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Southern l’chaim 🍟 nashville-style hot chicken poutine what’s in it: buttermilk chicken fried in a flavorful mix of matzo meal & spicy schmaltz ... coated with cayenne, smoked paprika, and jalapeño powder... the fried chicken sits atop @mileenddeli’s signature poutine (crispy fries, cheese curds) & is garnished with half sour pickles and alabama white sauce. talk about fusion #poutineofthemonth #noleftovers

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Lobster cheese fries 😳🍟🧀🦐 the sauce is like a lobster alfredo it’s incredible. @edslobsterbar is turning 11 on the 16th and they’re trying to get to 11k followers by then, if they do lots of giveaways to follow 👌🏻1️⃣1️⃣k

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Fbf to this snickers pie from bk, still need to try the other flavors 🤤

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On this cold wintry day i want a vat of this #lobster #broth from @lecoucou_nyc, rich with #shellfish flavor. the last time i had #pikequenelles was at #auxlyon in #paris, years ago. the mousse-like texture of these #quenellesdebrochet at #lecoucou was #delicate and fluffy, and immediately transported me back to #france. really a fantastic meal in every way possible. the hype is definitively real.

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Long overdue for some crispy roni cup grease pool goodness in my life 🍕🍕💯🔥

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The lobster rolls from @edslobsterbar are absolute 🔥💯 cheers to 11 years 🥃🦐

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@fat_ts_cookies og cookie 😍

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@bodegasobe is not only a fun late night party spot they also have some bangin tacos 🌮🔥🔥

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Life goals!

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Drool.jpeg 🤤 golden gaytime bao's from @bellybao. . funnily enough, this wasn't a cheat meal. i fit this baby into my daily macro goals quite fine and calculated it to 63c / 21f / 8p and about 480 calories. . probably not a single micronutrient in sight but i eat my fruit, veggies and multi's daily fam, so miss me with that bullshit. . flexible dieting scores again 🎳 . . #bao #goldengaytime #newtown #flexibledieter #flexiblediet #cheatmeals #calotiecounting #ifitfitsyourmacros #desserttime #dessertoftheday #sydneyfoodie

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Happy weekend!!!! no long post today just a few tips to help you through the weekend. ✨ 1. don't skip meals. a big mistake people make is skipping meals....when you skip meals you binge. ✨ 2. make time for meal prepping. take a little time to prep food or buy foods that don’t take much prep time. ✨ 3. sleep😌sounds easy and amazing, right?! who doesn’t love a good nap? ✨ 4. schedule "me" time. it’s a must! ✨ 5. stay active. ✨ 6. don't have an "all or nothing" attitude. meaning when you have a cheat meal, 🍕 🌮 🍦 🍭 don’t turn it into a cheat weekend. ✨ what is your favorite cheat meal?? 👇👇👇👇 . . #weekendtips #healthishappiness

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Cheat meals ❤️. so i finished my 60 days of #manpersonalbest challenge last week. i was very very strict on what i ate during those 60 days and had very little cheats if any. i knew that was what i needed in order to be successful. i since stayed consistent on meal prepping but i have allowed myself to have other things because life should be fun and enjoyable. here are some tips i have found really helped me, not just in this challenge but over the years. •i don’t have cheat meals. i found it very hard to stop the cravings after if i would have a full meal, so instead i still try to pick healthy options and have a cheat side. •i always make sure i am still in my calorie range. i use myfitnesspal and i make sure my day is built around that cheat so i’m not going over my calorie count for the day •plan ahead. if i’m going to dinner with friends at a certain restaurant i look through the menu and pick the meal that fits in my calorie count before i go and then you don’t even have to open the menu. •make sure you are getting protein at each meal. this is easy for me since proteins are a favorite of mine. •cook with @mansports . i have figured out just about everything i’m craving can be substituted with protein or iso’s so i try to see what it is i really am craving and build around it as best i can with my mansports products. check out their cookbooks online! #mansports #manpersonalbest #cheat #cheatmeals #starbucks #jeep #myfitnessjourney

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Some very important advice regarding cheat meals! when i first started having cheat meals i remember constantly thinking about what i ate and “punishing” myself for it the next day by eating very little + over exercising. that is not what you should be doing! have a cheat meal, and then get right back on track the next day. simple ⭐️

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Happy #fryday with chef @aldimeglio of @baranobk's #arancini #rice #balls filled with #braised #goat in #gochujang sauce (swipe left). one of the wonderful hors d'oeuvres passed at the #barano @beardfoundation dinner at the #jamesbeard house. #jbf #italianfood

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When you've had the longest day, and got no food in... #cheatmeal

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Deep in thought about…💭💭 the next set of bicep curls i’m about to crush? 💪🏻 or that xl pizza that i am going to treat myself to tomorrow night? 🍕🤷🏼‍♀️ • in the meantime, i’ll curb that craving by sipping on some carnibolic in black cherry lime! 💣🍒🍈 • nutrabolics carnibolic helps your body free stored f*t to be burned as energy, and even works to suppress your appetite so you can keep your goals on track naturally without the energy crashes and health risks of diet pills. this ultra-pure supplement contains 3,000 mg of lab-tested ingredients, including ultra-pure l-carnitine tartrate, garcinia cambogia, as well as green tea extract and green coffee bean, which provide antioxidant effects and natural energy. it ask tastes incredible! 🙌🏻🔥 📸 @cheriecphotography #nutrabolics #teamnutra #carnibolic #gosupernova #anabolicstate #isobolic #brandinblack #blackandyellow #bodybuilding #nutranextgen #fitness #instafit #supplements #cheatmeals #flexfriday #fitfam #yyc #yycfit #nutrabolicselite #health #girlswholift

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Gönnung 😍 der ferien anfang muss ja referiert werden, oder nicht? 😏 ben&jerrys hat mich eigentlich echt noch nie enttäuscht, ich liebe es. 😍 heute hatte ich wieder posing training bei der lieben @olga.ermer, war echt gut aber wirklich das ist so schwer. 😅 man muss halt irgendwie echt aus sich heraus kommen, aber hey das wird. 😂 habt ihr jetzt auch ferien oder noch nicht? 🤔 ich wünsche euch auf jeden fall ein wunderschönes wochenende. 💞 #protein #mcfit #fitformyself #workforyourdreams #girlwithgains #girlswholift #workworkwork #food #fitness #beyourownhero #stepbystep #cheatmeals #lifting #workforyourdreams #doitforyourself

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I got a #newtattoo #pump so i hit the gym 3 times yesterday 😂. trying to keep all my #leanmass #leanmuscle on this #bulk up about 10 lbs from on stage looking pretty good 😊. excited to compete in a few years #npcbikinicompetitor #npcclassicphysique

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💪🏽where is this cheatmeal 💪🏽🔥 @cookiegoodla 🔥 — 🍪what am i fitting 🍪: starting top left to right - chocolate chunk brownie - caramel pretzel chocolate chip - cheetos - oatmeal raisin - red velvet - birthday cake - s’mores - crumb cake - chocolate donut with sprinkles - pancake & bacon with maple glaze - fruity pebbles - oreo and butterfinger — 🤤🤤 which would you get? 🤤🤤 — this place has some great cookies! so tasty, soft and full of flavour! favourites for me was the oreo butterfinger, red velvet, pancakes and bacon, cheetos and birthday cake! ------------------------------------------- #fitnesscheatmeals #cheatmeals #lickyourdessert #foodpornshare #eater #cheatmeal #donutscookiesandcream #devourpower #eatfamous #thenaughtyfork #foodcomaking #eatthis #officialfoodgroup #tryitordiet #cookiegoodla #teamchomp #foodbeast #eeeeeats #foooodieee #lovefood #lickyourphone #bestfoodworld #spoonfeed #eastcoastfeastcoast #buzzfeast

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Fbf to white chocolate and praline cote d'or

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Yo new blog up! this one was pretty fun to write since it started as a joke 😅 - meal prepping your cheat meals isn’t something we usually think about. but by doing so we can have a better control on their size and we can be a little more regimented with them - don’t worry, i’m not advocating prepping for every single occasions but from week to week, this has helped me a lot in controlling my cheats 😁🙌

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#thingsthatwarmtheheart at #1000degrees build your own pizza and have it baked in a 1000 degree brick oven. #eatsanantonio #whiteout #sogood👍 #cheatmeals

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🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 •vive el partido en pantalla gigante con la mejor vista de medellin!! los invitamos a que vayan ahora a @marmoleo a compartir con sus amigos y disfrutar de picadas y platos deliciosos! como el famoso ceviche de chicharrón crugiente, costillas bbq, o unos patacones con hogao (miren las fotos en la historia) para que se antojen!! •🚩@marmoleo @marmoleo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #brothers_n_food #brothers #medellin #colors #food #foodie #foodporn #foodblog #cheatmeals #critics #foodgasm #colombia #foodblogger #foodies #foodlovers #foodism  #foodiegram #igfood #quecomerenmedellin #foodpics #restaurantesmedellin #instafood #marmoleo #partido #francia

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