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So much laughter and now serenity @gabbysaysyo!! #drinkcoastal #cousinslove #dorkstogether #dorksrule #❤️❤️❤️

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Had fun hanging out with @benjstockham! ❤ #dorkstogether #mariocart #pizza #frozen #videogames #fun

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Welp, my little staff sergeant is off for deployment to qatar this friday 😭 nikki, i am so proud of your journey and the woman you’ve become. you truly inspire me to push myself to become a better me, to put myself out there more instead of shying away, and to not accept anything less than greatness. i just love how life has brought us together during crucial times over the years and am beyond thankful to have your friendship. i’m so happy we reunited at sf state and that we were able to graduate together again, we always pickup right where we left off and that’s what true friendship is. our crazy girl talks and stressing over classes together in the cafeteria will always be some of my favorite times with you, college would not have been as fun as it was if i had to do it without you. bringing in 2019 with you meant so much to me and this video will always c***k me up! i truly believe we put some amazingly good vibes out there that are going to return to us this year ☺️ wishing you the safest of travels overseas my darlin, but we have more adventures waiting for us when you get back! i love you ❤️ #dorkstogether #staytogether #followyourdreams #airforcestrong #girlpower #gogetemtiger #hairflip

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Happy 3rd birthday to my absolute favourite little human on the planet. your aunty misses you so much, and she will be home at the end of the month to smother you. #notevensorry #dorkstogether #happybirthday #loveyou #aalatta @sabinakent ❤️💚❤️💚

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There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship but i think we are pretty close to it. today marks 5 years with my best friend, my love, my fur baby daddy. i love you more than i could ever express. too many many more years. happy anniversary baby, to us! .
. #victoriankevin #furbabydaddy #truelove #anniversary #5years #dorkstogether #love

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Whoa, whoa. back off ladies, he’s all mine. best bubble blower in town. #dorkstogether

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