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As my east african island tour continues, greetings from mauritius ! πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ίβ£
mauritius is a small african island nation just east of madagascar and south of the seychelles. the languages spoken are creole, french and english. the country is 50% hindu making it the largest hindu population in all of africa. not to mention it has some stunning beaches and welcoming people! i’m exploring the island solo to stay tuned to my stories to see what i’m up to! ⁣
have you heard of mauritius ? is it on your list ?⁣
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Greetings from the seychelles! β£πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¨
known as a top honeymoon/baecation destination but unfortunately i’m not on either 🀣 but imagine waiting for a man to be able to visit beautiful places like this ?⁣
sounds scary... and ghetto if you ask me πŸ₯΄β£
i’m currently on an east african island adventure and so far i’m loving praslin, seychelles.⁣
are there places that you have saved for a significant other ? if so where ?⁣
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We’d heard so much about india before going and to be honest i was a bit nervous... especially after being told “be careful” by people numerous times 😬 but i was determined to see this beautiful country and i’m so glad i did!!! 😍
a blog post about what to know before traveling to india and how to stay safe is coming up soon πŸ™πŸΌ

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Planning to visit st. maarten? save this post!⁣
1. i highly recommend you rent a car unless you want to spend a surplus of money on taxis. a rental car is about $30/day which is the cost of one taxi ride.⁣
2. visit maho beach (pictured). i always get asked how did i get this shot on the beach with no one around. the beach was packed. i had to get creative and move to the other side where it was less crowded and experiment with angles and here we are 😊⁣
3. maho beach is cool to see the planes land. but it wasn’t the best beach in my opinion. other beaches i liked were orient beach, simpson bay beach, and mullet bay beach.⁣
4. i stayed in an airbnb because i thought all the nice hotels were expensive. ⁣
5. french side or dutch side? the northern part of the island is st. martin occupied the french. while the southern part is st. maarten occupied by the dutch. i stayed on the french side but it was close to the border of the dutch. i found the french side to be more relaxing and scenic while the dutch side had more activities. ⁣
6. i found the prices for food and drinks to be standard (aka just under nyc prices) but definitely not cheap. ⁣
7. take the ferry to either st. barths, or anguilla or both if you have time. i visited st. barth’s. the ferry was about $50 round trip and was just under an hour ride. carry your passport if you visit either one. ⁣
8. if you like hiking, try pic paradise. the starting point is at loterie farm and you can park your car in their parking lot. they charge $7 to do the hike. ⁣
who’s been to st maarten ? what do you have to add ?⁣
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A late v day post!!!❀️❀️ going strong since 2014!!πŸ€—

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It’s been a looooong week πŸ’© currently sitting in the dark posting this (thanks load shedding), but can’t complain because hello friday πŸ‘€πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

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Looking back on the most challenging trip i’ve ever been on.. there were many ups and downs but i’ve met some incredible people and had some unforgettable moments like this one πŸ‘†πŸΌ i’m still in shock i got to galápagos islands 🀯 •

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Want to visit the philippines? here’s how i did it: save this post! ⁣
1. fly into manila! you’ll usually get the best flight deal but stay for no more than a day because there isn’t much to do there.⁣
2. fly from manila to cebu. it cost me $30 for a 1.5 hour flight. then went to oslob, cebu via bus from cebu city and stayed at an amazing airbnb. ⁣
3. in oslob, go whale shark swimming, relax on sumilon island and visit kawasan falls. ⁣
4. from cebu, fly to coron ($40) i went to coron and did an island hopping tour and saw the japanese ship wrecks from world war 2 (you must swim to see this)⁣
5. from coron i took the fast ferry to el nido ($35) the ride was 3.5 hours.⁣
6. take an island hopping tour in el nido (i took tour c) and visit the secret beach (pictured). they’re tour companies every where selling them.⁣
7. el nido has a lot of cute restaurants so stop into town and enjoy. ⁣
8. i visited the philippines solo and although it was bit tricky to navigate from one island to the next, it was perfectly safe.⁣
9. i have blog posts on all my stops in the philippines if you need more info.⁣
what are some of your favorite beaches ?⁣
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I think i’m coming down with a serious case of the travel bug 😫 where should i go next?? 🌎✈️

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Day 138 - kanchanaburi/ayutthaya πŸš‚

worrying about sleeping through my alarm this morning, meant i had a terrible night’s sleep. which meant i was extra grumpy on our drive to erawan waterfalls. karlyn and i took longer than the others to get our stuff together, so got separated from the rest of group as we hiked through the different levels of the falls. erawan has 7 different levels that you can swim in and as we reached level 4, expecting to see the rest of the group, they weren’t there. so we continued up to level 5; hot, sweaty and tetchy. zach caught up to us and the three of us tried to navigate our way to level 5, but were met by the end of the trail, so turned back. we frolicked in the fish-infested water, went down the natural water slides and enjoyed unexpected fish pedicures* (*did not enjoy, the constant nibbling was terrifying). after half an hour or so, we got out and the rest of the group came down just as we did. they had hiked all the way to level 7 and were on their way back to the restaurant. we had left super early this morning to have more time here, but you definitely only need one hour max. a very early lunch and it was then time to drive to ayutthaya for an afternoon bike ride. i envisaged a relaxing bike ride through mapped out paths, with no other vehicles; and then i was faced with the harsh reality that were in north thailand, not richmond park. cycling along the roads ever so slightly terrified, we stopped off at 3 temples. wat lokhyasutharam (sai yat reclining buddha); wat phrasrisanphet and wat mahathat. the final temple was definitely my favourite, with a buddha head entangled in a 500 year old bodhi tree, where buddha was said to have found enlightenment. train time! we arrived at the station a couple of hours before our 7:45pm train, to shower, freshen up and grab some grub. we then boarded my first ever sleeper train! everyone was in good spirits and we played articulate from our little beds and adhered to the strict no noice policy from 10pm (though the lights stay on aaaall night).

πŸ“erawan waterfalls, kanchanaburi 🌟 5/10
pretty and nice to see, but i wasn’t overly impressed. i would say this is much *cont in comments*

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Day 137 - kanchanaburi 🏞 (continued)

wow oh wow 🀩 this sanctuary was so amazing and most importantly, so kind to the elephants. the afternoon was jam packed! we had lunch; met jinma the elephant and heard more about elephant heaven; walked 3 elephants to a mud bath; got muddy with them; walked them to the river to cool off; walked them back to base and fed them a lot of watermelon. although i watched the mud and water baths from afar with bandaged foot, i had such a good time. i said i wasn’t sure whether the last elephant sanctuary in phuket was cruel and coming here has made me realise it was. here there are no mahoots, no sticks, no ropes holding the elephants in or around their necks. they are totally free. but this hasn’t always been the case. from 1997 to 2010, this used to be a hub for elephant riding. but as the social media backlash grew, so did people’s awareness about how cruel this actually is. so in 2014, when rapidly decreasing tourist numbers hit an all time low, elephant heaven was born and opened in 2015. morning done, but we didn’t stop there. it was time for our first museum visit. now, yesterday, on the way to the jungle rafts; we watched the railway men, in prep for the ww2 museum, that focuses on the bangkok - burma railway. both the film and the museum were so emotional and i was really upset by them (especially as the movie is based on a true story). this is what i love about travelling - one minute i’m on a beach tanning, drinking and snorkelling; and next i’m in a jungle at a war museum, learning about history i’ve never heard of. next up was a fleeting visit to the bridge over the river kwai - a part of the railway that is still used today. it was surreal seeing it in real life after learning all about it and quite moving. after a very busy day, we checked into the hotel and a few hours of free time. i have my feet a much needed scrub πŸ˜‚ and made the dangerous decision to get into my pjs at 5pm...that meant one thing and one thing only. i did not wanna go to the night markets for dinner and out drinking at. all. so i told myself that that’s perfectly okay; ordered room service; ft ma bestie bestie @yasminalessa *cont in comments*

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Take me back to shopping in barcelona 😍#contiki #timeofmylife #barcelona

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Day 137 - kanchanaburi 🏞

on this morning’s agenda, we had another meal provided for us, with breakfast on the raft and a walking tour of the local mon village. the mon people are all non-registered, non-documented communities; who no longer have any designated land. although the villagers here learn thai and english, they still use mon as their predominant language. there are 100 and something people in this settlement, living in around 45 houses. we saw some of these and the local school and met some adorable little kids, who (despite initially trying to take my phone), were happy playing a game of flick the cup lid off the chair with me. on the walk back, we saw some beautiful views and happened. my first travel injury. 5 months i’ve lasted with just a common cold caught along the way. but today, i stepped on a bamboo thorn and it went through my flip flop and into my foot. it genuinely hurt so much, but dr haima was on hand to make me feel better and look after me. arriving back on the raft, dr haima called in nurse sunny and they basically saved my life and gave me a foot operation (not that i’m dramatic). but genuinely massive thanks to these two lovely ladies, you were both amazing and i am very grateful!! we said goodbye to our jungle home and made our way to one of my most eagerly anticipated stops for the afternoon - sai yok elephant park!

πŸ“mon village walking tour, kanchanaburi 🌟 6/10
apart from #bamboogate, i really enjoyed this walk. the kids were super cute and it was interesting to hear more about another culture and see their way of life first hand.

#hiscockhiatus #adventuresofkatherine #solotravel #sta #statravel #starttheadventure #contiki #contikiasia #contikithailand #contikiasianadventure #contikibigindochina #contikilana

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Girls gone wild in the whitsundays πŸ‘―‍♂️#australia #contiki. photo credit: @contiki.cas ... our amazing tour guide 😘

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🍩🍩 last day in nz's south 🍩🍩
#thebigtiki #newzealand #contiki #springfield #donut #bigdonut

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Day 136 - bangkok/kanchanaburi 🏞

fun fact of the day, bangkok’s true name, ‘krung thep mahanakhon amon rattanakosin mahinthara ayuthaya mahadilok phop noppharat ratchathani burirom udomratchaniwet mahasathan amon piman awatan sathit sakkathattiya witsanukam prasit’, is the longest-named city in the world, coming in at 169 letters 😱 it’s also illegal to not wear underwear or to drive a scooter topless here! we learnt all this and much more from our amazing tour guide, @lana.potato & hilarious local guide, sutek; en route to the grand palace this morning. now i don’t know about you, but i hear ‘grand palace’ and expect, well, a grand palace... (are the words grand palace starting to sound weird to anyone else?!). but this was so much more! so many beautiful buildings, many hand-decorated with pieces of porcelain, stone, crystals etc. like yesterday, thailand feels super quiet at the moment and sutek confirms that tourism has massively slowed since the coronavirus histeria. after exploring, we headed to a private long tail boat to get a different perspective of this city. we also moored up and were given bread rolls to feed the fish. now i hadn’t seen any fish along the way, but the second that bread touches the water, swarms of catfish emerge and the feeding frenzy begins.

πŸ“grand palace, bangkok 🌟 6/10
definitely worth a visit, beautiful buildings and a lot of culture & history. very hot and we went in winter, so summer goers beware πŸ₯΅
πŸ“private long tail boat trip, bangkok 🌟 6/10
cool to see thailand from the water and i loved feeding the fish! also nice to have the breeze in the heat! i’m not sure what company we went through, but would recommend looking into one if you visit! •
#hiscockhiatus #adventuresofkatherine #solotravel #sta #statravel #starttheadventure #contiki #contikiasia #contikithailand #contikiasianadventure #contikibigindochina #contikilana

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What an amazing way to end a holiday!
my first time on #contiki and i had no idea what to expect, i arrived on my own, not knowing anyone, but by the end of only just one week i can now call these people friends. such an great trip filled with snow boarding, après, fruit salads 🍹 and a lot of #sendit moments. thank you too all who were on the trip for making it a great experience! πŸΊπŸŽ‰πŸ‚ πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή

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Twin tackies 🍻 miss this bromance already
#contiki #boyfriendsofinstagram

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i've got nature vibes
πŸ“ @suwatwaterfall.bali
πŸ“Έ @balitabi

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What is contiki?
whether you travel with us solo or in a group, our trips are designed for you to share experiences with travellers from all around the world.
you will travel with people just like you and have experiences of a life time.
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A m s t e r d a m βœ… #contiki #contikieuropeantrail #noregrets

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What a place to be staying.. habitat noosa is an amazing eco camp with some of the the most amazing wildlife out side our cabins πŸ¦˜πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί
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2020 is the year for exciting adventures!

where will contiki’s worldwide sale take you?

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Those sky’s....

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18th of january 1st night of contiki spent in paris on the contiki and got to see a panoramic view of paris and the efile tower sparkle! 19th january spent the day exploring paris going to the louvre arch of triomphe, window shopping down the champs-élysées and on to the moulin rouge #contiki #contikinix #contikialeksander #contiki #winterwanderer

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An incredible force of nature 😯 thanks barron for popping back to say hi πŸ€—πŸ₯°
@skyrailcairns #theancientrainforest

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Walking through karnak temple is still such a dream i can’t believe came true. #contiki #contikilawz #contikiegypt #ultimateeuropean #egypt #karnaktemple #ancientegypt

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These boots will keep on walking πŸ‘’ -
#travel #america #adventurethatislif #travelgram #contiki #contikiwoz #grandsouthern

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No filter required πŸ•Ά girls trip... plus raj 😘#australia #contiki

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Day 135 - koh samui/ bangkok πŸ›Ί

koh samui airport is beautiful! it’s all outside and is like a little village. touching down in bangkok at 1pm, the sun was shining and i jumped in a cab for the hour journey to my hotel. what a bloody treat! the hotel is great and so much better than i was expecting! i headed up to the rooftop pool and grabbed some lunch, before getting ready to meet my new contiki fam 😁 we had a quick kick off meeting and then met up about an hour later, for a bangkok scavenger hunt! how many people can you fit in a tuk tuk? what is a ping pong show? what animal can you eat with the most legs? all questions were answered on the hunt and it was a very fun, very strange night; traversing through khao san road and ending in a dodgy ping pong joint in the middle of nowhere. we are definitely all bonded now πŸ˜‚ i expected bangkok to be crazy (hangover style) and don’t get me wrong, it was a pretty crazy night; but i was shocked at how few people were out and about and it felt way quieter than i imagined it to be.

#hiscockhiatus #adventuresofkatherine #solotravel #sta #statravel #starttheadventure #contiki #contikiasia #contikithailand #contikiasianadventure #contikibigindochina #contikilana

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Ocean hair 🌊 good vibes today as we explore this beautiful country ✨———————————————————————#reefsandrainforests #contiki #contikitours #australia #gdaymate #downunder #letsputanothershrimponthebarbie #travel #vacation #noregrets #oz #sydney #mixwiththeworld #bondibeach

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I still cannot believe i’m in australia. i love everything about this place! 🌊 ———————————————————————#reefsandrainforests #contiki #contikitours #australia #gdaymate #downunder #letsputanothershrimponthebarbie #travel #vacation #noregrets #oz #sydney #mixwiththeworld #bondibeach

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Walking in memphis 🚢🏼
#memphis #tennessee #america #contiki #contikiwoz

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You bet giraffe i miss africa!! πŸ¦’

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A view from an airplane's window is always fascinating #thbtravels #onelifetolive .

follow thehungerblogger instastories for live updates on food,travel,fitness & lifestyle..lets talk..

#thehungerblogger πŸ˜‹ #cntgiveitashot #topdecker #mumbaikar #natgeotravel #beyondadventure #travelrealindia #contiki #travelindia #earthpix #lonelyplanetnl #skyview #flightview #traveladdiction #cntraveler #worldtravelpics #viewfromthetop

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Bondi beach b***s 🌊 ———————————————————————#reefsandrainforests #contiki #contikitours #australia #gdaymate #downunder #letsputanothershrimponthebarbie #travel #vacation #noregrets #oz #sydney #mixwiththeworld #bondibeach

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The sydney opera house is majestic ✨ ———————————————————————#reefsandrainforests #contiki #contikitours #australia #gdaymate #downunder #letsputanothershrimponthebarbie #travel #vacation #noregrets #oz #sydney #operahouse #mixwiththeworld

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Feeding plants πŸŒΏπŸŒ±πŸƒ ———————————————————————#reefsandrainforests #contiki #contikitours #australia #gdaymate #downunder #letsputanothershrimponthebarbie #travel #vacation #noregrets #oz #sydney #mixwiththeworld

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Europe is a big place. can’t decide which trip to book?! why not book two - with only a $50 deposit needed when booking your second european contiki! come and see me at house of travel wanganui to start planning the trip (or two) of a lifetime! #europe #holidays #contiki #croatiaislandescape #londonexplorer

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Y volveras a ese lugar donde tu y yo nos conocimos. #puresrilanka #contiki

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Come learn live from tony robbins, dean graziosi , russell brunson & jenna kutcher for free on february 27th - 5:00 pm pdt | 8:00 pm edt
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Rhythm & alps 2020 πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
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🌟 total cost $1568pp 🌟
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- 6 night / 7 day contiki

everything taken care of from accommodation to transport you just have to sit back and enjoy!

lock in your spot now for only $350 and pay the balance 24 nov πŸ‘ŒπŸ» sound like something you could be interested in? contact stacey now! *t&c and min numbers apply*
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Saigon sightseeingπŸ‡»πŸ‡³β›ͺοΈβœ‰οΈ
#notredamecathedral #saigoncentralpostoffice #warremnantsmuseum #contiki #contikistef

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Its carnival time 5th carnival !! is río bebé!!! #contiki #noregrets #carnival #jhonocontiki

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Just crossing boarders πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #contiki #southernadventure @contiki

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Some pivotal sights in the fight for civil rights. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #contiki #southernadventure @contiki

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Arkansas & memphis - days 13/14 #grandsouthern #contiki @contiki

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comment 2 star 17 Yesterday

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