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Soaking up some sweet snuggles after a quick @target run to pick up our favorite diapers! this little man has become such a little snuggle bug and it’s just the best! it’s even better when he’s fresh and clean in the worlds softest diapers🤗 we have been loving @pamperspure diapers and i honestly couldn’t rave about them more. they are made of natural cotton and are free of fragrances, chlorine bleaching, and parabens, i’d which is a diaper i can feel good about! they combine premium cotton with pampers trusted leakage and dryness protection to ensure the most comfortable snuggles☺️ head to my stories to find the link for them from our favorite store- @target (obviously😉)! #pamperspureparnter #targetrun

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My angels 🤚🏼🤚🏼

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I'm definitely doing both!

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[ show : boy meets world ]

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