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Touched down nyfw. yesterday after the @hellessy show in a @guess blazer, @off____white belt & @charleskeithofficial boots & purse. what do you know about girls in boys clothes. #nyfw #evlontherun

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Always the best time with my girl. now back to la we go. thanks to those who came out to our meet & greet! it was so lovely meeting you all. & double thanks to @claytonsu for being an a1 host #lolanlora #lolanloraxsf #evlontherun

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Top of the morning from seattle. starting our day with proper fuel- this coffee is only a fraction of our massive breakfast. traveling = food crawls. thank goodness it's layering season. follow along on instastories. #evlontherun

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Stumbled upon vintage heaven. threads with stories to tell. #evlontherun

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Ain't no rest for the wicked, but giving my legs a quick break. positive i've done a week's worth of walking in a single day. but it was well worth it. #evlontherun

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This place is incredible & beyond. a girl can get used to this. #evlontherun

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In no dimension do i wake up like this, but it's a different story for my brows & lashes. got my brows microbladed by the brow genius @vcfacebeauty. it's a gamechanger having full brows around the clock (i'll post a full brow photo next). also, before every trip i get my top & bottom lashes done by @mana_ekolu at @ekolueyelash. for those of you who have yet to experiment with bottom lashes- girrrl. #evlontherun #wanderkrust #vcfacebeauty

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Currently reporting from korea, but here's a sweet moment with my @feralcreature from our last night in taiwan. #evlontherun #wanderkrust

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Ain't no ice cream high enough #evlontherun #wanderkrust

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Pulled off to the side of the road & ran wild through the empty streets with my other half @flamcis (who's seen the scene of phoebe running in friends- well, double that. numb face & fingers, but would do it all over again. #evlontherun #lolanlora

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Tuned into the holidays 🎄 we were met with light snowfall on the drive up the mountain- had a m o m e n t to say the least. live on instastories. sweater & scarf from @representclo. photo: @jmichael.la #evlontherun

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Sweet november enveloped in warm leaves & the brisk autumn air. i don't think we're in la anymore. #evlontherun

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Soon to be back in the arms of la, but before i close this chapter of paris fashion week, wanted to thank the incredible @lorealmakeup & @lorealhair team for the trip of my dreams. couldn't have asked for a better group of special souls to be surrounded with + be inspired by in this city. it wasn't all a dream ✨ #lorealleaguepartner #lorealpfw #pfw

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When everything is a vibe in paris 🍒 i've been wearing the @lorealmakeup infallible pro matte liquid lipstick in the shade nudist all week during fashion week. 1. ideal nude shade 2. perfect matte without drying out the lips 3. precision applicator, so no need for lipliner 4. longwear x longwear. don't need to reapply throughout the day, even through meals. i know. #lorealleaguepartner #pfw #lorealpfw

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Most likely eyeing my next boulangerie. i'm half human, half croissant here in paris. may or may not be a pastry in my bag. in @acnestudios , @alexanderwangny , @mlm_label & @dorateymur. #pfw

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Je t'aime 🍒the cutest @revolve picnic set up for @loversfriendsla. with of course, my lovers & friends @janicejoostemaa & @cococuenco. shout out to janice's baguette bouquet. #pfw

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Dear paris, stop being so cute

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A parisian break before heading to the @kenzo show with @lorealmakeup. an immersive experience from japanese street food and a show. more on instastories. also, how is this city even beautiful in the gloom? #pfw #lorealleaguepartner

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Nyfw gang. *cue s*x & the city intro* gone rogue. a new perspective on the city this trip. new york is slowly stealing me away from la... #nyfw #evlontherun

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Touched down nyfw. yesterday after the @hellessy show in a @guess blazer, @off____white belt & @charleskeithofficial boots & purse. what do you know about girls in boys clothes. #nyfw #evlontherun

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Wrapped the @goodamerican shoot with @khloekardashian ❤️ packed a few hours prior to my flight, & now on a red-eye flight to nyfw. see you in one sleep new york! this isn't from the shoot, but photo by boo @photobyvincent • jacket by @made.gold #evlontherun

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@ellenvlora living the life! we can't all be on vacation in tahiti, but you can have the tan! sugar monkey has you covered! book today (213) 447-2298 . . ellenvlora enjoying my fruit stand goods by the sea in my @mumshandmade bikini & @lpathelabel top from @revolve. this girl cannot get enough. #evlontherun #wanderlust

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Enjoying my fruit stand goods by the sea in my @mumshandmade bikini & @lpathelabel top from @revolve. this girl cannot get enough. #evlontherun #wanderkrust

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Stumbled across a local fruit stand & took home a basket full of the yummiest bananas, pomelos & passionfruit. in my @neverfullydressed dress & @talbotsofficial bag. #evlontherun #wanderkrust

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Summer color story in mo'rea in @sommer.swim & @misa_losangeles pom earrings. #evlontherun #wanderkrust

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This island takes golden hour to another level. we've caught every sunset on the beach thus far. something i can never grow tired of. in @sommer.swim. #evlontherun #wanderkrust

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Tropico in @petersyn_clothing skirt & @lionetteny earrings. also, what day is it? #evlontherun #wanderkrust

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Fresh coconut water 💧did you guys know that the coconut is actually encased in another outer shell? learned something new about my favorite beverage. #wanderkrust #evlontherun

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Top of the morning on the top of a boat. post swimming with free sharks & stingrays with @tahititourismenorthamerica. i'm far more composed here. tap into instastories for the fun. #wanderkrust #evlontherun

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This place. you're something else. on an island with my best friends for the next few days for our annual #wanderkrust trip. as @feralcreature says, live your best life. #evlontherun

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Checking off one more thing on the bucket list. my iceland vlog with @huaweimobile is live on my channel! link in bio. #evlontherun

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The setting: a music festival inside a glacier. a blackout. a flashlight. otherworldly. so many stories from this trip. blog recap of iceland and vlog coming soon. #evlontherun

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Shifting gears to iceland this past weekend. a last minute call which i answered. what an experience you were. at total peace in the blue lagoon. taken on the #huaweip10 #evlontherun

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Have been playing off freezing this weekend. despite the cold, iceland you're beautiful in so many ways. from your 21 hours of daylight, black sand beaches to glacier festivals. photo diary coming. jacket from @heliot_emil #evlontherun

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Be right back new york. off to iceland for the weekend with @huaweimobile. follow along on instastories. a very cold, but happy #evlontherun

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According to a local, la lacks bodegas & newstands. i agree with the latter #evlontherun

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Postcard from st barts #evlontherun

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Let's take it slow. touched down in beautiful st barts & calling this dreamy place home for the next few. instastories for more. #modearoundtheglobe

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Taming my hair against this island humidity with @evahairnyc. find these at @ultabeauty. also, this humidity is the ultimate highlight. #modearoundtheglobe @modelistemagazine

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Denim & sneakers by the pool. groundbreaking. it's hot, but these @wconcept jeans are hotter. @modelistemagazine #wconcept #modearoundtheglobe

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Forecast reads sunkissed days & blue skies ahead. see you soon st maarten, then off to st barts! clothing optional* #evlontherun

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Corners of the mind

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Exploring the city by foot today & pushing past the heat to come across these treasures. took in so many sights during my past couple of days here. this girl is heading back home tomorrow. thank you @singaporeair for the most exceptional flight & time in this city! #ad #visitsingapore

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Edible art + the art of plating. then ended the night on a high note, taking in the sparkling city from the towering marina bay sands.

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And it's not even my birthday.

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Taking the lush life to a whole new level in the cloud forest with @visit_singapore. 7 levels in fact, of greenery and floral heaven. discover it with me on instastories #ad #visitsingapore

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Quite the sight to wake up to

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Miles into the infinite sky with @singaporeair in their exceptional business class. had unarguably the most pleasant flying experience, from their meals and service to the fully reclining beds. the only time i've wished for a longer flight. tune into my instastories for the experience. #sponsored #visitsingapore

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A sip & a read in the star alliance lounge with @singaporeair before my flight. so excited to be heading to singapore for the first time.

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Ocean eyes. does anyone else do this & just watch the ripples. something in the way the sun hits the water. swim from @indahclothing

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Morning rises at @unico2087 in @gooseberryintimates. each morning better than the last. #myunicoexperience

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Living on the edge. photo: @azusatakano

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Practicing safe sun-baking with the @pixibeauty sun mist • #pixibeauty #modearoundtheglobe

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I'm out of office. leave a message at the beep. top from @karenkane #karenkane #myunicoexperience #modearoundtheglobe

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Losing track of the days. a quick turn-around & en route to mexico to join the @modelistemagazine team! can you believe this will be my first time in cancun. in @resetpriority swim, @houseofharlow1960 outerwear from @revolve , @tigermist skirt, @lovestrength_xo belt, & @lackofcoloraus hat. 📷: @ianelkins@superchargeagency #superchargetrip

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Bye for now morocco. taking home unforgettable memories with the best gang of people. @superchargeagency you got it right. this won't be the last time morocco. snapped by @ericchristian #superchargetrip

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I've been enjoying my shift back to longer hair, but definitely have not missed all the tangling bits. keeping my soft waves in check with the @bumbleandbumble hairdresser's invisible oil. i use it on damp hair straight out of the shower or run it through on my dry hair before heat styling. photo: @ericchristian

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Guys, it's a desert out here. i mean my hair. protecting my locks from uv rays with the @bumbleandbumble hairdresser's invisible oil finishing spray. also, this. smells. amazing. we camped out fireside last night, but you'd never know. use code bbtravels for 15% at bumbleandbumble.com. snapped by @ericchristian

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❄❤️so, so beautiful ❤️ #hairsupplier #haircoutureus #tapeinextentions #extensõesadesivas #longhair #greyhair #platinumhair #newhairportugal #volumehair #beststylist @newhairportugal #repost @ellenvlora with @repostapp ・・・ it's a vibe. seamlessly back to long hair by @sammiiwang with @haircoutureus tape in extensions. what do you guys think of this comeback? top: @ronnykobo hat: @kin_k_hats earrings: @fawnstar_ out here with @superchargeagency #superchargetrip #evlontherun

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Don't wake me @superchargeagency crochet number from @itsnbd@revolve choker from @child_of_wild. #superchargetrip #evlontherun

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What's sweeter than this regal indoor pool at @lamamouniamarrakech. taking a dip with your best friends @flamcis & @feralcreature. eg must already be in. photo: @ericchristian #superchargetrip #lamamounialife #evlontherun #lolanlora

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