestsecret / sponsored

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Couldn’t wait any longer to decorate our little home away home 😍🎄✨ download the app to shop this pic via screenshot #liketkit #ltkholidayathome #ltkholidaystyle #ltkhome #ltkunder50 #ltkeurope

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We come from everywhere, it’s a pleasure to work and learn with people from so many countries and diverse cultures 🙌🏼 🌍 •

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Be good, do good, look good. 🕊

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Before niigata's harsh winter arrives we went camping one last time at akiha park, a lovely area full of autumn colours, great views and plenty of nature. only about a 30 min drive from niigata city, they offer a free campsite complete with a basic camp kitchen and decent toilets. getting down to 3 degrees overnight it was pretty cold though... we'll wait till next year's summer to go camping again i think!

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Cuando “el chatito” nos dijo que nos iríamos a vivir a canadá, pensé en muchas cosas. una de ellas fue: friooooo 🥶🥶🥶. y del verdadero. nos esforzamos trayendo nuestra ropa de “invierno” de peru a pesar de que varios amigos nos dijeron que no nos iba a servir de mucho. igual de necios trajimos todo y pues aquí nos dimos cuenta de la realidad canadiense 🙀. felizmente vancouver es la ciudad mas cálida de todo 🇨🇦. la temperatura mínima es de -10 grados y eso para ser canadá, está freshhhhhh 🙌💪. por ejemplo, hoy día ya bajó a 2 grados y ya empezamos a sacar ropa más abrigadora y ahora si entramos a la época en la que nos demorarnos 30 minutos antes de salir a cualquier lugar solo para abrigarnos correctamente para salir 🙈🙀. pero no todo es heavy 😜. estar en un país con tanto frío hace que aparezca frozen en cada esquina con su freeze and frost ❄️ jajaja.
ver la carita de la sofis en la primera nevada de la temporada del año pasado, no tiene precio 😍. armar muñecos de nieve, hacer angelitos, jugar a la guerra de bolas de nieve, comerla, y mil cosas más. la nieve es lo máximo! pero cómo todo, de vez en cuando 🙈. si vas a venir a canadá 🇨🇦, te recomiendo que inviertas en ropa y zapatos especiales para la nieve. es hasta peligroso andar mal abrigado o con un calzado no apropiado. es divertido y existen múltiples deportes de nieve que nos morimos por probar que esperamos hacerlo en esta temporada ⛷🏂🎿⛸🥌🛷. pd: disfruten del veranito rico de lima mis mombies bellas! acá estaremos con 15 kilos más de ropa 😢😅. también les cuento que amigas de @bloggerhoodperu #bhpmundo han escrito unos posts contando acerca del clima al que se enfrentaron en los países en los que viven actualmente 😜.
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#tbt singapore. january, 2016. i shot this during one of my many exploring days. it was one of my favorite things about living there. i would take my daughter to school with a backpack ready for the day and then from 8 to 3 i would walk all day exploring the incredible diverse parts of the beautiful island that is singapore. the life, the culture, the food there is unreal. i miss it greatly. i love to photograph people. especially in asia, at the markets or alleyways. i was going through chinatown one day and i found this beautiful image that i will remember forever.
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While in san cristobal i was interested in purchasing a new camera. my beloved reminded me of the magic i tend to create whenever i post or search for something specific online. and so, i decided to check in on the fb marketplace just to see what was available…

sure enough i found the exact camera i was looking for, from a vendor that spoke great english and was within walking distance from our airbnb. it is used but it is in great shape and for a fraction of the cost (compared to the same camera new in stores). the seller was on her way to guatemala and needed to liquidate and lighten her load. such is the way of the expat life.

we are grateful for this divine orchestration in the crossing of our paths and we are excited for all the great new photos and videos that are to come! stay tuned!

here are a few preliminary photos… i’m just learning how to use the camera and it needs to be cleaned. yet still, i am pleased with the results so far.
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I got it from my momma ❤️🥰 .
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Have adorable family photos taken at iconic ho chi minh city landmarks that can be used for your christmas cards: ✔️

have the best personalities and make the shoot a breeze for your photographer: ✔️✔️

thanks @annegoldmanfitness and crew for being rockstars!!

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Poom poom short....
aujourd’hui c’était mini short et compensé avec cette chemise d’amour!!! je m’habille rarement comme ça, j’étais un peu au max là en fait!! heureusement j’ai gardé mon no make up habituel et mes cheveux pas coiffés!! mais j’avoue que depuis le lissage en juin dernier, ils sont plutôt sages et beaucoup plus dociles qu’avant.

p.s: heyyy pssstt @shakeyournature t’as vu je t’ai écouté, j’ai appliqué la règle du descriptif avant 😉😘 #craneuse #mexico #outfit #jesuisaumaxtasinteretdeliker #expat #expatlife #frenchexpat #summervibes #ootd #lookdujour #mexique #rivieramaya #mexicanstyle #slowlife #lifestyle #sezane #outfitinspiration #jhabiteoutuparsenvacances

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Looking for authentic woodfire artisan pizzas or if you are a vegan but love pizza?
for all truffle lovers , here is the reale pizza : truffle, porcini 🍄, mozzarella, parmesan 🧀 and speck ham. their pepperoni 🍕 and tiramisu are bomb too 😱🤤 #foodgasm #foodporn #instagood #instafood #pizza #pizzalover #italianfood #pepperoni #truffle #mozzarella #parmesan #vietnam #visitvietnam #explorevietnam #saigon #saigonese #epdvn #expatlife #lunch #dinner #foodyvn #foodies

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My fur-colleague doesn’t seem keen to work today... ————————————————————what are we working on?
1️⃣a visit to @halfway_home2019 2️⃣cat travel from nur-sultan to cape town 3️⃣ building our new metasearch website 4️⃣creating a database of ipata travel providers, iata products, pet service providers and trainers. ——————————————————————-where do the donations go? to local animal welfare shelters and/owners who can’t afford to move their adopted fur-child. ———————————————— ————————contact us at [email protected]

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"i could not speak highly enough of the staff."

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