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Mÿ mïnd häsn’t fëlt thïš clëâr ïn ÿeärš 🌼 #neverstopgrowing #exceedyourownexpectations

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Sunday run day 😊
today's goal was to run each km faster than the one before. done and done! even cutting off almost 1 minute from my pr. getting excited for race #2. ❤ #keepmovingforward #runner #justalittlebetterthanbefore #5k #exceedyourownexpectations 🏃‍♀️

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First day of junior year for my guy!! take it one day at a time & enjoy the journey!! #stopgrowingup #mybabyisbig #movemountains #exceedyourownexpectations

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You ever set out to do something that you knew you could do but somehow you doubted yourself? i was excited to take this challenge and i feel i did exceptionally well. i exceeded my own expectations. during the process of painting this earring set i learned to have more patience and faith in my abilities. i learned that fear cannot become a fire unless i add gasoline to ignite. i also learned that i in fact could do it. i also learned that as much as i believe in god i must rely on my faith in him at all times. this is hand-painted by me and although it isn’t an exact replica, it is pretty close. i think i slam dunked this and i am super proud of myself. i wanted to post this set of earrings as a reminder to believe in yourself and your abilities. happy sunday beautiful kings and queens. #believe #removeselfdoubt #youcandoit #handpaintedlogoearrings #haindpaintedlogos #artiseverywhere #exceedyourownexpectations #woodworks #handpainted .
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Every other day routine for push-up max and chest building diamonds, regular, wide for three sets #hardwork #pushit #keepgoing💪#exceedyourownexpectations #exceedyourself #breakdownthewalls #fitnessmotivation #fitness #gymrat #boredom #spentwell #physicalfitness #armyprep #army #body #mind #commitment #pushup

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Some motivation from the hotel gym this am! it’s not easy being away from home during prep but i’m doing the best i can with what i have! storyland was awesome yesterday and now we are off to santa’s village! my meals are prepped & packed so i am prepared so i can be present and just enjoy the day with my family💕🙌🏻 #fitnessgoals #fitnessquotes #motivation #exceedyourownexpectations #bikinicompetitor #bikinicompetitionprep #beprepared #bepresent #hotelgyms #makeitwork

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Couldn’t catcheverything today because i ran out of storage, fkn iphone, we still workin over here though, moved up to 205 on decline and flat bench press #chestday #hardwork #pushit #commitment #exceedyourownexpectations #exceedyourself #breakdownthewalls #winwinwinwin #fitness #gymrat #fitnessmotivation #keepgoing💪 #declinebench #inclinebench

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Workout. recover. mother. 🤘🏼 day one of week three complete. i love this program so much and i think you would too!
who wants to have vip early access to liift4 while it's still available? message me for details 😎

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#transformationtuesday a lot can happen in a year. i feel like a completely different person and seeing these side by side pics proves hard work, in the gym and the kitchen, pays off.
looking back on my first year of #crossfit and inspired by the @crossfitgames i’m truly amazed with how much my body has transformed. on the left is two weeks ago at the #summerthrowdown and the right is last summer at my first ever team competition. i had just gotten my toes wet with crossfit, having been completely hooked on bootcamp and hiit style workouts and quite honestly scared to try crossfit. the fear wasn’t necessarily of getting hurt but rather that i wouldn’t be good. i was “good” at bootcamp and, most notably, good at cardio. however, my body had essentially reached a plateau, with weight fluctuations and just not where i knew i could be. so, after much trepidation, i cut the chord of attachment to bootcamp and joined the a-fit crew at @advanced.performance. i don’t think i said much the entire first month, much to the surprise of my coaches as i’m known for my often overly expressive gym personas 😉 (himmetron, what?!). i had never been so intimidated and out of my element, but i knew just to give it time. within that first month, underneath the shy observant exterior, i could feel a change. then i started to see a change: my body was physically taking to crossfit, like it had been waiting for it all these years.
i remember in high school a trainer at the gym i went to stopped me and told me that i had the figure of a bodybuilder. at the time, my 17 yr old cardio obsessed self was highly offended, “what the f does that mean?!” i thought. now, 16 yrs (yikes 😳) later, i get what he meant to say. i’m proud of my natural muscular legs and overall strength. while i still have so much further to go skill wise, this has been the most humbling and gratifying year. every day is a chance for a personal best and to especially challenge myself whether in a lift, metcon or team wod. the best part is that i’m only getting better and stronger, which feels really d**n amazing to say at 33 years old. 💪🏽

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