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Some brands have loyal customers. others have those who claim their lives would be over if they had to live without them. in the 2019 edition of the brand intimacy study by marketing agency mblm, apple and google were the two companies tied for having most u.s. customers convinced their products were essential for survival. 38 percent of apple and google users said they couldn’t live without the company’s products. amazon and coca-cola were the runner-ups 🔥💰🚀📈
source: statista

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Have a question about ipos? leave it in the comments below. ⁣

levi's, uber, pinterest, lyft: all are part of the 2019 "year of the ipo." we'll be live from the floor of the new york stock exchange with stocks editor bob pisani to answer all your questions about private companies going public. tune in here on instagram tuesday at 12 p.m. et.⁣
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In addition to being an actor, model, musician and the son of actor will smith, at just 20 years old, @c.syresmith has become one of the youngest artists to be committed to the environment: he founded the eco - conscious @just, which drives awareness of the social and environmental impact of products such as bottled water through a better business model. *

a sustainable forest has played a major role in the company’s development. additionally, water is obtained from only 3% of the glens falls water, as the company seeks to reduce their carbon emissions, and to respect water as a vital resource. *

so, although it is called “just” water, it is clear that the will and jaden’s new proposal is much more than water.

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Amazon is by far the largest employer in the tech industry, mainly thanks to its sprawling logistics network. by the end of 2018, the company employed nearly 650,000 people worldwide (incl. seasonal workers), making it the only u.s. company beside walmart to employ more than half a million people 🔥💰🚀📈

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Over 50 #bitcoin #atms operate legally in russia, study finds

at least 51 #cryptocurrency atms operate in compliance with the current #regulations in #russia, estimates a new report. according to the study produced by the country’s crypto industry association, the average monthly turnover of each of these teller machines is around $27,000.

most batms concentrated in large cities
the number of bitcoin atms around the world has doubled in a year, increasing at an average rate of six per day to reach almost 4,300 devices, according to the latest data provided by coinatmradar. the majority of these #crypto teller machines are located in north america and europe.

#russia is in the top 10 countries by number of batms, according to a study conducted by the russian association of crypto industry and blockchain (racib) and the it company nanobit. 51 of the installed devices are registered and in full compliance with the current russia law.

the report, quoted by rbc, notes that most cryptocurrency atms are installed in russia’s big cities. the capital #moscow has nine working devices, there are five machines in both omsk and rostov on don, while voronezh and krasnoyarsk each have three.

among the #atm operators, the russian company rusbit has the largest market share (47 percent), followed by investcoin24 (28 percent) and btc o matic (19 percent). two months ago, russia had 75 #legally operating cryptocurrency atms but in september police seized a number of devices on orders from the central #bank of russia. 22 of them belonged to a company called bbfpro.

the authors of the study have estimated that the average monthly turnover per bitcoin atm is around $27,000, or approximately $320,000 annually. the average #profit each machine makes is around $1,800 per month.

legal uncertainty deters crypto atm #companies russian crypto experts say there are several factors restricting the expansion of the crypto atm market in the country and the central bank’s position on their control is one of them. another hurdle is the high #price of the equipment. a single teller machine supporting cryptocurrency #transactions costs between $3,000 and $13,000. #bitcoininfo

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Reposted from @therealboycewatkins - these companies will hire felons but probably won’t pay you very well. the best option for a felon is to take a class and learn how to start your own business. but if you are not comfortable with that option, here’s a list that might help.

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As china’s economy slows down, corporate america is feeling the pinch. this earnings season hasn’t been a great one for some companies, from industrial giant caterpillar to tech firm nvidia. many used the same reason to explain the shortfall to investors — china. read more in the link in bio.
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