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The thai yum. baby spinach, grilled shrimp, brussel sprouts, goat cheese and rye crumbles with a honey sriracha vinaigrette! yum on!

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Cosas que no sabías del ceviche... 1. el origen de su palabra, viene del vocablo quechua “siwichi” que significa pescado fresco.
2. en perú 🇵🇪 cada 28 de junio se celebra el día nacional del ceviche
3. en algunos países como en méxico se escribe ceviche, mientras que en perú, de donde es originario, se escribe “seviche”

agrega nuestro seviche de atún con mango a tu evento.🤤 🐟 .
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Are you ready for some football 🏈?
we are. sorry not sorry, we’re so ready, we had to share another homegating spread.

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Summer soirée and the week is wrapped up!

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Equestrian inspired box lunches. at steeplechase, it‘s not whether your horse wins or loses, but who has the best boxed lunch...and, of course, the best 🎩.

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Spot on addition to a rehearsal dinner.

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I dig walking through the dining room just after dinner is served. you’ve got to love what you do! listen for the sweet comment from the bride near the end.

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Ok. agreed. it’s a little homey for facebook or instagram, but our grilled vegetable moussaka is as delicious as the classic version and so hearty and satisfying! holler back you would like me to send you the recipe. yum on!

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Chili almond shrimp 🍤 is a great summer appetizer. when they are hot and coming off the stove, we quickly submerge them into at soy, orange, almond, and chili marinade..the spot on blend of spicy, sweet, & salty. yum on!

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Best ever game-day spread. tailgaters will soon be out in force.

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Pasta per favore!🍝 🇮🇹 un italiano consume, en promedio, 30kg de pasta al año. allá existen más de 600 tipos de pasta. ¿cuántos conoces?
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House made tatortots so good they get vip seating!!

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