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Happy first day of spring! my goal this spring is to be more spontaneous and creative with my free time. a huge source of motivation for me believe it or not is you guys! where do you want to see me go around the pnw? suggestions? requests? hit me up! i’m open to any and all suggestions. please and thank you 🙏

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During the summer a turquoise oasis but during the winter, bow lake transforms in to this tundra-like landscape

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Happy first day of spring. may you “bloom where you’re planted” 😉 columbia river gorge, oregon

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Wind sculpted high cloud at the bottom tip of the north island last sunday evening. i never tire of the climb up behind this iconic lighthouse. grab some super-fresh fish and chips and a fresh coffee from the food caravan at ngawi and make an evening of it.

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(probably) the last snow of the season. ❄ #radovljica #slovenia

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Time to go from new mexico’s beach to miami’s 🔥🙌🏻🌄 ill see you guys in a week! won’t be very active while in florida 😅

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Balancing act

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Lol .. giving a drink to my new friend 🤣🤣🤣

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Before and after pic 😄🤗 well after and before.... 🙃 . traveling to nz, oz, indo and south east asia after our european vanventure has been incredible... and i'm not too sad that we only a month left before we head home. mainly because we have this beautiful home to get back to; many more adventures lined up and friends and family to give the biggest hugs to 🚐😍 . these last couple of years, i've really learnt how important it is to have the right human by your side in life. the handsome chap i met over 2 years ago may look more like a yeti after 8 months on the road... but that yeti has definitely made my dreams come true. i couldn't have made such a beautiful home on wheels without him or had so much fun in the process 😍😄 he's one of a kind that's for sure 🕺💃 . our next stop is india. i first went there over 4 years ago and i cannot wait to go back with my yeti before heading to the himalayas to end our once in a life time trip in style 😁🏔.... these are my happy thoughts from an airport floor 🛫🌏😁 #intransit #liveyourdreams #happylife #nextstopindia . . . . #vanlife #throwback #roadtripping #exploring #adventure #openroad #travel #homeonwheels #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlifediaries #vanblog  #vanlifemagazine #vanlifemovement #openroadlife #outboundliving #vanlifeculture #vanlifejournal #earthpix #worlderlust #nomadstays #mytravelgram #byopassion

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Wed, mar 21rst 2018 photo by ▻ ✪ @grafixart_photo selected by ▻ ✪ @natassat location : iceland tag your best shots to #special_shots

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Oshlak is a mountain in the south of kosovo. it is 2,212 m high. oshlak has steep slopes and its eastern side is connected to the sharr mountains and its western side is connected to lake peak. #oshlak #oshlakmountain #clody #kosovomountains #hiking

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💜🌷💜happy spring 🌸 (📸 by @aneta1404 ) discover #bestdiscovery

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