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A little flex friday before my shift..stay fit ⚫️🔵⚫️ #flexfriday

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All the smiles when it's friday, you just got off, the sun is out and you realize you go on leave again next week😁🙌🏼

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I busted my a$$ to earn the right to wear this badge and uniform so that i could give back to my community and provide a good life for my kids. being able to be a police officer by no means came easy for me, i had to prove myself the entire journey and show that i deserved the right to be a police officer. i am not perfect and i have never tried to be because it is impossible. i am human and i make mistakes but i live my life everyday trying to be the best person i can be and being kind and respectful to everyone i meet. law enforcement is difficult because as much as we want to help everyone; a majority of our shift is spent giving citations, arresting people, and meeting people during their worst moments. we carry alot of weight on our shoulders and see alot of evil that exists in this world and then we have to go home to our families or to our empty homes and put a smile on our face and act like everything is just fine even though we might have just dealt with a horrible incident like a child dying. in my short career, it has proven to be tough, hard, and stressful however i am grateful for it. i am humbled to be able to help others and reach out to children about life. please don't judge us too harshly and for the mistakes or negative moments that some officers might make please understand that this job is very very difficult and life changing decisions are sometimes made in a split second. i know my goal is to help others but also get home to my daughter every morning after nightwatch and in our career we are always a call for service, or incident away from not making it but we still put on the uniform and badge. we still put on the boots and sam brown belt and go out in the streets to risk our lives for the communities we serve. thank you to all my friends and all those who appreciate, support, and respect the dangerous career i chose to have. god bless you all.
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Wow 🤑💯

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Would you try this? 🤣🤔

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