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Happy tuesday ✨
i don't have a food picture of todays breakfast so i thought i could post a picture of me again🙈 i feel really insecure about posting this because i have a hard time with seeing pictures of me not even to talk about posting them online. anyway, i have a very positive memory connected with this picture because it was one of the last evenings i spent with my sister before i left for travelling. i'm really looking forward to see her and my fam again next week. before i'll go to amsterdam today until friday which i'm also really looking forward to🙌 travelling is always a huge challenge though because it challenges my ed and i have to be spontaneous which is still hard. but i made so much progress since i left home and basically lived out of my comfort zone which on the one hand has brought me very far in my recovery journey but on the other hand leaves me super exhausted because my stress level is over the moon🙈 ok, this was a short ramble about my current life situation, i hope you all have a nice day💕 i don't know how frequently i can post over next few days so i apologize for that🙈

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Hey! have a good day! life is a blessing so enjoy and don’t sweat the small stuff. easier said than done but each day i try to make this my mantra. let’s take a note from kids- sometimes it’s ok to be silly, have fun and laugh! speaking of wanting to be like kids i want c’s sweatshirt and she wants my glasses😊#scootersandsequins#graceandgalor #graceandgalormodels #dressup #smile #choosehappy #grateful #mygirl #likemummy #zarakids #raybans #londonmum#love

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The cuteness is too much 😍 another @babyandtoddlershows purchase on baby georgia 💗🐰 #repost @rswhitex
georgia's first #headbow #bow #zoombaby #rabbit #newborn #2weeksold #babygirl #obsessed

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#bdaygirl #happybdaytome #newbeginings #purelove #beherenow #expressgratitute #bekind #becool #choosehappy #livehippy ❤️🧡💛 este año termina con una colección de momentos que me quedo para siempre. agradecida por los aprendizajes. feliz por las risas todas! esas que te hacen pasar mejor los días, crear los momentos. plena con las lágrimas también. esas que te hacen conocerte, entender mejor y si logras poner suficiente atención te hacen quererte mucho más. experiencia. lugares. comidas deliciosas y personas. las que siempre están, con las que te encuentras, con las que coincides, las que llegan, las que se van y las que regresan. con las que te diviertes, con las que avanzas, con las que te atoras, con las que construyes, con las creas y en las que crees. y algunas veces dejas de creer. con todas estas personas y todos esos momentos y todas esas risas, termino sin duda uno de los mejores años de mi vida. ❤️💜❤️
y así empiezo uno nuevo. con muchas historias pendientes. con ideas, ganas y la increíble posibilidad de todo! con fuerza y amor para enfrentarlo, con sabiduría y experiencia para tratarlo y con todas las personas que están conmigo y cerquita de mi, para estar lista y agradecida todos los días por tener la oportunidad de estar, de vivirlos, conocerlos, entenderlos y tener la maravillosa oportunidad de compartirnos! ✨💜✨ feliz cumpleaños a mi! 🙌🏼✨🤟🏼❤️ 🙏✨❤️

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Check out @dannipomplun if you’re looking for some thought provoking content. his latest post about purpose and suffering made me really sit and contemplate this morning.
it’s crazy as human beings, we can choose to stop suffering through s****y situations or relationships etc, but it often seems easier (less daunting) to stay where we are.
asking yourself what your purpose is, is scary s**t for most people. you don’t need to quit your job and move to some exotic overseas location (if you do, my bags are packed and ready)
but can you take 10 minutes today to sit quietly and think about what lights you up? what makes you smile so hard your face hurts? then ask yourself how often you do it.... can you make the choice to stop an unnecessary element of suffering in your life? #wechoose #svadhyaya #yogimisfit @dannipomplun 📷 @alexandrakacha

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Reality is only as realistic as you make it 🤷‍♀️ so why not enjoy it! keeping on keeping on in soho! 📸: @jacksonlana #positivevibes

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... gestern 200g vom nächsten zwischenziel entfernt ... heute... trotz sport und vernünftigem essen ... 2kg!!!!!!!!! mehr... wie assozial ist das denn?!
#esistniezuspätumanzufangen #abnehmen2018 #everystepcounts #esistnureinezahl #liveloughlove #choosehappy

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Our sweet clementine. last year around this time we found out she was going to be part of our lives. we were so excited, making plans, shopping for a new stroller, deciding how we would set up the kids bedrooms, thinking of names.
i never imagined a doctor’s appointment where i wouldn’t hear a heartbeat. and i especially never imagined going through it alone.
as hard as it was to lose our sweet girl, we’ve all experienced so much growth as a family, as well as individually. i still experience waves of emotion, thinking what life would be like with clem alive and thriving.
today is #pregnancyandinfantlossawarenessday. my heart grieves for our loss, but i’m grateful for the depth of love & empathy that has grown within me. my emotions still sometimes feel so heavy, but the joy of knowing we’ll be together again one days fills me with hope. clementine hope...i miss you and love you everyday.🍊
#beautyforashes #intentionalparenting #intentionallife #purposefulliving #choosehappy #choosehealthy #grief #loss #miscarriage #healthyhome #onedaycloser #clairejudeclementine #unitedmotherhood #yearofamyshope #hope #hopeful #clementine #claireandjude #siblings #crunchymama #life #sadness #choosehappiness #happymorning #happinessissimple #energyflow #mindfulmovement #morningbliss #morningmood

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Glowing on another level after @dublincity_bikramyoga 💦 or perhaps it can only be classed as dripping? the s w e a t😓

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"a little foolishness, enough to enjoy life, and a little wisdom to avoid the errors, that will do." osho

#enjoylife #choosehappy #beunapologeticallyyou #liveforyou #makethemostoflife #vape #slowmotion #youareincontrolofeverythingyoudo

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Good morning! have we all decided to be happy today? let’s focus our positive, shake off the negative and enjoy the day ☺️ #mindset #choosehappy #positivemind #positivethinking #healthymind #dailyinspiration #wearewhatwethink #mantra #tuesdaymotivation #calledtobecreative #getwhatyouwant #mentalhealth #icrybecause #entrepreneur #nujeuk #uk #world 🦋

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