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Gettin back into that drawing groove 🦌

↟ feel free to comment any suggestions or ideas that you’d maybe like to see me draw in this upcoming year! ↟

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That mild gentle look...just what i needed yesterday.a healing symbol and sign and reminder to me after a rough time we experienced those past 10 days...just thought i share, because i know there's probably more of you outside there, who could need and take pleasure in that look, in those gentle soft empathetic eyes as well.

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A small doodle on scrap paper with a pen that came in my grandparents mail lol

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Good morning from magnolia fawn rescue! jesi says, “hi” too. my husband and i got back in town yesterday, we had a great time but i sure missed my babies especially jesi. my daughter, audrey, did a great job caring for all the fawn and deer this week. even the little sick one is doing so much better. i had to bring her back into the fawn barn last week because she was weak and dropping weight. all the fawn in the out door pens are on one bottle a day but apparently she could not do it. my daughter noticed that she is not eating feed but still drinks all her bottles. so she is back up to 3 bottles a day like jesi. i hope she starts eating grain soon, she can not live off milk forever.
thank you so much for the donations made this week to help with our winter fence project. we are still very short in our goal because we have to build a lot of new fence. since i am having to keep stitch, i am now up to a dozen non releasable deer. for every non releasable deer, legally i have to have 900 square feet per deer. that is a total of 9,100 square feet. i have the fence but need all the post and hardware to hang it. any help with this is so greatly appreciated. to help with this project or the daily expenses to raise all the fawn and deer you can donate to
❤️thank you so much for your generosity, i would not be able to rescue and save all these fawn without your help.

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