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Bumpdate: 17 weeks today! feeling great and thankful! 🧡

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Is it just me or has this week been draining?! tonight is definitely a couch, bubbles and netflix kinda night!
i hope your weekend is filled with lots of champagne and laughter🥂
“there comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne”
— bette davis .
📷: @niceemartin .
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Oh hello weekend, it’s so nice to see you again ✨
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Weekends with you ❤️

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I just want to say a huge thank you for all the support on our collaboration with @sweet_as_april ! i've reached my order capacity for the next few weeks but if you're quick you might still be able to snag a bonnet from @sweet_as_april ! her team made a record amount of bonnets for our collab and they are so so stunning 😍 thank you again for all the love!!!

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Cheers, it’s friday 🍂✨

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Bare & beautiful. @megan__keefe & @fatimaolivebeauty

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⁣m a r r i a g e ⁣

i’ve learned so much... and hey, it’s only been four months! stephen and i are polar opposites. he’s loud, i’m more reserved. he’s straightforward and to the point, and i’m a recovering people pleaser & might talk a little (or a lot) longer about my day. he’s in the garage working on a project, getting his hands & clothes dirty while i’m inside organizing & creating pretty stuff for weddings. ⁣

for my enneagram friends, stephen is an 8 & i am a 4. y’all, enneagram will explain the compatibility of enneagram pairs, and let’s just say a 4 & 8 are on two very opposite sides of the totem pole. ⁣

but. despite not always seeing eye to eye. despite not always agreeing on things. despite having to humble ourselves and hear the other person out. we are learning (and will always be learning) how to maintain a healthy marriage! this includes having conversation, whether it’s a light conversation about how our day went or a more difficult conversation in order to work through conflict. it also includes sacrifice, and lots of it. my goal is to serve stephen in every way i can, even if it’s something i don’t particularly like or causes me to stop what i’m doing. yep it’s called sacrifice, people, and jesus will forever be the ultimate role model!! ⁣

it used to drive me up the wall being so different from stephen. i’ll be honest, sometimes it still does. but i’ve learned that being opposites leaves so much room for growth! ⁣

most of the areas where i’m lacking, stephen excels in, which then gives an opportunity for him to teach me & help me thrive, and vice versa. ⁣

marriage is beautiful because it’s hard, messy, fun, chaotic, romantic, loud, and crazy. the best thing about marriage is that you go through all of those seasons together. you grow together, you learn together, and you better be laughin together!!! that’s one of my favorite things.

married friends!! comment below what you think makes a healthy marriage! i think married, dating, and single people could all gain some wisdom from you! ✨

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Another day, another hat. i have always been a big fan of hats but haven’t had the chance to wear this cozy wool one in everyday life until now.

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The mustard twirl dress will be restocking again next week for those who have been waiting on it 🤗 i have been busy getting a small holiday collection ready, if all goes well they should be ready by the last week of october, i'll give you a date a bit later on. p.s. these bows are so perfect paired with the mustard color 😍 .
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•favorite graphic tee from @thekinndproject ft favorite girl child🍯

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Cousins are like the ultimate built-in bffs.
unlike siblings, you don't have to see them every day, but you can still bask in the knowledge that they're related to you and will probably be in your life forever. ⠀⠀ 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
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