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Oh hey there. it’s me, katie, the face behind the ig, with my main man over here. ⠀

i want to get to know you guys. tell me something you’re passionate about in the comments below. ⠀

here i’ll start: i love being a dog mom. i’ve always loved dogs but i don’t think my obsession with them really started until i began training my own. i have a yellow field lab names daisy mae. she’s 1 year old and she’s training to compete in akc field trials. i spent this past weekend at a seminar learning all about advanced retriever training. ⠀

say hi and tell me something fun that you’re passionate about you below! ⠀

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What is your favorite type of pizza? i mean describe it for me. describe the toppings and the crust. are you a healthy person who eats pizza made from whole wheat tortillas with spinach on it or are you a meat lovers type of person?⠀

i love pizza. i mean, it literally bread and cheese. my jam. ⠀

i was born in and then spent my teenage years in the northeast. i’ve eaten pizza from the very first pizza shop in the united states and i have eaten pizza all around new york city. when i moved to north carolina it was a definite letdown that what they thought was good pizza (i mean like 4.8 stars on yelp) was awful. i was seriously so sad. ⠀

i tried probably every pizza place within driving and delivery distance of our house and finally found oneeeeeee place that was pretty good. i have never had pizza that was as good as the place down the street from my parent’s house however. nothing can compare to their special sauce and the flavor of the crust.⠀

if i had to choose a favorite type it would be a three-way tie between pepperoni, hawaiian, and white pizza with sausage and broccoli.⠀

where did you grow up and what kind of pizza is your favorite? ⠀
give me some new flavor ideas to try.

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Cleaning the green away😉🐾 i hope everyone had a fun st. paddy’s weekend🍀💚🍀

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Have you seen a more handsome guy?! hudson’s fur blows in the wind so gracefully. he is such a stunning guy!
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There is a lot less “life” in our life with arlo away at @flashdogtraining - he took his infectious energy and happiness with him and i never realized how dependent i have become on him for those things. it’s a bit more boring without him around. he has become our energy and a constant source of a smile. there are no balls being placed in my lap or in finn’s face. no mailmen being barked at. no tails being chased. no squirrels being dutifully stalked and driven from the backyard. no nonstop joy being spread all day. i miss him dearly. more than i thought possible, actually. i find myself thinking about him and wondering what he’s doing. what he might be thinking. if he misses us? even finn seems a bit less energetic without him around. yesterday we took finn for a little “hike.” he hobbled his way (assisted) to a tiny lookout near where we camped. while he enjoyed it i think a part of him missed arlo being a pest. we laid out a blanket and he happily soaked up the sun but was on high alert - i think wondering if arlo might show up. the next couple weeks we are going to be solely focused on finn’s physical therapy. he has a fun week planned with two trips to the pool, more acupuncture and more laser treatments. later today we are going to hobble our way to the park and again lay in the sun on a blanket. while we are all missing the little lemur, we are really taking advantage of this time with just finn! he may be curious what is going on, but he is definitely not complaining! — #ilovemydog #rescuedogsrock #dogmomlife

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Pair our peach logo tee with your denim shorts and a cardigan for the perfect spring outfit!🍑

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