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Black sand, basalt columns, winds to knock you over!

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You were the first boy i ever kissed // first man i truly loved // our story is 2 decades old now

4 years ago // she was 6 weeks old // it was just our families in our home // it rained harder that day than it had all year // surrounded by so much support and love we said i do // forever i will for us // happy 4th anniversary adam ❤️

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When your regular italian sugar cookies get all spooky on you! i don’t remember much about rosemary (the og italian g-ma)’but i do remember that every time we visited she always had these cookies ready and waiting for us and i still go to the bakery for them on a regular basis because they are my fav. starting off monday on a sweet note. hope your fall is feeling festive! .
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I need botox. not because of wrinkles - but because my facial expressions are going to get me in trouble 🖤

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This warm color has us singing 🎶 chestnuts roasting on an open fire...balayage seamless all season long🎶😌
🌸created by @heatherylucas

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This is a dream come true, this is why no gods no masters was created... which is to see more women ride together and form self-sufficient groups. ⠀
ngnm first ride was a success on so many levels, from taking turns on the front to making sure we kept a compact group and no one was dropped.⠀
most importantly we knew that we had each other’s back at all moments. this spirit of comradery is priceless and⠀
it’s amazing how cycling becomes an amazing catalyst for this.⠀
when women get together, we're a masterful team and magic can happen! 😃⚡⚡⠀
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Raise your hand if you love comfy shoes! 🙋🏼‍♀️ raise your hand if you like a good deal! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙌🏼 my @stevemadden pointed flats are on sale for under $30 #liketkit i really enjoyed these shoes because of the color... i was able to wear them throughout the summer and even now during fall. hands down one of my favorite flats this year! http://liketk.it/2xrtz @liketoknow.it

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Bente, amanda, kaitlyn ☁️
photographer @emcalary
hmu @rachellanemakeup
models @amandaleevega @curlykaitlyn
art direction @carolynmisterek

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Sunday funday @macys

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Sowas gibt dat och 😅😅😅mein konto wurde gelöscht... 😱

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Let this truthbomb resonate in your heart: “when we retain veto power, we’re not fully following jesus.” @michellelmyers said this and bang, the holy spirit convicted my heart that i do this more than i should. do you like to control things? and say i love you lord, but i don’t want to do (fill in the blank?) — its an easy sin habit to fall into. but let’s stay on the narrow path friends and surrender everything for the sake of gaining christ.

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Well i’m getting older... my idea of a “turn up” has become spending the day at wineries (multiple). why?? it involves drinking all day, amazing backdrops and yummy food. what else does a girl need?!? explored arkansas wine country @wiederkehrwines for the day! add this to the must experience list!

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Here it is: the dress of the season! you are dazzling in this dusty pink glitter dress, raelen.mccoyne. this was the perfect pick for senior year! thank you for being #prettyinpinkslip!!

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V spotted in paris 🐱🇫🇷

wearing: @dynamiteclothing, @zara

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Violet available this week, wednesday at 11am est. the perfect tone for our thanksgiving dinner pictures. eeekkk so excited to see this one on your sweet peas 💛🌿

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