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Did you know that wherever you are in new zealand, you are never farther away from the sea than 80 miles? 🌊
photo by @steph_vella

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Would you like to see more animal content like this portrait view of a deer in allgäu, germany? 🦌
captured by @_alexanderwieck

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Did you know that there are hardly any forests in iceland? trees actually can grow there but the vikings deforested all of the trees and their sheep prevented the trees from growing back. nowadays reforestation is being attempted.
photo by @globetrottingtimo

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Hmm.. the fence seems to be on the wrong side of the path. oh well!⁣
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Jasper is the largest national park in the canadian rocky mountains. the park is home to 53 species of animals, has about 2 million visitors per year and was declared a unesco world heritage site in 1984.
photo by @rockymountainscrambler

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The bernese highlands (german: ”berner oberland“) is the higher part of the canton bern in switzerland. the first known settlements in this area were from the roman era. nowadays it is one of many beautiful places to visit in switzerland.
photo by @hofmann_photography

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