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Repeat after me... "i will attract the healthy love i deserve." - every woman deserves a healthy relationship. - never settle! [tag & share]

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Ya ya, no one is looking to play games so ur not original there buddy.... is anyone looking for a bad guy?? .....also, notifications off prob means he’s attached...y would i send the first msg if ur not gonna get it 🤷🏼‍♀️.....so many comments for this #goodguy 🙄 #warning #controlling

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And this ladies and gentlemen is why some women will forever have #thedatingstruggle. some women are so used to being mistreated that it has become normal and gentlemen are considered weird. this is so sad. 🤦🏾‍♀️ #thedatingstruggle #dating101 #datingcoach #relationships #lifeafterdivorce #divorce #datingadvice #girlstuff#girlsnightout #girlpower #girlsbelike #bff #girlsbestfriend#gents #yolo #love #men #couplesgoals #datingapp #date #marriage #singleladies #blackinkcrewnewyork#blakinkcrewchicago #growinguphiphop #ninapark#monascottyoung #womenlinkup #womeninbusiness #girlbosses

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This is something you’ll never have to worry about on our app because
you can only be messaged if these apply: you like the other person, they like you back, and their relationship intentions match yours. we know this is going to make online dating and online friend finding a whole lot better!
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I adore helping people. coaching them to hold better relationships, live better lives and rise to higher frequencies. it’s a beautiful honour. but i don’t encourage ‘the nodders’, the ‘yes, you’re right’, ‘yes, so true’ group who end up shaking all knowledge from their own heads. if you are ready to do the work, say so. if you are not ready to do the work, say so. be honest with yourself.
i don’t entertain helping friends, clients or strangers who are so attached to their story that they can’t let it go. i will dig deep for you once, maybe twice. after that, i step off the wheel. i may listen, but there’ll be no useful feedback. why? because you’ve had it already and you’re not ready for it. and it might be weeks, months or years before you are. that’s a lot of repetition you’re asking for 🤷🏾‍♀️
so i say good luck, and i wish you well. let’s just shoot the breeze. when you’re 👉🏽 ready 👈🏽, give me the nod and we can start again 💕
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Are you brave? this means different things in dating or in a relationship. ⠀

a common complaint i hear from people who are dating is that their dates are- vanilla. people flip through profiles, pick someone they find attractive, make some small effort to arrange a meeting. often the build up is more exciting than the actual meeting. first dates feel like an interview. the typical script goes something like, 'what do you do for a living? what do you do for fun? or worse yet, your date goes on about themselves and doesn't ask you a single thing. your date ends with 'we ought to do this again.' you have zero intention of following up. then it's rinse, wash, repeat with successive similar people. no wonder dating is hard.⠀

is vanilla the best you can do? is this really how you want to spend your time? there's the unwritten rule for first dates about what not to say- don't talk about politics or religion or your past, don't get too personal. but what if this advice is all wrong? in fact, it's the exact opposite thing to do?⠀

what if what really needs to happen in dating is to have a very personal conversation? what if going deeper is what makes you wake up to say, wow! i really vibe with this person.

what i've seen personally and professionally is that first dates that go deeper are more likely to result in second dates. because you were brave enough to move the conversation in a different direction you uncovered a nugget that sparked a real connection! ✨💕⠀

if you're in a relationship, are you brave enough to talk about the elephant in the room? in couples, it's not the things a couple does talk about but the silence that drives a wedge between them. ⠀

in the short term you believe you are avoiding conflict, but in the long term, you are drifting apart. issues that need to be unpacked get stuffed into a duffle bag. the duffle bag is what dooms you. ⠀
i wrote this post because i want to encourage you to be brave! imagine having the confidence to go deeper. magic happens outside your comfort zone. will you be brave enough to go after it? tag someone you want to start a conversation with. wouldn’t it be great if more people were brave?

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I’m crushing 😍

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Many people think of boundaries as a negative thing, but they are essential to establish for creating any healthy long term relationship. your significant other needs to know where the line is, and what your expectations are. do not assume your partner knows what is and is not appropriate. be as specific as possible when setting boundaries, and avoid using phrases like never and always. a good example of a boundary is.."i love you and i definitely want to be with you, but i am not okay with the abusive name calling you use every time we get in a heated discussion about issues. please do not call me names. it hurts my feelings." this boundary is clear, direct, and honest. establish boundaries early in a relationship, so that you do not have to create new habits later in your relationship. it is so much easier in the beginning. :) @thepursuitofmarriage

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Just ask yourself...

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Sooo, if this makes sense to you or if you agree with her, please unfollow our page!! we don’t need your type of energy! 🤷🏾‍♀️
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Have you ever been there? you are living your life.. you are so happy except there is this little nagging feeling creeping around the edges of your soul. you aren’t walking out your life the way you are convicted it should be walked.. but to do so is just too costly. it will cost you what you want the very most. *
keep pushing it down hoping it will quiet.. but it doesn’t. a c***k streaks across the cover and the darkness is lit up. you can’t go back now baby.. can’t unsee it. it’s time to move to what you believe in.. for the good of both of you. you may be hated for loving well.. but you will survive.

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“single” doesn’t always mean lonely and “relationship” doesn’t always mean happy.

comment below if you agree.

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