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The @temperedgoods crew and the fairfield locals in australia know how to do it! they got busy and built a ghetto setup, hosted a few bands, got seriously loose on the wild obstacles and then, of course, burnt it to the ground. this harks back to fbm ghetto jam days and we love it. doesn't get much better, and looser than this. watch the full video on digbmx.com and the #digbmxapp #2016 #filthydrainsjam #digoriginalsdaily

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Next up in our long story short original series, we have a guy who is part the new generation of mid-thirty-somethings re-defining what the longevity of a still-progressing pro bike rider can be. @chris_doyle22 has been a #digbmx staple for almost as long as he’s been cashing checks for his signature 360 turndowns and huge gap to manuals, and for good reason. he has been the epitome of the “ride everything" mentality, a rider that anyone in bmx can appreciate. watch the full video only on digbmx.com and the #digbmxapp official #digbmx partners: @demolitionparts @kinkbmx @realpropsbmx interview filmed and edited by @stew1201 . huge thanks to everyone who helped make this one happen! #digoriginalsdaily

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Brazilian trail boss @leandro_overall's bike goes under the dig πŸ”¬; head on over to the #digbmxapp or dig bmx.com and peep it. @profile_racing @gtbmxfreestyle #digbmx #digoriginalsdaily #believebelong photo: @doleckivisuals

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Head over to digbmx.com and the #digbmxapp for our exclusive video on the creation of this new @united_bmx x @thomas__hooper #primemover frame wrap. #digoriginalsdaily πŸŽ₯ @peteradam

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"i always have eight pegs on me at all times. four steel, four plastic. use the right tool for the right job." @bkachinsky discloses the inner sanctuary of his 2008 honda civic. check out his 'junk in the trunk' article on the #digbmxapp or digbmx.com #digoriginalsdaily @gtbmxfreestyle @vansbmx66 πŸ“·: @doleckivisuals

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Robbie owen | @bluntedathletics broken wrist and still clocking footage while out in las vegas, for the blunted dvd, forever rolling! www.digbmx.com @digbmx @robbiedigital_1 #digoriginalsdaily #grassgram #digbmx #giveafuck #believebelong

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Livin' the boy scout motto of 'be prepared'. @bkachinsky discloses the inner sanctuary of his 2008 honda civic. check out his 'junk in the trunk' article on the #digbmxapp or digbmx.com #digoriginalsdaily @gtbmxfreestyle @vansbmx66

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@rubenalcantara endlessly flowing throughout his favorite part of the @t1stagram ramp. check out more with ruben in his "last days of the t-1 ramp" feature on digbmx.com. #digbmx #believebelong #digoriginalsdaily #bmxlife @etniesbmx @flybikesbmx photo: @doleckivisuals

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Mariano santiago | #mtnyabq albuquerque trippin' photo journal. now live on the site www.digbmx.com @marianosantiago with a huge bank to fufanu on the rock! #digbmx #digoriginalsdaily #believebelong @mutinybikes #grassgram

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#tbt of @mikeescamilla from our dig #poolsgold trip in 2015. check out rooftop's new @united_bmx "caveman" edit- still laying down wild moves over 20 years after his first part in #dirtydeeds came out; amazing. #digbmx #digoriginalsdaily πŸ“·: @doleckivisuals

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Our new feature - 'get a whiff of the dirty sniff' is online on the dig site and app with a behind the scenes look at the new @bone_deth video. if there was a bmx video that your mum wished you'd never seen and your dad wished he had, it was probably this one. i wonder how many kids have a copy of bone deth's previous dvd 'surfing for the ugly broads' and where their favorite hiding spot is? well, now they're going to need a new place to stash this one and it better be a whole lot more secret! 'the dirty sniff' is a culmination of a lot of hard work, hundreds of roof drops, kook interactions, no expendable money, public acts of nudity, bloody and worn leather, and a hell of a lot of laughs. if ever bmx didn't take itself too seriously, it's these guys. bone deth's head savage, sean burns takes us through it all... #digoriginalsdaily #digbmx πŸ“·: @spencerrussellmccabe

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Head on over to the #digbmxapp or the site and peep richmond, virginia shredder @dillonleeper's kickass whip. @profile_racing #digbmx #digoriginalsdaily πŸ“·: @doleckivisuals

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@mikeaitkenofficial and his son owen, from his issue 62 interview. today's #12daysofaitken is a compilation of two road fools trip footage, one of which mikey had to leave early from for the birth of owen. #digoriginalsdaily #digbmx @fitbikeco photo: @doleckivisuals

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@chasehawk channel roasting over @mikemanzoori in portugal while filming for the upcoming #etnieschapters; this is featured in mike's awesome interview about being a skate filmer in bmx, on the #digbmxapp and site. @etniesbmx #digbmx #digoriginalsdaily πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή πŸ“·: @doleckivisuals

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Hit the @digbmx site or app up and check out #digoriginalsdaily from our #etnieschapters trip to #spain and #portugal this past #summer , featuring @chasehawk @tommydugan , @rubenalcantara along with @mikemanzoori on filming duties. put together by @doleckivisuals . #etnies #digbmx #bmxlife #bmxisfun

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Some @chasehawk @tommydugan and @rubenalcantara snippets from our latest episode of in the cut during the filming of the upcoming @etniesbmx chapters dvd in spain and portugal. πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή go peep it on the #digbmx app or digbmx.com #digoriginalsdaily #digbmx #bmxlife πŸŽ₯: @doleckivisuals

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Another trailer/excerpt from my alumin piece on @digbmx - reposting for those that didn't see it yet. i am extremely fortunate to have been featured in this upcoming video series by dig bmx magazine. i have been reading this magazine since it’s first issue in 1993. so i am blown away that they chose to feature me, a link to the @digbmx you tube channel is in my bio. thank you for looking and thank you for the support. alumni is dig bmx production. directed by @fraserbyrne it is live on digbmx.com and at the #digbmxapp #inspiredbybmx #tattooartist #tattoo #digoriginalsdaily #thomashoopertattooing thank you to all the guys at dig who put in the hard work to make this series happen. cant wait to see the rest of the series.

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Our third dig locals video features the ever unique @cain.martin from #glasgow uk who always comes through with some super enjoyable clips. watch it on the #digbmx site / app! #digoriginalsdaily #blameartschool #inagoodway

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Head over to the @digbmx site or app to check out some #etnies young guns, with the help of @rubenalcantara hit up some of #malaga 's untapped goodness in #wehavethespots . @sebastianton_ @harry_mw and @jordanokane . filmed and edited by @peteradam for #digbmx . #digoriginalsdaily

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Going to malaga to film a bmx video? well, @rubenalcantara takes us through the essentials before @etniesbmx teammates @sebastianton_ @jordanokane and @harry_mw take on the task many have previously undertook. these three young'uns came through in a big way for this one - not your average malaga edit! πŸ‘‰πŸ» dig site / app --- πŸŽ₯: @peteradam #digoriginalsdaily #wehavethespots

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Yew! #repost @digbmx ・・・ brazilian trail boss @leandro_overall's bike goes under the dig πŸ”¬; head on over to the #digbmxapp or dig bmx.com and peep it. @profile_racing @gtbmxfreestyle #digbmx #digoriginalsdaily #believebelong photo: @doleckivisuals

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@thomas__hooper is one of the world's most sought after and unique tattoo artists, best known for his technical style rooted in geometric shapes and nature. for tom, bmx, hardcore punk and tattooing went hand in hand. our new series 'alumni' looks at four creatives whose lives were shaped by being involved at varying levels within the bmx community. watch episode 1 now on the dig site and app. πŸŽ₯: @fraserbyrne #inspiredbybmx #digoriginalsdaily

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Arizona to albuquerque photo journal! full photo feature with fit thru the southwest! now live on the site! digbmx.com & the #digbmxapp photos and words : @wesmcgrath #digbmx #believebelong #giveafuck #digoriginalsdaily #fitbikeco #bmx #travel #fithorrorpicture

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Brazilian trail boss @leandro_overall's bike goes under the dig πŸ”¬; head on over to the #digbmxapp or dig bmx.com and peep it. @profile_racing @gtbmxfreestyle #digbmx #digoriginalsdaily #believebelong photo: @doleckivisuals

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Hit the website www.digbmx.com . full length photo journal is now live online with @digbmx and on the #digbmxapp following the @fitbikeco through arizona and new mexico! . photo / words : @wesmcgrath #digoriginalsdaily #digbmx #believebelong #bmx #photography #grassgram #giveafuck #bmx

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Now live on the site digbmx.com . full length photo journal of the @fitbikeco team as they trip from arizona to albuquerque while they finish up filming for their latest video contribution, the fit horror picture show! link in my bio! . peep the gallery on the website & #digbmxapp #fitbikeco #travel #digbmx #believebelong #giveafuck #digoriginalsdaily #nm #az

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Fit bike co. photo journal | @brandonbegin . arizona to albuquerque with the @fitbikeco team while they wrapped up filming for #fithorrorpicture now live on the site digbmx.com & #digbmxapp full feature including images from the whole squad! . photos / words : @wesmcgrath #digoriginalsdaily #digbmx #giveafuck #fitbikeco #travel #arizona #believebelong #arizona #bmx

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