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After moving house recently (3 months ago is recent when you move house and get settled right? 😂🤷🏻‍♀️) i have finally got our new pantry organised with a layout i’m happy with and works well for us 😊
on the down side our new pantry is a semi walk in so the photos do cast a shadow 😫 but on the plus side we have so much more space 🙌🏻
when we moved house i knew we wouldn’t have a microwave recess and ideally didn’t want the microwave out on the bench chewing up a good chunk of our bench space. when i saw how big our new pantry was and that there was a powerpoint inside our pantry i did a happy dance (literally) 💃🏻 scroll across to see our full pantry. the first image is the front on view 😊
on the left side i keep tubs to organise certain food groups such as spreads, snacks, refill items like pasta and rice, canned items, sauces, a miscellaneous container for meal bases, baking goods and the odd spice that we don’t keep in the spice jars or refills. 🌶
we also have an area for long life milk, cereal and bottled water. 💦
on the right hand side of our pantry i keep all of our small appliances aswell as a couple more tubs with our supplements, protein powders, shakers so they’re easy to grab and a tub for frankii’s food and treats. 🐈
as i was finishing up some of the organising today i took an image of most of our main tubs (not all) whilst on the kitchen table to give you a better view of how i group things in our pantry to keep things organised. 😊 what do you think?

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Is this taking organising to the next level???!! i still can't quite decide if i like it or not??!🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ what are everyone's thoughts??! #christmas #christmaspresents #christmastree #organised #professionalorganiser #declutter #clutterfree #tree #colour #colourcoordinated #tidy #home #baubles #decoration #christmasdecorations

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Find happiness in the simple things

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• christmas presents • do you have a guideline for buying christmas presents for your kids? i have used the ⠀
• something you want⠀
• something you need⠀
• something to wear ⠀
• something to read ⠀
this year. it was so easy to plan what to get them and know i didn’t buy too much! i also have stocking fillers that are from santa and a joint present ( which is a board game this year). the stocking fillers are hair accessories, a drink, a fun small toy, tooth brush, drink bottle (which is their need item this year) carob bears 🐻 ⠀

i would love to hear your ideas! ⠀

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We are so afraid about what people will think of us if we aren’t meeting every expectation. please, let that s**t go. everyone will be ok.
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Our precious little boy. born 8th december 2018 at 1:02 am. 3.6 kg and 52 cm long (not the massive baby that was predicted, but a very large head).
he is just a dream you guys. i can’t even explain the feeling... just complete and total elation every time i look at him. he’s a strong little boy. very healthy and beautiful blood sugar readings. just a champion all round.
seeing my husband with a mini version of the two of us literally makes my heart explode. he is already the best daddy.
it’s just the beginning of a totally wild ride. can’t wait to share his birth story with you guys! coming up soon.

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#tinyhouse holiday vibes.❤
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“a house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.” george carlin 🤔

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