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When they won't let you in to drink the pool water it's lucky we have our @dkstainless pet rehydration station pawfect for hot weekends like these to ensure your furbabes have a constant supply of water! get yours today ~ use code and link in bio for 10% off #dkstainless #nomorethirstydogs #petrehydrationstation #dogvideo #boxersofinstagram #petsofinstagram #mosesandalaska #ravengrace #younghenry #boxerfamily #ilovemyboxer #boxersquad #theboxerworld #boxerplanet

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The purest love i’ve ever witnessed in this world. 歹h follow us @club_of_pets_ for more videos (: @louboutinanyc ) #hug

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Mum retrofitted some cool boxers for me !!!!!! @littleboxer_loki #boxerpig#boxerlove#boxermix#boxerdog_ig#boxergram#boxers_petsagram#boxersquad#boxerdog.daily#boxersplanet#boxerscentral#beautiful#family#theboxerworld#boxer.love#boxersplanet#dogs.lovers#instaboxers#boxer_lover_club.

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When you patiently wait for a crumb to fall, please oh please

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Back when i was just a little pup trying to get my dad to give me some of his morning cup of joe 儭

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Nope. not feeling this whole monday thing.

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What did you say dad? mom is coming home tonight from her business trip?

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Happy valentine’s day 歹

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Don’t tell my mom and dad, they will say i’m too young to have a girlfriend

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Dreaming of a mcgriddle and hashbrown, but mom said no

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Home is where your dog is, right mom?

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Puppy latte, heck yes!

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Mom get outta here with that duck face, dog face for the win

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Throwin’ it back to when i was just a little dude

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Rainy and cold? i’ll be here all day 儭

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Mom is lucky to have us studs

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When you realize tomorrow is monday, which means my humans will be gone at work all day tomorrow∴

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B u s t e d

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Wishing the sun was shining, the grass was green, and that eric hosmer still played for the kansas city royals (there’s no way mom and dad will let me be a padres fan) 橘

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