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Who‘s ready for #tpr4 ?🖤
i‘m soooooo readyyyy
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Idk why but for some reason i‘m not feeling good these days
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"you will put my newspaper on this table. you will open the door, come in and put it on this table, got it??", she was furious. "everyday you throw this from outside and somehow it lands on this small rose plant only. you have already broken 3 of its branches and i swear if any of it's remaining branches get hurt by your throwing na, i will beat you with this paper only.", she stopped by seeing the look on her young newspaper vendor's face. "don't give me these looks and.. don't.. don't look so sad. all i am saying that you don't need to throw it from outside. come in and put it here.. on this table, that's it!!", she realised that she was being way too harsh on him. "take it.", she handed him a cup of tea. "see..i know it's just a plant but.. we should protect them, right?", she was again busy with her plants. vendor guy took a sip and saw her taking care of her plants and left once his cup was empty. she was still busy with her plants.

since she moved to this new town, her sundays are like this only.

any other girl from big city like bangalore must have found it tough to adjust in this small town. but for her it was easy. actually, it was a way out for her. she left all the drama behind in the city. her father looking for another mistress after her mom's death, her last boyfriend who only wanted to boss her around, her previous job as a receptionist at a big hotel.. she left them all in the city and came here as a teacher.

she is happy. sixteen months and she has created a world of her own. all her useless, unhealthy friends got replaced by shrubs and bushes she has in her garden. she is happy but lonely. netflix subscription helped but she is more of a "talk till your mouth hurts" kinda person. but here, she is quiet and lonely.

she got up, took the cup and the newspaper and went inside her home. a decent, 3 room.. one floor.. house with a big garden area in front.. that is what she chose as her home. she gave all her time to make it "her" place. the walls have her favourite colour - ocean green! curtains have her favourite animal - pandas! bookshelf has all her favourite books.


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My wifi doesn‘t work like it should be i can‘t post regulary but i try to change something
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Когда чайка более фотогенична, чем ты.
- фотка чайки 10€
- фотка с чайкой 110€
- селфи с чайкой - бесценно
Так, подожди... Ладно, фиг с ним, итак сойдёт.
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