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Monthly goals for january are about to be exceeded and i am pumped as ever to continue this journey! #gainz #eltoro #exceedyourownexpectations g>☀️🌊

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Running is just as much mental as it is physical.
i am running a series of 5 mile races through the ymca. the first race, in december, i went into with no expectations. i ran a 35:18 and finished 4th f overall, thus snagging 1st place f20-29. i was incredibly proud of myself, but joked to my husband that i had “set the bar too high” for myself.
the second race was saturday and i downplayed my own expectations. i didn’t know if i could race that fast again especially because my legs felt tight and my left knee was sore that morning.
i told myself to run what was comfortable and to not even look at my watch for my pace. after 1.5 miles, i found myself trailing the woman in 3rd place so i did something risky: i passed her. i didn’t know if i could maintain the pace to keep that lead, but i told myself to hold it for as long as possible. at 3.5 miles, she made a move to pass me so i sped up. i maintained my lead. i kept waiting for my body to shut down. i almost puked in the last mile, but i held it together. and i just barely edged her out (seriously by 10 seconds) and won 3rd place f overall! and i pr’ed! ☺️🏅 i’m excited to see what’s in store for the rest of 2019! 🏃🏻‍♀️ .
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Mÿ mïnd häsn’t fëlt thïš clëâr ïn ÿeärš 🌼 #neverstopgrowing #exceedyourownexpectations

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Yes siree, my fortune cookie has it b**g on tonight! #exceedyourownexpectations #youcandohardthings

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