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"at first, it was kind of annoying to be sixteen or seventeen and having to look out for a kid. but honestly, all we did was ride anyway." real bros with @shane_leeper and @dillonleeper interview now live on the #digbmxapp and site. #digbmx #digbeth #digoriginalsdaily @profile_racing photo: @doleckivisuals

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"as long as i've been riding, we've been riding every day together." - @dillonleeper check out an indepth interview with dillon and brother @shane_leeper about their bond of blood and bikes on the #digbmxapp and site. #digbmx #digoriginalsdaily #believebelong @profile_racing photo: @doleckivisuals

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@digbmx #inthecut vid is live! quite a rollercoaster of an adventure in houston, texas with the @profile_racing crew of @grantcbmx @dillonleeper @shane_leeper @jklugiewicz, yours truly plus our gracious host @dylanjmccauley, now live on the #digbmxapp and the site. #digoriginalsdaily #bikesagogo #houstonwehaveaproblem #digbmx 📱: @doleckivisuals

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Repost from @digbmx our latest #inthecut vid was around quite a roller coaster of an adventure in houston, texas with the @profile_racing crew of @thejakeseeley @grantcbmx @dillonleeper @shane_leeper and @jklugiewicz, plus our gracious host @dylanjmccauley, now live on the #digbmxapp and the site. #digoriginalsdaily #bikesagogo #houstonwehaveaproblem #digbmx 📱@doleckivisuals

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Our latest #inthecut vid was quite a rollercoaster of an adventure in houston, texas with the @profile_racing crew of @thejakeseeley @grantcbmx @dillonleeper @shane_leeper and @jklugiewicz, plus our gracious host @dylanjmccauley, now live on the #digbmxapp and the site. #digoriginalsdaily #bikesagogo #houstonwehaveaproblem #digbmx 📱: @doleckivisuals

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Re-up on my @digbmx video, thanks to all who took the time to watch. if you missed it, hit the link in my profile! #digbmx #digbmxapp #digoriginalsdaily @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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@jasonenns california postcard cake air, from his "wisdom of the ages" feature. #digbmx #digoriginalsdaily @volumebikes @demolitionparts photo: @doleckivisuals

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As if riding bmx flatland wasn't difficult enough, dino jeffers has an extra challenge to overcome. deaf since birth he has pushed himself and his flatland for the past 35 years, this is 'the sound of silence'. as someone we grew up riding with regularly at our #digbmx birthplace in belfast northern ireland, we can only say that respect is long overdue. 📽 @peteradam watch the full video on digbmx.com and the #digbmxapp #digoriginalsdaily #thesoundifsilence

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We've got a new #setups feature with @courageadams over on digbmx.com and the #digbmxapp @flybikesbmx @animalbikes @vansbmx66 #digbmx #digoriginalsdaily

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@pauly_pirate as seen in the #goldenhours3 zine by @brian_barnhart find out more in our latest #printmatters article over on digbmx.com and the #digbmxapp #digoriginalsdaily #printisdead #longliveprint

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A flick of the wrist w/ @animalexander what's better than the simple feeling of bmx? 2017 is a year to enjoy riding your bike, let's keep it simple and help grow bmx strong! 📷: @wesmcgrath #digbmx #believebelong #giveafuck #california #la #bmx #digoriginalsdaily

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Lip slide over the love seat closing out a line in my @digbmx video. thanks for all the kind words on it so far! much appreciated! if you haven't had a watch yet, hit their website/app or the link in my bio. thank you!! #digbmx #digbmxapp #digoriginalsdaily - @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes

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New video out on @digbmx ! hit their website or their app, direct link in my profile as well. so stoked to have this come out on dig! film and edit by @calvinkosovich with additional clips from @mikemastroni / @videosbymikemastroni and tyler fujii @lax_films . huge thanks to all those dudes and also @mikeescamilla for driving me to probably more than half of these spots haha thank you all!!!!! #digbmx #digoriginalsdaily #digbmxapp - @demolitionparts @freeagentbikes #freeagentbikes @beardbuddy

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#tbt of @mikeescamilla from our dig #poolsgold trip in 2015. check out rooftop's new @united_bmx "caveman" edit- still laying down wild moves over 20 years after his first part in #dirtydeeds came out; amazing. #digbmx #digoriginalsdaily 📷: @doleckivisuals

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Our new feature - 'get a whiff of the dirty sniff' is online on the dig site and app with a behind the scenes look at the new @bone_deth video. if there was a bmx video that your mum wished you'd never seen and your dad wished he had, it was probably this one. i wonder how many kids have a copy of bone deth's previous dvd 'surfing for the ugly broads' and where their favorite hiding spot is? well, now they're going to need a new place to stash this one and it better be a whole lot more secret! 'the dirty sniff' is a culmination of a lot of hard work, hundreds of roof drops, kook interactions, no expendable money, public acts of nudity, bloody and worn leather, and a hell of a lot of laughs. if ever bmx didn't take itself too seriously, it's these guys. bone deth's head savage, sean burns takes us through it all... #digoriginalsdaily #digbmx 📷: @spencerrussellmccabe

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Head on over to the #digbmxapp or the site and peep richmond, virginia shredder @dillonleeper's kickass whip. @profile_racing #digbmx #digoriginalsdaily 📷: @doleckivisuals

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@mikeaitkenofficial and his son owen, from his issue 62 interview. today's #12daysofaitken is a compilation of two road fools trip footage, one of which mikey had to leave early from for the birth of owen. #digoriginalsdaily #digbmx @fitbikeco photo: @doleckivisuals

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@chasehawk channel roasting over @mikemanzoori in portugal while filming for the upcoming #etnieschapters; this is featured in mike's awesome interview about being a skate filmer in bmx, on the #digbmxapp and site. @etniesbmx #digbmx #digoriginalsdaily 🇵🇹 📷: @doleckivisuals

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Hit the @digbmx site or app up and check out #digoriginalsdaily from our #etnieschapters trip to #spain and #portugal this past #summer , featuring @chasehawk @tommydugan , @rubenalcantara along with @mikemanzoori on filming duties. put together by @doleckivisuals . #etnies #digbmx #bmxlife #bmxisfun

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