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I may look like an angel but yesterday i had an accident on the rug 😈 #zerodayswithoutincident

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Wowow!! thank you all for over 2k followers! i’m so excited for you all to watch me grow into a big (and good) boy!

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We had to be on a 9 month long waiting list for this guy and at the time it felt like foreverrrr. but man was it worth the wait 😍😍😍

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I thought mom said we were gonna go see the puppies!🐶 imagine how shocked i was to find out what p🌼ppies were!?!🤦🏻‍♂️ it’s ok, it was still a nice surprise and it was pawsitively breathtaking.😅 #superbloom #tot 🐾
🐶pupdate: celebrating 19 weeks today and i now weigh a whopping 15.4 lbs.🥳 i’m loving life and having a blast going on walkies and adventures, and interacting with every hooman and dog i meet along the way. mom calls me an extreme extrovert.🙋🏻‍♂️🐾

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Pupdate #3 i’m already 12 weeks old and weigh 5.8 pounds! p***y training is still an ongoing struggle but i like to keep my humans on their toes cleaning up after me. in more exciting news i’ve figured out how to escape from my kennel! my mom thought my dad didn’t shut it correctly the first time when they found me greeting them at the door when they arrived home. the second time my mom did it and found me greeting her once again at the door so she then realized i can push and slide the locking mechanism with my tiny little paw😏! they now clip the door shut hmmm takes all the fun out of running thru the house and exploring. i’m sure i’ll find more ways to keep them on their toes though this week! ❤️🐾

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What’s more fabulous? this quadruple #tot? 👅 or, the beautiful #poppy field behind us? ⁣

i just got back from six days in so.cal. where i met up with a bunch of #friends. thanks to @shiloh_thecuteness mama for getting everyone together for our gorgeous day at #walkercanyon and for her hospitality. thanks to @hollyahoffmann ,bella and fred 🐢 for hosting us in palm desert. ⁣

i loved meeting up with @amazinggraciedoodle, @thetuckerdoodle, @macandmoz, @moosetheocgoldendoodle @cooperdoodle2015 @wallydoodlesd

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Sweetest little face 🥰

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