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[apple butter pie gelato crème]
so i was gonna wait til tomorrow to post this... but my desire of finishing the feed overcame that lolol. this gelato crème is slightly different cause it has jelly cubes in there to replicate the look of apples! it crushes up too just like an apple would. & i'm so happy at how this one turned out guys.
(also, the three recent gelato creme slimes are scented as the name!!)
kya is currently on a plane headed to shanghai.. it's gonna be a lonely 2 weeks for me 😒
(but i think i might be getting a new phone so.... i guess there's something to look forward toooo)
what's your favorite type of pie?
i like pecan pie yum
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I am literally obsessed with @nendosoftclay ... it’s just so unique and the result is sooo floofy πŸ™€

i feel really happy and grateful because it’s holiday season. uh, and because i have no control and bought a ton of slimes heheh πŸ™ˆ

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Sweet corn crispy crunch 🌽
from @potchaslimes πŸ’•
hey dollies here’s today’s video! this slime from @potchaslimes looked so cute i just had to film it! it feels like it’s got plastic snow + clay in it to create a really interesting, squishy and massaging texture 😍 and omg guys the scent... it’s probably one of the best smelling slimes i’ve ever owned! it’s scented like sweet corn ice cream and i’m obsessed 🀀
i sell affordable, high quality slime, charms, scents, instant snow, pastel foam beads, marshmallow beads, java chips, wafer cubes and more! shipping is worldwide 🌏 link in bio!
qotd: i’m sure i’ve asked this before, but would you rather have endless slime supplies or endless slime from other slimers?
aotd: endless supplies for me!

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do you own a bike?

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Can you comment “unicorn” with your eyes closed?πŸ˜πŸ¦„
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