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I thought i’d put some succulents in a mini pumpkin. as we move through the season i love the changes in the garden centres. displays of pumpkins, bulbs, heathers and pansies start to take centre stage. i am so glad we have defined seasons, it gives me a boost of enthusiasm to start all over again, just as my garden is starting to look really tired after a long summer. of course there is another change in the garden centres, creeping in the back door and it seems way too early for that one. i won’t mention the ‘c’ word! •

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Indigo sur lin et laine mèche, une laine qui prend si bien la couleur ...

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Working on some boxer briefs for my son using scrap fabric. hoping to perfect these soon!

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“stay wild print” and “medical plants print” - printed in black and white and gold foil. illustration by @lisagrue

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Autumn letter is here! full of colorful leavs and colorful nature things. this means only one thing. new hashtag! #myautumnletter !!🍂

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Blooming beauty will be looking for a new home this saturday at the nccaf, pack square in asheville nc #nccaf #toeriverarts #theoldmushroomfactorystudios #ooakpottery #ooakpottery #wncpottery #flowerpowers #wallflowerdesigns #walldecor #ceramilicious #botanicalcreativity_

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Quite a long time since i have posted a picture on instagram or written a blog post. hello, are you still here?
for my birthday this year, i am choosing to share some valuable insights on my blog. insights that i wish someone shared with me a year or two ago. insights that have made things seem possible and doable in a meaningful and sustainable way.

28 insights to be precise as i just turned 28 today. (if that wasn't obvious enough). you'd think you'd have 'things' figured out when you are this old but nope, that's not how it's working. i still don't have all of my ducks in a row :)
i've been meaning to pen them down for quite a while now but i was terrified to do so. i still am, to some extent. but that's a discussion for another day. i am sharing all the personal insights that i have gained so far as a multi-passionate creative going through the process of self-discovery and learning to live my "must" instead of a long list of "shoulds". #choosemust ⠀⠀
it's more like a pep-talk that i myself need on a constant basis. if you are a creative going through self-discovery process, finding your unique voice and building a sustainable business, you'll find the insights helpful. you can read the blog post via a direct link on my profile.
do you have any of your own to share? comment below and share if you have already figured life out or not. i can't be the only one hanging out around here. am i?

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I was hoping to get purple, but got grey instead 🤔 lots of experimenting ahead! thankfully, hopi sunflowers came in strong this year, so there’s plenty to experiment with.
that’s the thing with #naturaldyeing, you don’t always get the exact color you think you’ll get (at least in my case, this has been true 😅🙈). i used to get disappointed a lot; now i’m just surprised. anybody got lucky getting purple from #hopisunflowers? got any tips to share?

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We’ve just ordered another reprint of the first volume of the magazine 🌿 you can order a copy here: www.rebeccadesnos.com
i shouldn’t have favourites, but i have so many lovely memories from making the first issue that i think it might be my favourite. the magazines are more like little books - the content won’t go out of date - so you can collect them all and keep enjoying the articles.
thanks for your continual support - it really means the world ☺️🙏 i’m so thankful that the magazine continues to be enjoyed and i can plan the next issue 💚
lovely photo by @thecuriousnomad

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Backstage at an abundant midsummer wedding. the bride shopped a bunch of vintage vases, each matching the style of a certain friend/family member. it was a secret give away. after everyone left for the party, we moved the vases (flowers and all) from the dinner tables to the bedrooms of the guests. the best surprise gifts! 💛 photo by @oakandfir / flower madness by #inspirestyling (team tagged) / also: headed to the flower garden for saturday’s wedding in a bit, i’ll try to share some moments in my stories!

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