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👦🏻: when i feel ill going to sleep is the only way my body knows how to reset and to hope for a better day tomorrow. who else feels this way?

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✨going to the gym 2 years ago vs going to the gym today ✨ 💪🏻 (p.s same spot same pose) ⠀
so sorry i have been extremely bad at updating you all with my skin ect! i haven’t been feeling positive recently. i think it’s the dark, gloomy days & lack of sunshine that’s doing it 🌞 i need the sun!!!! does anybody else feel this way? or is it just me. 🙍🏻‍♀️⠀
gut health and hormones are two of the things i’ve been working on healing ‘naturally’ as they are a cause of my skin as well as other symptoms. i say naturally because any medication / birth control pill for my ibs, pcos hasn’t worked. i quit. i gave up going back for answers and knew deep inside it was my lifestyle that needed to change. i can heal myself!
how to fix it (what’s worked for my body) 👇🏻 ⠀
⭐️ food - ⠀
before buying any supplements simply begin with no processed foods. if it’s pre made don’t buy it. instead eat whole healthy foods! veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish, avocado, bone broth ect. drink only water & herbal teas. ⠀
• • • ⠀
⭐️ supplements - ⠀
star flower oil with evening primrose & b6⠀
magnesium ⠀
omega 3 ⠀
vitamin c ⠀
probiotic & digestive enzymes ⠀
dandelion ⠀
ginger ⠀
• • • ⠀
⭐️ other - exercising regularly. avoiding under eating and over eating. eating balanced meals source of protein, carb & fat.⠀
keep going my lovelies. i hope you know how strong you are. you should be proud of yourself. never give up. keep learning and growing. i promise you will get there. your journey is your own. never compare ❤️

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That's me.
setting up a kitchen table for my brother.
with the brightest smile on my face as i get to be present and accompany him as he settles into his own apartment.
on oxygen and with a heating pack to ease the pain - but hey, i'm turning screws and don't let anything hold me back from that.
when it's about being there for my loved ones, physical limitations aren't a hindrance. it doesn't matter i can barely carry my own oxygen tank, i find ways to be supportive with what i'm able to do. giving home decoration tips and choosing plants is the most fun part anyway 😉
i think we all have something to offer to the people around us and can be helpful, everyone in their own way.
and cheering, supporting and caring for one another for me is one of the most valuable ways to spend my time and energy.

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So lucky to have a partner that has been my 80% all week, helping me get through everything and keeping me going 💕

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For the past several weeks, many of the patients under our care had a feeding tube or were getting one placed during their hospitalization. initially, i kept quiet about my own feeding tube not sure how much i can really share with patients while caring for them, even though many looked in curiosity. but as i saw fear, frustration and stress in many of these patients and their families i started telling them while lifting my tubes, “i also have a feeding tube”. their reply was usually a smile, with a sense of relief and, “you understand how we feel”.

after we’d round i’d visit with these families for as long as they needed. answering their questions, educating them on what is normal/abnormal, telling them how it is going to feel, sharing tips and tricks i and many others use, how to carry all their supplies when they go somewhere, what they will need and then at the end they would thank me for taking my time with them while telling me they are grateful to be cared for by "a doctor" who also has a feeding tube and understands.

having a feeding tube is life changing, but i always say we can look at our feeding tubes in two ways, either as a burden (i am at times guilty of this) or we can look at it as a gift (when pertinent). there are so many people who are being kept alive by feeding tubes, myself included. if you were to remove it we wouldn’t survive.

when my surgeon went in, he found my entire stomach was stuck together. to even do the surgery he had to literally tear apart my stomach. although now i can eat some food, it still doesn’t digest. my stomach is only working at 4%, it’s basically paralyzed. i have two feeding tubes, one goes into my small intestine which is where i receive my feedings and the other goes directly into my stomach which is where i use a syringe to pull out the food i do eat for pleasure that is just sitting in my stomach bc it doesn’t digest.

while i continue to be hooked to my lifeline i consider myself blessed to be in a position where i can help with, both, my patient and provider perspective. we all have unique gifts. i’ve been given an amazing opportunity to make a difference and i hope i’m doing it justice.

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Reminder: health can’t be seen. disabilities can’t always be seen. let’s be mindful of that.
sometimes those with invisible illnesses or disabilities feel pressure to highlight the physical objects that “validate” their illness. i’ve felt like posting photos in a hospital bed, with a walker, wearing a vogmask, or showing an i.v., were the only kinds of images that others would deem as ill. and that’s kinda true. look at your own account and i assure you the post where you look the “sickest” is the most liked, no matter the caption or reasoning for the photo. it’s really sad that those with impairments not easily seen have to feel like they’re not sick enough or that their issue isn’t big enough unless they have some kind of tangible item to prove it. you’re just as valid if you don’t have a single physical representation of your illness as someone who does. 🧚🏻‍♀️
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