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"spring won't let me stay inside any longer! i must get out and breathe the air deeply again."
~gustav mahler

i like the wintertime in missouri because the cold is invigorating to me when i'm active. the spring is 50-70 degrees, with fluffy clouds and not much humidity. in the summer it's extremely humid, hot sun or haze, and flat muggy air. i do love a good dry heat, but can't stand humidity. the fall is similar to the spring except it still can get hot. if i could choose to control any aspect of the weather it would be 65 degrees, breezy, and sunny. what would you choose for optimal weather?

▪︎1/640 sec
▪︎ iso 320
▪︎ f/2.8
▪︎ 35mm
▪︎ nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8g lens
▪︎ nikon d5500 camera
edited in:
▪︎adobe lightroom cc mobile
lighting and location:
▪︎on a slope of a riverbank in the shade, no clouds, golden hour

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Yesterday was our last day with @eltonthelittlecocker, we had a longest tongue 👅 competition and elton won by a mile! happy #tot everyone 🐾

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"training a puppy is like raising a child. every single interaction is a training opportunity." ~ian dunbar
jake is our family dog, but i do a lot with him, feed and take care of him, he is very tolerant and affectionate, and i consider him my dog. loki is a very happy and sweet dog, begs for any type of human contact and he knows quite a few tricks and is very good with recall, and loves following you. i have trained and raised him with more knowledge than jake. i feel like if i get another dog someday, it will be better trained and behaved, because i will be equipped with more experience and knowledge of dog care. i will always have room to improve, and there are several things i could of done different. i want to raise and train my dogs better for their safety, and so i can enjoy being in all types of environments with them, and so they can have better experiences. i believe that a lot of a dogs personality depends on genetics, but i also believe that it's our responsibility to set them up for success as much as we can.
do you feel that you've gotten better with training and/or care on second or third dogs or just that you've progressed as a dogowner, or if you do get another dog will try to train it better?

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we shout love at the center of hiroshima 🐕🐕💙💚 広島原爆ドームでし💚
#広島原爆ドーム #平和がいちばん #ハッピーな世の中に #ママとずっとなかよく暮らしたいでし #平成最後 #令和元年 #うののん #広島の中心で愛をさけぶ *

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It’s finally getting warmer and snow less out🤣😀
it’s finally tuesday! only 3 more days till i go to the vet to get my eye checked out again. i’ll be updating everyone once again most likely. i’m glad it’s nice out though.
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