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Mike: i can’t do it, she’s too cute.. (he can’t make eye contact w her) awwww♥️

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My entire body is aching from sport today and i have to wake up again in a few hours ahhhh somebody help me please😅😩i definitely need to start doing things more quickly because i always seem to leave things last minute/do things too slow and then end up getting so little sleep! i hope you all are getting enough rest and staying hydrated and healthy though!💪😊💖good night💫
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I really enjoy tom holland as spiderman🤗😊(remember to turn my spot notifications on to see my posts👍😊)
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Do you remember ?⚘

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He’s such a flirt!!!!

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Omg #deng lun accidentally kisses #yangxi when they're hiding, and we can't stop screaming!

watch #ashesoflove on #vikitv!

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Mike has been seen with both dylan and yue yue in the past few days! coincidence? i think not. 🤔@m1keangelo @shenyueyeah @dylan_wang_1220

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Darren chen & li jiaqi ❤️

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