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I finally got to my photos from magic belgium, where i spent my new year holidays
for many years i've dreamed of going to europe for the new year to give myself a real fairytale feeling, so last year i finally decided that i've had enough of dreaming and it's time to act 😎
and my choice did'nt disappoint me! bruges is a real medieval fairytale 💜
modern civilization has certainly got there long ago, but it fitted in so neatly and harmoniously that it does'nt stand out like an eyesore. a minimum of cars, mostly bicycles, which, besides, are somehow magically always compositionally correct, you could write a picture of every corner 😌
and not only bicycles, the whole city is like a symphony, everything is combined in color, style, texture. true aesthetic o****m 🤯
i could'nt pass by, i wanted to take it all with me, so i took pictures of every piece.
i even managed to shoot there with @annapsyartist , in awesome dress, you'll see the result soon 😉
we have surprised all the tourists in our location, probably got into a bunch of stories, because we were shooting in a crowded place 😃
i can't wait for my next trip, this time it's gonna be holland, where together with @artphotoproject we will create something absolutely epic!
march 23-24 will be my masterclass with stunning ideas, and from march 25 to march 30 you can order shooting in any city in the netherlands
join us! for details dm @artphotoproject 😉
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Off to a slow start. not for long. 👀

@kianagaona in the shot! 🔥

#shootdopepics 💯

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So how you guys think of this street series? i coordinated she’s outfit just for taking this series😎 let me know in the comments! 😁

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Sorry about my absence, i’m back :-)

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📷 @kingvuddha

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I’m currently sitting with a nice cup of tea inside while it’s packed with snow outside. i’m too happy 😁❄️☃️
📸: @itsmeleewin

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