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Guess what i’m doing?

i’m doing what i do nearly every week. 💁🏻‍♀️ i’m putting together the week in meals! all dinners for the week, including grocery list (organized by store sections) and recipes (purposely chosen simple ones!). and here’s the thing... i not only use it myself, i give it to all of my clients by way of these awesome groups led by my team.


it makes such a difference! the kitchen is where so many people struggle, which is why we take the guesswork and tough stuff out of the equation by doing as much as we can for you.

we plan.
we make the list.
we teach you how.
we share.

at-home workouts? yeah, they’re included. but the results come from what you eat. which is why our online groups are some of the best, and why we have people seeing amazing results!

want in this next one? i’ve got room for one more!

it is scary to step out of your comfort zone, but *change* does not come from comfort zones.
if you need to change your life- you can!
bad habits can be broken.
i cannot wait till our back2you group is in full swing starting monday!
nutrition guidance!
meal planning and grocery list help!
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A bad moment doesn’t equal a bad day or bad life. first weekend of the school year, 2 car accident in a month, late night with friends, early mornings because i couldn’t sleep, and a day full of fun has been with the following things; food, heating pad, water, body gelee and sleep well spray at 7:30 on a sunday night! #weekendsohard #teacher #entruprenuer #lifebydesign #choosehappy #perspective

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There are just some people out there that are considered “dream clients” @victoriamcgu is one of them 😍
this amazing lady is not only looking incredible, but is feeling amazing!
mom of 2!!
full time job!!
vacations/family!! you name she does it, but she is also killing her workouts and enjoying her life!!!!
just check out those freakin abs!!! -
you too can have your cake and eat it too!!! just ask me how???
2 spots left in my next group starting tomorrow, whose ready to choose
energized ???????????????

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"...all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." -j.r.r. tolkien

let us decide to love.

i decided to spend the last two years of my life loving this man.
through this choice, i have emerged as a more compassionate and fuller version of christy. i have a deeper love for myself, for all humans, and the natural world around us. i am a better manager, friend, sister, coworker, city driver, and daughter ... and i want to keep getting better! love, whether it be romantic, familial, friendship, or self, has the greatest potential for transformation.

deciding to love is a transformative act.

and although i don't usually put my intimate relationship on blast here, i really believe love should be spotlighted everywhere! there is so much love in this world--- we should scream about it on top of mountains and in news rooms! and if you aren't ron burgundy or live next to a mountain--- call, text, post, or if you can -- go hug and kiss someone you love today.

m: our connection has been a catalyst for growth everywhere in our lives. from conversations about ted talks on city patios, to stargazing in peru, to road trips listening and discussing soulful podcasts, to today: summiting the mountain we now live on, we have been my favorite adventure.

happy 2 years of life together, m.
i heavy like you😍😉 #manifestingmountains #chooselove #morelove2018 #adventuresinnoticing #summitcounty #buffalomountain #optoutside #choosehappy #choosemountains

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Today was perfect. ⠀

our official last summer adventure of 2018. ⠀

this summer was a whirlwind... being pregnant, wrapping up unfinished projects, swim teams, we blink and it’s over. ⠀

the speedy whirlwind days make me appreciate these lazy little weekends more than anything, making a goal to do a lot more of exactly this right here next year ☝🏼 ⠀

watching my family laugh and be so care free... that right there friends.. that’s what it’s all about! ⠀

laugh today. make someone else laugh today. enjoy the simplicity of what’s right in front of you💕

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Mr. sbf was pleasantly surprised this morning to find these freshly baked cinnamon knots waiting for him beside a hot mug of coffee.

feeding people makes me happy and if i could feed people to happiness i would.

but none of us is responsible for another's happiness.
if we wait for someone else to make us happy, it will never happen.

happiness isn't a result of what others around us are doing, nor is it a result of circumstances.

happiness is a choice and every day we have the opportunity to embrace it or not.

we alone are responsible for our own happiness.
here's to choosing to be happy!

mrs. sbf
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Great to start the new week with a short run this morning. feeling happy xxxx @runningdivas

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If only i could bottle in their sound and save it for a rainy day. 💜 #choosehappy #familyphotography #clickinmoms #candidchildhood #uniteinmotherhood

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That d**n branch broke, and these dusty wings didn’t miss one beautifully stunning beat. not sure who has more happy in their soul right now, me or the boy?!?! all i know is it’s been too long since we went mia solo, and way to long since i have seen that excitement in his eyes 💙 once upon time i saved his life, and years later he continues to save mine. #heartdog #newadventures #wakeupandlive #choosehappy

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Someone really missed her daddy and is just so happy to be with him while he sleeps away his jet lag. warms my heart to see their love, their bond, it’s so strong and very evident. 💕

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Hello 4k🌿 thought i’d introduce myself by sharing 11 facts about me:
1. i’m a shy, introverted nerd 🤓 but i don’t ‘look’ like one so i’m often mistaken for being aloof.
2. i speak fluent german, russian, and english (and some basic french and spanish).
3. i’m married to a giant texan and we have 2 little girls, 2 and 4 💕.
4. i studied in the 🇬🇧 for my undergrad and postgrad. i have a ba from oxford and an msc from the lse.
5. i own a lot of books and love indie bookstores.
6. i’m an eco feminist and still harbor hope that we will progress towards equality (despite all evidence to the contrary).
7. i’ve worked in conflict zones around the world and believe education and family planning can help save the 🌍.
8. i moved from tribeca, nyc, to a little town in ct and live in a treehouse.
9. i’m hopelessly romantic. i love period films and 19th century novels.
10. i’ve written a novel and am working on another.
11. i have a flexible full time job in marketing & communications.
let’s be friends 😊🌿✨

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Summer is creeping it's way to an end... normally, this is when most people stop caring about getting fit, eating healthy, or making time for themselves.
stop this vicious cycle!! being fit and happy is a lifestyle, not just once a year when the swimsuits are coming out and you want to run down the beach like bay watch...
maybe, maybe not.
this "fit life" that i pursued is not so i can "look good in this or that." it's so i can have a healthy mind.
i struggle with self loathing and body shaming on the daily. some days are worse than others.
i just recently (like, 2 days ago) got out of another slump that lasted for what seemed like an eternity.
it's not a good feeling, making yourself feel like garbage.
but, you have nobody to blame but the person picking and prodding at themselves, looking in the mirror and saying "you suck." i still struggle with that life.
and i now call myself a fighter, warrior, and a beast. because those are the words you need to tell yourself when you are trying to get out of an episode of depression.
it can be crippling, yes... but that's what makes winning the battle so significant.
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Have you heard? … i’m “off the market”!😯
i get comments from people that lead me to believe that others think i have given up on love.🤷🏼‍♀️💔
although what others think of me is none of my business😏, i do think it’s a great topic for discussion. ✅yes, i have removed myself from the dating market this past year.
does that mean i have “given up”?🤔 nope.
does that mean i believe that i am hiding & not putting myself out there for fear of disappointment & hurt?🙈
nope- the contrary.
it’s easy to serial date, to mindlessly swipe left & right, to accidentally base your worth on someone else’s opinion, to try & find love and self worth externally versus learning to love yourself.

#truth💣 this year of taking a step back has given me such clarity. it’s allowed me time & space to rewrite my rules & blueprint around love. it’s given me power to finally own the worth that i kept claiming to recognize yet often set aside for relationships in which i dated amazing potential instead of reality. there is something so magical about falling in love with yourself. it is not egotistical or arrogant. it’s necessary and powerful.✨ “self love” is not just bubble baths & 💅🏻. when you finally love yourself, you will also finally value yourself.
i often see women desperately seeking love & certainty from some one else- giving away their power that god created them with. own your greatness. take time to cut through the uncomfortable fears of what you imagine it would be like to spend time alone. rewrite your rules about how you experience love. i love love. i get to witness it often- i intentionally surround myself with happily married friends who work at keeping their marriages a top priority. i celebrate their love! 🎉❤️ i haven’t got it all figured out just yet- i’m still a work in progress. at some point when god presents me with that ying to my yang, i’ll move forward in grace full of love, confidence and a complete soul not needing someone else to fix or complete me, but sharing a beautiful partnership in which we compliment & build each other.

if you are in this single season- embrace it. learn what makes you happy & do it!
takes courage? yes! worth it? absolutely💯

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You’ve got this.
no matter what happens.
you can do it.

and even if you feel alone,
and you think you’ve got no support,
you’re not alone.
and the universe is supporting you right this moment.

much love,
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Shes the best 💕

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