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Out here in seoul. #evlontherun #wanderkrust

comment 68 star 15,194 September 2016

Out of my element & into another #modelistemagazine #evlontherun

comment 32 star 9,087 December 2016

Obligatory flower photo so you know it's real
#vamppedtours #thegetawaylife #evlontherun

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Today is the day. so excited for le défile l'oreal paris runway show at champs elysèes. @lorealmakeup is taking over the iconic location with fashion houses @balmain, @isabelmarant, @off____white, @h.a + more. it's. going. to. be. beyond. wearing the shade power from the #balmainxloreal collection. #lorealleaguepartner #pfw #lorealpfw #evlontherun

comment 116 star 15,598 October 2017

Caption this. tonight at #edenmiami with @perrierjouet & my girl @flamcis. they sure know how to throw a bash. you know the drill, catch up on my instastory & snapchat ellen_vlora #evlontherun #lolanlora

comment 89 star 10,847 December 2016

Wrapped the @lorealhair secret project today with the best team & crew. y'all ain't ready. catch a glimpse on my snapchat: ellen_vlora #evlontherun #lolanlorasandwich

comment 133 star 12,431 April 2016

In no dimension do i wake up like this, but it's a different story for my brows & lashes. got my brows microbladed by the brow genius @vcfacebeauty. it's a gamechanger having full brows around the clock (i'll post a full brow photo next). also, before every trip i get my top & bottom lashes done by @mana_ekolu at @ekolueyelash. for those of you who have yet to experiment with bottom lashes- girrrl. #evlontherun #wanderkrust #vcfacebeauty

comment 104 star 13,624 September 2016

Soul meets body. floating somewhere in the blue lagoon. have you guys seen my iceland vlog with @huaweimobile yet? linked in my bio. it was unreal. also, this setting spray is unreal. #huaweicreative #capturedonp10 #ad #evlontherun

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Maybe i'm a city girl. #evlontherun

comment 118 star 10,981 November 2017

New york is charming in the rain. although, ellen in between commutes may disagree. in @escadaofficial suit, @marcjacobs bag, & @whatgoesaroundnyc chanel belt worn as a necklace. #evlontherun #nyfw

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Motorsport ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #evlontherun #superchargetrip

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Sending my love from hvar. one of my favorite island stops on this trip. reminds me of a mini city off of italy. explored the courtyard & got lemon gelato 🍋 🍦 #superchargetrip #evlontherun

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It was an adventure in itself just getting here, but i’m finally here at @theyachtweek with @supercharge! thank you @feralcreature for lending me your face. more on stories 😂 #theyachtweek #superchargetrip #evlontherun

comment 160 star 10,823 August 2018

Let’s runaway 🍃 spent the day winding down the rolling hills of croatia into a little beach town with @supercharge. also, a little update on my luggage: haven’t gotten it back yet, but i did buy this cap at our local mini mart, sooo my wardrobe is growing. #superchargetrip #evlontherun

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Regrann from @ellenvlora - i’ll be here if anyone needs me ⛱ with no location tag. tap outfit for details. #evlontherun #revolveambassador - #regrann

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I’ll be here if anyone needs me ⛱ with no location tag. tap outfit for details. #evlontherun #revolveambassador

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Uptown girl. thank you @diormakeup for my goodies! so excited to work these soon-to-be my new favorite products into my beauty routine. but also, who caught my stories on how this outfit came together 😂 #noleatherpants #evlontherun

comment 159 star 11,599 July 2018

Did someone say flower wall? *drops latte* 🏃🏼‍♀️ . ammi right. layered my @daisydaisy.tv top from @openingceremony over my @iamgia top for those wondering! #evlontherun

comment 157 star 11,167 June 2018

Half human, half coffee. in @storets suit. where would we be without you ☕️ #evlontherun

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Back in town for meetings ✨ & the food. new york, you’re one of my favorite places to come back to. #evlontherun

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Think i’m more graceful in water versus land. thoughts? lol at @wickedtides voice in the background 💛 also, shout out to the @urbandecaycosmetics all nighter setting spray #evlontherun

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🎼 cave of poetry. casually waiting for boo.

comment 87 star 9,867 May 2018

Sitting pretty at the edge of the cave of poetry versus the reality of when i slipped & fell into the water. taking home a little battle scar as my souvenir 😂 all the ladies in the place with style & grace
#evlontherun #wanderkrust #lesmémsories

comment 90 star 9,631 May 2018

🌾 summer wine - nancy sinatra 🌾 walked through these golden fields on our way to the cave of poetry. oh yea, we’re now in ⇨ puglia. the last stop of our european tour. in @kheirsannai robe & @apmmonaco earrings
#evlontherun #wanderkrust #lesmémsories

comment 130 star 10,755 May 2018

Positano you’re just as beautiful as i imagined. our time here was far too short. bookmarked for round 2. scroll to see it in the daytime & come night fall 🌙 #evlontherun #wanderkrust

comment 137 star 11,609 May 2018

A quick dip into the secret beach on our way to positano. every corner of this place looks like a painting 🎨 tap into stories to see this wonder in its full glory
#evlontherun #wanderkrust #lesmémsories

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5.23.18 📍 furore beach
in @rails button up & @kendallandkylie swim from @revolve #evlontherun #wanderkrust #lesmémsories

comment 290 star 21,862 May 2018