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Few days back at the laal street launch on tank bund road 🤷‍♂️dunno why i look so constipated, i swear i had no stomach issues 🤪#clublaunch #launchparty #constipatedlook

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“winning doesn’t always mean being first. winning means you’re doing better than you’ve ever done before”
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Club launch oktober 2018
selamat untuk staff yang mendapatkan top performance
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Teamwork devides the task and multiplies the success!
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Congratulation untuk starmaker celfit gx surabaya.
club launch januari 2019

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Happy monday from amber walker events 😁 always remember to work like a #boss! #amberwalkerevents

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#clubpresident #clublaunch #bge #susonairobi "braeburn garden estate is an international school with students from more than 30 nations. this very diverse environment encourages broad mindedness and tolerance amongst students and we learn to appreciate the community everyday.the suso clubs initiative empowers the youth and prepares them for challenges that lie ahead in the future and bge has been thankful to reap this gift since 2015. suso bge club has really narrowed the gap between different year groups. we in bge strive to ensure that the youth are involved in the decision making process in school for a lot of activities. bge has always encouraged spontaneous spirit from its students and suso helps to provide a platform for the same. suso bge has allowed students to speak up for themselves and has provided a platform in the school where ideas and opinions can be shared without the fear of being judged because in the end there is no suso without us." 💪
🤜 aditya nair 🤛

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Club launc june'18
celebrity fitness galaxy mall

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